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    Anaxas is the primary roleplay kingdom in Thorns. It is a successful and advanced kingdom, but one plagued by the constant threat of civil war. The social situation in Anaxas is volatile and oppressive.
  • Open for play!

    In the Kingdom of Gior, both human and galdori alike value hard work and independence, even if they live almost completely separate lives from each other.
  • Currently closed for play.

    The Kingdom of Hox is the northernmost of the Six Kingdoms, arid and cold. It is home of stoic, wise people and at least one active volcano.
  • Currently closed for play.

    Anaxas' eastern neighbor, Mugroba is a desert Kingdom dependent on rivers for trade, transportation and life.
  • For all of your traveling the open waters of Vita: Austan Ocean, Galkan Ocean, Quiet Sea, Cea di Vesta, and the Tineta Basta.
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