Kingdom of Mugroba

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Anaxas' eastern neighbor, Mugroba is a desert Kingdom dependent on rivers for trade, transportation and life.
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  • While mostly an expanse of shifting sands and tall, windswept mountains, the Central Erg is cut through the middle by the fertile, life-giving Turga River.
  • The most fertile stretch of all Mugroba where the three rivers meet, Thul Ka the Kingdom's capital and Thul'Amat are both located here.
  • The Muluku Isles are an archipelago that contain the major trade ports of Mugroba and serves as the go-between for the spice trade throughout all of the Six Kingdoms, mostly through the Kingdom of Anaxas.
  • Fishing villages, mining towns, and the mineral-rich border with the Kingdom of Anaxas are highlights of the Western Erg.
  • For all of your travels and adventures outside of the main cities or important landmarks in the other regions of the Kingdom of Mugroba, please post here.
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