Kingdom of Gior

Open for play.

In the Kingdom of Gior, both human and galdori alike value hard work and independence, even if they live almost completely separate lives from each other.
  • Currently closed for play.

    The capital city of Gior for the galdori, and gateway for import and export between Gior and other kingdoms. (Giorite is currently closed for play)
  • A small, quaint human village.
  • Another small human village, close rivals with Dolosgonne.
  • Currently closed for play.

    A relatively large human town with a coal mine. (Susketec is currently closed for play)
  • Gior's galdori temple city and also most populated. Home of the ruling Gioran family as well as the center of Gioran education with both the Temple and the University in the same location.
  • A large gorge with perfect acoustics. Original home of Echo Casting.
  • A simple human village in the heartland.
  • Currently closed for play.

    A smaller galdori settlement south of Qrieth. Known for being a popular place to experience the ‘underground’ of Gior. (Citeiva is currently closed for play)
  • The site of Ivenlath is a sacred and holy place, and home to the holy tree Iventre.
  • A modest human town known for its vineyards.
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