Sednai Igaluk

servant by day, rebel by night

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Sednai Igaluk
Birthday: an undefined date of 2692
Age:about 27
FC:Flora Mezino
Place of Origin: Vienda, Anaxas
Current Location:The Stacks
Occupation: Servant, assassin for the Resistance

Physical Description

Sednai can be described quite simply: long.

Her body is long, straight, and svelte as if the willows themselves had stopped their weeping to weave a child from their ropes of leaves. She measures an unremarkable 5’10”, and all 70 inches of her body are devoid of even the slightest feminine curve. Her arms and legs are long with knobby joints and heavy hands and feet that seem to keep her slender frame from blowing away. Her long, thin fingers are subject to twitches, just itching to take in the language the world speaks through texture. The sharp edges of Sednai’s jaw and brow leave long shadows cutting through the canvas of her smooth complexion, shadows that, when paired with her dark, straight brows, bring drama and excitement to the typically placid face.

Sednai’s eyes, and hair are dark, with no exception-not even a hair. Her hair is a deep brown-black, like fresh spring soil. Her skin is a pale porcelain flecked with a mapped archipelago of brown freckles. Her eyes are a shimmering brown, like freshly polished shoes. Her skin is mottled only by a raised brand on her neck, resembling a barred spiral galaxy. She by no means hides the brand.

Despite her status as a lowly human, Sednai walks and conducts herself with pride. She’ll hold her head up until she is whipped into submission. Otherwise, her back is straight, her eyes are unafraid, and her chin is raised. She is able bodied and fast, though not especially strong.

Though not one to care too much about physical appearance, Sednai loves how she looks, and isn’t afraid to show it. She cares little about those who say she’s not feminine enough.

A walking oxymoron, Sednai is an honorable liar, a dreaming cynic, an introverted extravert, and a righteous criminal.

First impressions count, and Sednai’s first impression often leaves her seeming stupid. Sednai’s speech, riddled with holes where letters she found unnecessary once sat, sounds uneducated – which, of course, is not untrue. She lacks an understanding of some large words and cannot read, write, or spell more than words like her name, her Resistance codename, and Vienda. Though typically honest, Sednai is skilled in formulating quick lies to protect herself and others.

Sednai is observant, because being observant means surviving. She picks up on little shifts in a person’s demeanor- the placement of a hand to the waist to reassure the security of a weapon, the flick of eyes to a rooftop to check for reinforcements, the awakening of a nervous beast to symbolize an involuntary fear or vulnerability. Survival is the most important aspect flashing at any moment in Sednai’s mind; you can never be too careful, but you can always be too trusting. There are few in the world who can be completely trusted.

Sednai can seem reserved, though not out of fear of communication. She communicates when the subject or person is worth her while, and she can be rudely blunt and blatantly observant in her commentary. She does feel fear when speaking in large groups, simply because of her way of speech- she is afraid to sound stupid in front of so many people. She, however, is very good at brushing off the poor opinions of her, simply shrugging it off and perhaps even relishing in the annoyance her lack of formality and education causes.

Sednai is an individual who believes strongly in free will and independence. Slow to forgive and quick to make judgements, she is proud and, underneath her seriousness, caring. She subconsciously holds herself unreasonably accountable for every unfortunate human, Wick, and passive she meets who is trying their best to survive in a cruel world, even if she dislikes them.

Around the galdor she serves, Sednai’s personality disappears, leaving a quiet and distant servant – just as a human should be.

As for religion, Sednai is unsure of what to believe. She’s unsure if she should blame the gods for this terrible world, or if she should blame the interpretation. Because of this, she practices no religion.

Born as Charlotte “Lotta” Bradwick, Lotta’s birth was nearly unnoticed by the world her newborn screams echoed into. Her mother, a 14-year-old human named Maria Bradwick, had merely hushed the child, swaddled it, and returned to work the next morning with a newborn strapped to her back. The human was a galdor’s kitchen maid, a good, obedient worker who believed she was destined to serve the galdori like every other human, and she was satisfied with that. From birth, Lotta learned her mother’s quiet obedience: her first words came late as she was always hushed by the tight-lipped Maria.

