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Kirrah Grey
Race: Passive
Birthday: Bethas the 22th, 2693
Age: 26
FC: AntarticSpring
Place of Origin: Brunnhold
Current Location: Old Rose Harbor
Occupation: Apothecary / Mad alchemist
Player Name: Kirrah

Physical Description
Kirrah has a peculiar complexion for an Anaxi, due to distant Gioran blood in her ancestry on her fathers side. While her immediate family kept the classic Anaxi look, it seemed the recessing Gioran gene took hold with her, giving her a pale white hair, deep violet eyes, and an almost grey palor to her skin, hence her surname, which is something she adopted way latter to rid herself of any liaison to her former family. She's quite tall for her race, "towering" at 5'8" feet, though this still made her "average" by human standards. As a passive that’s had to survive by herself, she's quite lean and athletic, still, as far as her own race allow. Her almond eyes are quite pleasing even if her gaze is usually quite cold. Legend said some people were witness of seeing her smile once, after a successful experiment. None lived to tell the tale, or so they said.

PS : Despite the avatar, Kirrah don't have pointy ear, and her eyes are a deep shade of violet.
Kirrah's diablerie manifests as powerful combination of Living and Perceptive magic: accelerating the flow of adrenaline in her system and warping her flight or fight instinct to create a blinding rage. While she is conscious during this bloodthirsty implosion, she has no ability to control herself and her body suddenly flooded with strength and speed. At the peak of her diablerie, the bodies of everyone within a 15-foot radius around Kirrah are affected the same way to varying degrees as if some pheromone is released into the air around her, the strange combination of Living and Perceptive magic also making those around her violent or terrified, depending on their state of mind at the time, flooded with adrenaline and thrown into instinctual chaos. Even though the diablerie itself ripples through Kirrah and those around her in a very short time (five minutes or less), at full power it is enough to incite a riot around Kirrah, both dragging her against her will into violence as well as those around her, but leaving everyone exhausted afterward as the mona leaves nothing but bloody silence in its wake.

Allignement : Chaotic/Neutral
The creator
Kirrah personnality come into multiple portrait of different color.

The main aspect of her personnality is to be absolutely obsessive to some extremely unhealthy level once she devote her curiosity to a field, currently and for some years already the one of alchemy. This aspect of her personnality found its root from the deep feeling of abandonnement she feel toward what was her own life. Her life used to be a straight line in front of her, with a clear future. Nowadays, throwing herself into her research offer her some level of achievement and purpose she need to keep her sanity, or what's left of it.

The second key aspect of her personnality is her deep seated anger and feeling of betrayal. Kirrah feel a cold disgust toward anything that have to do with her old life, and especially Galdori values. This permanent anger have turned her cynical, and quite sassy, when she's at her best, and full on ruthless sociopath when she's at her worst. Happily, her temper is usually in check as she fear blowing with rage might be a trigger to her diablerie, making her cold and aloof to mostly everyone.

Finally, while her aloof personnality is quite set in stone at all time, she really warm up when someone cross the boundarie or being considered "family". To those Kirrah have adopted as part as her closest circle, she show her kitten side and offer loyalty, and affection.

On the side of thoses, Kirrah have some minor points of personnality worth noting : Her initial upringing make her mannered, and usually gracious, while the second part of her life make her biting with her words, and ruthless as soon as money is involved. You don't want to incur any debt to Kirrah, she's very good at counting and at calculating interest rate.

Kirrah don't have any strong opinion on things, and especially detach herself from politics. While she served the rebels actively, Kirrah still don't have strong ideal in the cause, and serve the rebellion mostly as loyalty, and cause seeing the Galdori eat a loss please her.

As for religion, she detached herself from the subject completely, not that she don't believe, but just that she don't find it worth it to offer any kind of reverence to unfair and quiet gods.

Kerrah was born of a rich Galdori family. Raised in praise and in glory, she was, before en tenth anniversary, the pride of her family, their prized children. Nothing could trump her curious mind, and before even passing the door of the academy, she was already well read on a lot a topic, especially those revolving around chemistry, anatomy, herbalism, biology ...

Her life was on track to greatness, and nothing could derail her. Nothing ... except from a really rotten luck and a tiny 1% of chance.

Kirrah got identified as a Passive.

Something broke that day in Kirrah. The higher you are, the harder you fall, and Kirrah was quite high.

As for her parent, they couldn't handle the disappointment and the shame, and choose to officially "gate" her according to all the paperwork. Instead of gating her though, they went for a more "definitive" solution, and hired two corrupted seventen to make the young girl disappear for good into the lowest part of the city.

That day, as she was escorted, her head covered in a bag, something broke inside of Kirrah. Be it this life revearsal, or the will of the Mona, but her diablerie awoke in the most violent and destructive way. While the group of guard was still escorting her, Kirrah’s diablerie overwhelmed the mind of everyone in direct proximity of her, herself included, turning the lively and busy day into a bloodbath. Kirrah herself only survived the day cause she got stuck under a decapited corpse right at the begining of the melee. When someone lifted the said corpse, and took of the bag, the only thing that the young Kirrah could see was blood and gore everywhere.

