Central Erg

While mostly an expanse of shifting sands and tall, windswept mountains, the Central Erg is cut through the middle by the fertile, life-giving Turga River.
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  • A chain of lakes in the far south of Central Mugroba known for their different mineral contents and strange colors. It is a sacred site to all races of Mugroba and many temple ruins and altars to Hulali can be found here.
  • The valley of ghosts (phasmonia) located in Central Mugroba and home to a sprawling, miniature town carved out of beautiful multi-colored sandstone.
  • A huge expanse of dangerous, windswept desert in north central Mugroba. Deadly creatures are said to roam the constantly shifting sands made up of brilliant colors and sandstorms frequently ravage the landscape, barreling south to occasionally reach as far as the great rivers and Thul'Ka itself.
  • The heart and life of all the Kingdom of Mugroba, the Turga splits the kingdom in half in the middle and is the most fertile strip of the desert. A major trade route, many smaller rivers flow to meet the Turga, home of Thul Ka.
  • Villages of the Central Erg are few, mostly gathered around oasis and built into mountain sides and deep gorges.
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