The moment Lotta’s motor skills were developed enough to use her hands well, she was scrubbing dishes. The moment she could walk the length of a room without teetering, she was given a mop and pail. The moment the words “yes, ma’am” - her first words - came out of her mouth, she became the personal maid to the youngest child of the galdor House: Eloise, age five. Lotta, four, had never interacted with a galdor. She had never felt hair as soft as the straight red hair that she braided every night, never felt skin as smooth as the pale skin she washed every morning, never felt clothes as new as the dresses she buttoned, and never touched shoes as unweathered as the ones she laced as Eloise dressed. She had also never before felt the sting of the hand that slapped her when Eloise’s hair was too messy,the bite of the words that deafened her when Eloise’ bath water was too cold, the tear of the whip when Eloise’s bootlace came undone, and the cold of a night sleeping in the snow when Eloise’s dressed were tied too tight.

Lotta learned her place in the world early, learned that there was no one to stand up for a human, and that there was no better tomorrow to hope for. Lotta learned early to be thankful that her slip-ups left her alive with mere scars on her back, an empty stomach, or a night in the cold.

Even children who have been broken in can reach another breaking point.

At age 9, Lotta was, for the first time, scared for her life. She was thrown to the floor in front of the parlor room fireplace by the father of the galdor family. She remembers watching the man grab a poker red hot in the fireplace as flames licked it, watching him turn towards her brandishing it.

“Trying to help my daughter read, a clocking human. What an insult.”


The sear of the poker on her neck accompanied by the sickening smell of her own grilling flesh. The face of the old galdor, red with rage, as he pulled the brand away, handing it to his most loyal servant- Maria Bradwick, who looked on tediously. The mixed relief and panic as the man’s cold hands in her fresh brand raised her to stand on her own feet.

At 9, Charlotte “Lotta” Bradwick was no longer protected by the name and home of the galdor family she served. She was a street urchin with an ugly race and an ugly scar on her neck. From the ashes of Lotta Bradwick came Sednai Igaluk. Sednai - “Big Bad Woman,” Igaluk - “most powerful.”

She cut her hair so as not to forget her brand. For a time, she was a thief, if only to make enough money to escape from Vienda to the Stacks. With a new identity and life, she took up what she knew- serving. This time, she was careful. This time she knew her place, but knew there was a better tomorrow to dream of.

To this day, Sednai lives in the Stacks. She serves Teuila, a galdor drama-addict, in her apartment in Brunnhold. She lives currently with Cecelia Driscoll and Cecelia’s daughter, Galiya. She takes care of the humans she can, and she’s prepared to help the Resistance when they call.

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Combat (Knives) - Proficient
Combat (Hand to hand) - Beginner
Combat (Poison) - Beginner



Professional (Servant)

Career and Income


Sednai has been a Servant since birth, and she’s good at what she does. She is submissive and obedient, quiet and graceful, emotionless and thorough. She has made a bit of a name for herself. Sednai the Human is a popular Servant, perhaps even a prime example of what a Servant and human should be. She is well-rounded, able to cook, clean, or take care of children as needed. Sednai finds amusement in this.Seeing the growing unrest, Sednai hopes to soon quit serving and move on to rebelling.


Like many humans, Sednai is poor. She can afford very little more than the food, clothes, and shelter she needs to survive. She will take handouts if offered, but know that these handouts will immediately be handed to someone else.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: City Dweller

Sednai lives in a small, 30x30 house identical to every other tiny, run-down house in the worn down neighborhood of the Stacks. It has just two windows that scream in the winter's breeze and a door that doesn't quite close in the humid, summer months, but the roof keeps out the rain, the walls keep out the cold, and the hearth beats back the darkness. The structure is two-roomed with wooden floors and walls. A kitchen, complete with a dining table, fireplace, and rack of limited cooking supplies shares the front room with a bare parlor; a bedroom with a low bed and nearly empty dresser fills the other.


One set of clothing, which she forced herself to keep nice for her occupation, one set of toiletries, one waterskin,tinderbox, two sets of eating utensils, a spiral-blades dagger

Sednai wants to not only join the uprising, but be an influential member.

Despite the rising conflict, Sednai wants to keep her neighborhood and neighbors as safe as possible.

She hopes to one day be unafraid to live proudly as a human, and she hopes to raise a family that is unafraid.

She wants to live long enough to tell her story to future generations, rather than have it told for her or be forgotten.

Sednai hopes to one day have enough money to buy a pretty dress.

Sednai wants to own start her own business when the uprising is over, whether successful or not.

-destroy childhood innocence and hope
-write some sad stuff
-explore failure, and what comes (or doesn’t) after
-break Sednai into addiction.
a growing collection of terrible drawings of Sednai
word count: 1918


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