The man that saved her took her with him with great haste before the guard could come to the scene. Kirrah latter learned that the said man was an active rebel. He was at first following the guards because he mistook her for a potential hostage, some child from a rebel family that might have been taken. He ended up rescuing her by mistake then, but for some reason, whn he saw her eyes, he decided that he just couldn't let her into the hand of the Galdori, even if she was one herself. Kirrah never forget this brief moment of kindness, even if the whole thing got started by a massive misunderstanding. The man ended up taking her as his adoptive daughter, and brought her into the rebellion as a young trainee.

Years later, Kirrah is an active member of the rebellion, if a little on the passive side. Using her former education, and her curious mind, she took upon herself to become the rebel official alchemist, preparing poisons and other tools needed par the rebels.

As for her actual mission amongst the Freedom fighter, it came to be a spy in the Bad Brothers

Kirrah developped heavy tie with the criminal worlds, becoming a known adress for anyone seeking to buy illegals goods, especially her psychedelic that became quite renowned. It first started when Kirrah start to fiddle with narcotics or different sort out of curiosity. Her chemistry skill made her able to refine some drug of high purity, and fiddle with some mix to search for higher psychedelic effect.

Obviously, setting foot into this domain got her a quick rough housing and kidnapping. She was then brought to Silas Hawke, which was already a priviledged ending thank to her valuable skill. Long story short, Kirrah walked out of this meeting alive, and even with a deal to work with the Bad Brothers as long as she abide by their rules of business, and accepted to do some odd job from time to time when her skill were required.

As for the rebels, they took this god sent opportunity to get ears and eyes on the inside of the Bad Brothers, relieving Kirrah or any mission that might compromise her cover, letting her immerse itself into the criminal world fully as a sleeping agent and informant.

On the side, while her skill are still lackluster in the domain through lack of proper education, she also became the "Life and death doctor" for those that couldn't get help from a proper physician in time on need. Her saying though become : "I garantee 50% chance of surviving the procedure while you may very well have lived if you had avoided getting hurt in the first place"

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Dual dagger - Beginner


Estuan - Fluent
Tek - Fluent
Sign language - Broken




Alchemist - Proficient
Doctor - Beginner
Thief - Beginner

Career and Income


Kirrah is the "mad scientist" of the underworld. While she's quite proficient in Alchemy, she usually provide for her numerous client a lot of illegal substances. She's on notable associate of Old Man Shook, this one provide the raw material and Kirrah take care of making the final products in exchange for a comission. She deal directly with some costumer for the less than legal works.
She also have a side gig as a doctor where she heal the guinea pi... the patient that come to her for discretion. She sometimes take odd jobs for the rebellion.

Income: Wealth Level

Average :
As far as the ragtag population of Old Rose Harbor is concerned, Kirrah is considered a bit wealthier. Her involvement in the criminal activities of the region, and her rare set of skill make her a valued commodity.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Kirrah's "lair" is one of the few stone house in the more residential part of the city, while not located in the wealthy part of the town, her lab is in a very calm residential area, seperated from the main roads by building a few stories tall. From the exterior then, her lab look like some run of the mill discreet shop that you can only randomly find at the corner of an alley, or by being in the know of it's location. The lab itself is two stories tall. The ground floor is separated into a main room, where her lab and all her equipement is, and a small side room with a sink and some basic neccessities. The second floor, like any shop, is personnal quarters, even if Kirrah rarely step foot there and mostly sleep into an hammock in her lab. Her shop serving as a safe house for the Bad Brother, it have a hatch linking directly to the sewers of the city, which come in handy.

Kirrah lab is well organized to a familiar eye, everything always at a specific space, and a total landfill to anyone else. The addition, with time, of way too many things have transformed the lab into a museum of horror, where a batch of opium of the finest quality is patiently waiting next to a brain in a jar.

Stash of document are piled accordingly to the on-going project they are linked to, some corner of the sheets eaten by the lab rat Kirrah kept in cage to try-out new theory, or new products.


Whole lab equipement of average quality
Basic medical equipement (Nothing fancy, only your usual quack doctor material)
Two long daggers
A mechanical hidden blade bracer (Yeah, like assassin creed)
Some everyday tunique and lab coats
A leather armor with a cape and a mask to hide her identity
A lockpicking kit
Some explosive (that she craft herself)
Vials of different regeants (that she craft herself)

Personnal betterment : Kirrah is driven to strive and make progress, especially on the field of alchemy.
Revenge : Each dent on the Galdori values bring some joy to Kirrah, even if slightly
Purpose : Kirrah is seeking some sense of purpose, which so far she hasn't really found. Maybe some day she'll find a cause that really make her heart beat
word count: 2186

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