Benton Borteillo

benton. he's a, like, druggler? drug smuggler. you want drugs? addiction? the good stuff? c'mere.

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Benton Borteillo
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Race: Human
: aka EON, Roswell Godfrey
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Benton “EON” Borteillo
Race: Human
Birthday: Roalis 43, 2685
Age: 33
FC: Ben Hill
Place of Origin: Mers, Bastia
Current Location: Old Rose Harbor
Occupation: Drug lord

Physical Description

Nothing about Benton Borteillo screams drug dealer or trouble-maker. Though only old in human terms, the man’s youth is certainly behind him. His dull brown hair and signature scruff are beginning to show premature grey, and he makes no move to hide it. Shallow wrinkles have begun to bury themselves in his forehead and around his eyes, and he swears the veins in his hands keep showing more and more. Benton has a rather average build; he measures up to 5’10” and has a visible strength that bolsters his figure.

Despite the early age in his face, Benton’s grey eyes still maintain a mischievous shimmer beneath playful brows. Under his scruff, his smile reveals a single, deep dimple on the left side of his face, with no match on the right to speak of.

Appearance is fairly important to Benton. He keeps his light skin, fingernails, and hair clean and in check. He dresses modestly and tastefully, always draping himself in simple styles and neutral colours. Visibly, he’s an enterprising man who has little fear or shame present in his mannerisms.


Benton Borteillo is, by name and nature, is a liar. He’s a man of hidden truths, a man who knows what he wants, and a man with great goals but destructive ways to achieve them. He’s secretive and won’t admit his mistakes and wrongdoings, Benton is defensive, truculent, and self-righteous.

Benton is intelligent and organized. He is a careful planner, and knows how to get tasks done and done well. He works best when he is either alone or undoubtedly in charge. He is quick, confident, competitive, efficient, and dangerously good at lying and swindling, all of which help to make him a successful man of business.

Despite this, Benton does have some heart. He has a heart that cares for families, a heart that does not want to hurt, a heart that wants to improve lives. That heart, however, is buried beneath a hunger for business.

Benton believes that galdori are more powerful than humans, but he believes that, with education and technology, he can help equalize the unbalanced society, giving humans a chance to succeed. Though he’s not opposed to funding the Resistance, he would like to avoid war. If war comes knocking, he may provide his knowledge and resources so as to allow the humans to not get completely murdered. War, of course, is bad for business.


When asked his story, Benton Borteillo will simply tell you that he was born the accidental child of a drunk and a whore and left on an orphanage step by nine the next morning. However good he’s gotten at telling it, the story is certainly far from the truth.

Truly, Benton Godfrey was born the first of two children of Adalynn Godrey and tutor Walter Godfrey in Mers, Bastia. The family, soon including young Deitrick Godfrey, travelled often and were happy. The two young boys were happy to aid their mother in some of her elementary research, happy to learn reading and arithmetic from their father, and happy to bond together in each little corner of the world they travelled to. To the world, the family seemed perfectly happy. Things aren't often as they seem.

As the rubber of the family was stressed and stretched by time and distance, it was Adalynn who took the weight of it all upon herself to alleviate her beloved sons. Soon, that rubber that held the family so tightly snapped, taking a broken Adalynn and family's happiness with it. Benton and Deitrick weren't allowed much time to grieve and process their mother's suicide as their father, unfit to be a father any longer, left them in the care of an orphanage. At 13-years-old, Benton gathered his mother's field journals and research-- all he had left of her-- and swore to care for his younger brother.

An orphanage, as the two decided, was no place for two restless boys with cunning minds and goals to achieve. The two escaped into the night after four long years, diving headfirst into the world of adventure their mother's journals had excited them for. The two brothers, under the cleverly chosen surname Borteillo, planned to finish their mother's research and make their names known across all Ten Kingdoms as great, wise men with wonders in their eyes and stories on their tongues.

There seemed, to the boys, many conflicting ways to become great. After three years of travelling and researching, Benton was bored and ready for a change of pace and life. At 20 years old, Benton Borteillo, with his 17-year-old brother Deitrick at his side, decided to take the biggest risk of his young life and steal over three concords worth of various illegal narcotics from a group of rugged drug dealers so as to start his own business. Foolishly, the pair of Borteillos were caught and not looked upon with much mercy. In a scuffle, Benton was amazed to find himself escaping, but, afraid to not get another chance, left his little brother behind to fend for himself. Benton escaped with a few of his mother's many journals, the majority of the money the pair had saved, and the overwhelming guilt of having cowardly lost the only family he had left.

Still interested in the business of drugs, Benton moved to Old Rose Harbor to persevere. He remains centralized in Old Rose Harbor today, but attempts to keep a low profile by using the name "Eon" in business with Silas Hawke lurking around. Benton travels often to increase business and increase safety.

EON is a name for business. Eon lives in a different home and habits different streets than Benton. The two men are surrounded by different crowds and carry different weapons (Benton's his heavy cane and a dagger, Eon a flail.) Only one man knows both Benton and Eon simultaneously, and that's Mordecai.

Dr. Roswell Godfrey is a seemingly benevolent spirit inhabiting Benton's body, and who has been given the maximum effort of disguise. Roswell is two inches taller by a few parlour tricks, a tall heel, and a thick sole, and has, with a pair of wiry glasses, a clean face save for a moustache whose greys have been hidden, and a darkened hair colour and cleaner hairstyle, lost a significant few years of age. Roswell dresses in gawdy brands Benton would never wear. Unlike Benton, Godfrey walks well without a cane thanks to a few pain relievers and Benton's rigorous faithfulness to the disguise (truly, Benton is in loads of pain). Roswell Godfrey sells tonics, solutions, and all kinds of other medical miracles from his cart, Godfrey's Celebrated Medicines.
Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Dagger (Beginner)
Flail (Beginner)




Drug Lord (Proficient)
Reformer (Beginner)

Career and Income


It is not the wish of many mothers to discover her son has taken up drug-dealing, but, frankly, Benton doesn’t think that his mother’s corpse has much of an opinion on the matter. Since the age of 20, Benton has been working with illegal drugs under the name Eon, whether selling them as “performance-enhancers” to struggling artists and performers or selling them as escapes for desperate people, Benton has thus far been successful. He remains centralized in Old Rose Harbor, though, for safety and distance from a menacing Silas Hawke, he happily travels often. His customers range across Anaxas and all of its races. The most recent developments in his dealings are his purchases of two poppy farms so as to slowly become completely self-dependent in the opioid/opium business. Benton primarily employs humans as farmhands, producers, and deliverers. He would like to invest in security eventually but will remain managing, organizing, and developing on his own as long as he can.

Income: Average

With an average income, Benton is living what a human may consider luxury. He has enough money to get by and then some, though most of his extra money goes into his business or savings. He is quite satisfied with an average income, especially because it keeps the Seventen from harassing him too much.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Custom/City Dweller

A small and dim apartment of 400 sq. feet with a low bed, two chairs, a table, a chest, and a wood fire stove.


-One set of clothing
-One set of toiletries
-One waterskin
-Two set of eating utensils
-A scraggly, gold Moa named “Pigeon”


-To pair with the Drain/take down Silas' Hawke's reign
-To discover what happened to Deitrick
-To invest in and implement new technologies in human societies to improve living conditions (i.e. primitive water and sanitation systems)
-To increase his business and become self-sufficient in the production of opioids

-Explore how much one can lie to and believe oneself
-Highlight the differences between self-gratification and selfless generosity
-Paint two contrasting creatures in one body
word count: 1741
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