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Aodh once more pays a visit on Ava Weaver, though in very different circumstances.

The capital city of Anaxas and the seat of the government.
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Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:34 pm

19th Roalis, late night
The tiredness faded from Aodh’s eyes as Ava smiled, the warmth and friendliness in it was a tonic to him.
His life had been so full violence and plotting for a long time, hard but worth it. This chance to play a song for someone he held in high regard lifted his heart.

The clasps on the case clicked open and Aodh smiled, he always loved that sound, he remembered when his da had opened it to show it to him the first time when he was a child.
Aodh took the Elzo Mandolin from its red velvet bed, again the soft light of the backroom danced on it’s embellishments.

He looked to Ava and smile, pride clear on his face.

“This is the Elzo Mandolin, it’s been in m’ family for generations. After my brother..”

He let out a breath, no not yet, he wasn’t ready to tell her about Cinad yet.

“When I left the kint, my da gave it to me. Anyway, here’s me carrying on when I said I’d play a song.”

Aodh smiled, cleared his throat and took up the mandolin and began to play.
The tune was soft and sweet, and filled the room like the warm glow of candles. Then he started to sing, his voice soft and low, filled with the same warmth, though it carried a sorrow with it.

“Oh, this heart is a foolish one it's, never worked right
it beats so loudly it keeps me awake in the night and it
forces me out of bed, pacing my floor instead
longing for things to which it has no right
and no whiskey or wine, can it swage.
My poor ludicrous heart as it, rattles the bars, rattles the bars of its cage.”

As Aodh performed once more his heart swelled in his chest and that old peace came to him again.

“Oh it speaks so persuasively it, argues convincingly it
drags me along where it wants me to go and it
bellows and yells and it sings and it wails and it
cries out and gestures and puts on a show
oh it thinks, the whole world, is a stage.”

With eyes closed he played, his fingers picked up the tune.

“Oh and sometimes it feels, like it must weigh a hundred pounds
sometimes it's light so much lighter than air oh but always
it wants too much, eats too much, feels too much
loves so much more than just one heart can bear
and sometimes in a piteous rage
My poor ludicrous heart it just, rattles the bars, rattles the bars of its cage.
Yeah my ludicrous heart it just rattles the bars,
rattles the bars, rattles the bars of its cage.”

As reached the end of the song and the last notes fade he opens his eyes and they shone briefly with un shed tears, he blinked them away. Before he looked at Ava, it felt right somehow that she so should be the first to hear that song. Rather than a bunch of galdori who wouldn’t have appreciated it.
He laid the mandolin across his lap and asked.

“How’d you like it? It might still need some polishin' maybe.”

word count: 556

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Ava Weaver
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Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:59 am

Late Night, 19th Roalis, 2719
Woven Delights, the Painted Ladies
Ava sat on the second of her comfortable couches, in the small soft room at the back of her shop. It was late; it had been late when Aodh came to her window, and it was even later now. It was the sort of hour when all was quiet and still in the Painted Ladies, with few noises louder than the creaking of old wood, the occasional shuffle of foot steps. Sometimes, somewhere, a dog echoed in the night, or a burst of voices rose up out of the silence, but these were rare enough. Music, for Ava at least, was rarer still.

Ava smiled back at Aodh. She knew nothing of mandolins, but the joy on his face was enough; to him, it was clear, it was the most beautiful instrument there was. She caught the hesitation around his brother, but Ava didn’t ask, even if some part of her mind tucked it quietly away for another time. Aodh Elzo, beloved father and brother. Pain, just there.

Then he began to play.

Ava’s hand stilled on the back of the small gray cat, long enough that he let out a soft mutter, an odd accompaniment to Aodh’s beautiful song, and Ava began to pet him again. She watched Aodh play in the soft lamplight, watched his hands move with easy grace over the strings, and listened to him coax something soft and beautiful from the hard rasp of his voice.

“Oh,” Ava whispered, when the song ended. She shivered, lifting a hand to catch the tears threatening to trickle down her cheeks. There was a heaviness in her chest - her ludicrous heart, she thought, and smiled through the pain, taking a deep breath. “Oh, no, it’s - it’s wonderful,” her voice caught a little, and Ava sniffled, lowering her gaze until she could master herself again.

“I don’t think you should change a thing,” she said, firmly, and smiled at Aodh again. “It’s - it’s lovely.” Ava took a deep breath, another shiver running through her. “Thank you, Mr. Elzo, I -“ Ava was quiet, looking at him. “I’m honored,” she said, softly.

Ava sniffled again, and wiped her eyes one last time. Funny, soft, beautiful and sad; Aodh’s song seemed to have reached inside her, stirred up some of her secret pain and soothed it, all at once, brought it out into the soft low light of the little back room, where it could not hurt her any more. It lifted her and drained her all at once, and she did not think she could stand to be awake even one more moment.

“We should both rest,” Ava smiled at Aodh again. “Good night, Mr. Elzo,” Ava scooped the little gray cat up, affronting his dignity for a few necessary moments. She rose, smiled one last time, and vanished behind the curtain, soft and silent up the stairs to her room. Once she had closed the hatch behind her, sealed the small upstairs room from the space below, Ava let the cat down.

Ava slipped the soft green robe from her shoulders, hanging it carefully by the bed, and climbed between the sheets. The breeze from the small open window danced over her face. She had thought to toss and turn, had thought to be wracked by memories and troubles alike - but instead, it was Aodh’s song that her mind found, when it went searching. My poor ludicrous heart, Ava thought, and then sleep washed over her, and she let it come.

word count: 624
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