The World of Vita

  • The central part of the Kingdom of Anaxas, this region is home both Vienda, the capital, and to Brunnhold, the most prestigious magical university in the kingdom.
  • The warmer of the two Anaxi coasts across from Mugroba, Old Rose Harbor is the hub of Eastern Anaxas.
  • The isolated and wild part of Anaxas, this region is known for swamps, hills, and nomadic wicks.
  • A quiet, backwater side of Anaxas, where the Seventen Training Facility is located in the city of Numbrey. The villages of Coombe-dale, Derne, and Harbrooke are also here.
  • The most isolated and secretive parts of Anaxas, feared because of Hatcher Territory and the Shier Mountains that make up the border to Hesse. Currently closed for play.
  • For all of your travels and adventures outside of the main cities or important landmarks in the five regions of the Kingdom of Anaxas, please post here.
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