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Ezre Vks
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: better with the dead
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Ezre Vcks
ghost stories aren't scary

Race: Galdor
Pronouns: he/him/cxîl/they/them
Birthday: Loshis 40th, 2700
Age: 19
Place of Origin: Kzecka, Hox
Current Location: Brunnhold, Anaxas
FC: Takeru Satō
Player Name: Muse

Occupation: Student, Paranormal Enthusiast, Hexxos Guide
Ezre Vcks
physical description

Ezre is a typical Hoxian: delicate and lithe. Standing at a diminutive 5'2" with rich raven-black hair shaved close in an undercut on the sides and the rest of it shoulder-length, often worn in braids or up in a messy bun, he has equally dark pools of shadows for eyes. His expressive face often gets him mistaken for a student much younger or much more effeminate, especially so far from the familiarity of home, but neither assumptions are particularly bothersome. He has a bright smile when he chooses to use it, but the curve of his lips often make him appear as though he is frowning to those who don't know him well.

Graceful and always well-dressed outside of his school uniform, Ezre prefers earth tones and traditional Hoxian clothing that is much more unisex in nature when not in the green confines of Brunnhold's formal, heavily gendered dress code. He has a pair of thin, round spectacles for reading, and his most distinguishing marks are the tattoos on his entire body—lines of varying width begin on his lower lip, tracing down his chin and throat, spreading in a very specific pattern all over his entire body, even on his fingers, hands, and arms as well as and on his toes, feet, and ankles. They appear to have been inked under his skin as a child, with newer, bolder lines defining his role as a Hexxos Guide freshly tattooed in Roalis 2719.

Ezre Vcks

Ezre is quiet, contemplative, soft-spoken. He is curious, observant, and aloof. He tends to listen first and speak second, often with a bit of internal deliberation before he carefully chooses the words to say out loud. He is meditative and calm, not one to ever have an apparent temper: it is very difficult to anger the young Hoxian. He seems to have some uncanny ability to let just about anything wash over him, learning from it and using it to move forward with instead of being weighed down by the judgments of others. Very self-reliant, Ezre is not one to show his feelings in public, as is expected of a Hoxian. Self-control and stoicism are a sign of strength to his people, and emotions are very private, intimate things that must be shared with family, friends, or lovers only when definitely alone with them.

Introverted but lacking in social anxiety, Ezre is often overlooked in group activities because of his uncannily muted persona in a crowd. In smaller company, however, he can be chatty once he feels comfortable in the midst of those individuals who become his reference for saatri (village culture), though even he admits he's also prone to talking to himself when he's alone. He is known to be macabre and dark in terms of humor, with a sharp wit and a surprising lack of fear.

Ezre is a consummate Hoxian in that he is very conscious of his rhakor, his personal composure in front of others as well as very much at peace with zkratas, with the oneness of all things.

Although he is aware of being biologically male, as a Hexxos he identifies as without gender, preferring the difficult to translate Deftung pronoun of cxîl when others take the effort to understand it. The choice to surrender this identity was made to allow him to touch the dead, but he has acquiesced to Anaxi normative culture in order to avoid confusion or prejudice—his tattoos get him enough unwanted attention as it is.
Ezre Vcks
social views
Ezre prefers not to discuss social matters whenever possible, not because he is a sympathizer but simply because he finds the subject absolutely exhausting. Especially in the complicated Kingdom of Anaxas—the Hoxian often misses the simplicity of home. Typical of his homeland, he feels he has no place to judge the choices of others simply because they must be responsible for themselves.

He is quite convinced that galdori are the superior race, though he holds more respect for those of his kind who are willing to be more self-sufficient than reliant on the automations of society to provide for them as if entitled. He bears no grudge toward humans, however, as it was certainly not their choice to exist without the gift of magic, but that doesn't mean he has any particular interest in interacting with them, aware that in Anaxas, they are oppressed and unhappy and resentful of his race.

Wicks are unfortunate half-breeds, best left to the wilds. They are a cultural unknown to Ezre and he admittedly finds their magical abilities curious and strange. He has been warned to be wary of wicks in Anaxas, told by his peers that they are tricky and conniving, but he would prefer to come to these conclusions on his own should the need arise. For now, he's content to leave them alone, inferior and mixed-blood as they are.

Passives are of course the most unfortunate of them all, born without access to the gods-given glory of magic. They are best treated peacefully and put to use out of sight as far as he is concerned, though that doesn't mean that Ezre at all assumes they are stupid or incapable of non-magical accomplishments. It just means that they are better contributing to society where they are not walking as equals.

Ezre Vcks
a brief record of a longer story

Ezre was born on the night of Spar Rhavat, under the twinkling of stars during the single most unifying holiday for the Kingdom of Hox. Born in the small galdori town of Kzecka, known for its religious library and temples, the boy was born to an old family with a long history with the Hexxos. An only child, he grew up more around the dead than the living.

His father, Tuhir, was an active and respected member of the Hexxos, the religious sect responsible for the internment of the deceased and in charge of all matters pertaining to the afterlife. His mother, Lreya, was a preparer of bodies, an herbalist, and a respected poet known for her emotion-filled prose about life. His mother was also a raen. While his parents had tried to have other children, Ezre was the only to survive the womb, Lreya aware of what she was and also aware of the risks. Compared to many of her ghostly kind, however, the woman has lived a rich life of relative peace and balance after almost a century of existence, supported in secret by the Hexxos of Kzecka along with a handful of other raen who have over the decades somehow made their pilgrimage to the religious city as if they were called there.

Tuhir was the only one who knew her secret, willingly taking on the burden of her truth when they became betrothed and swearing to near religious zealot-worthy silence about her actual existence to all but the Hexxos who held her as sacred. By the time he took his exam at Frekstat at ten, so, too, did Ezre learn the realities of the world beyond death and those who did not reach the Afterlife and enter the Cycle as expected. It was a closely-guarded family secret, Lreya is also considered his grandmother and great-grandmother, great-great grandfather, and so on, the original soul having remained within their family and carefully selecting the body they would inhabit for the next generation.

Ezre was, admittedly, fascinated instead of terrified. The boy reluctantly attended university, missing home, missing the quietude of Kzecka. He was a superior student, choosing to pursue Clairvoyance and Perceptive Conversation with the longing to commune with restless spirits, ghosts, and other raen he surmised must have existed across all of Vita. By his fifth year, it became apparent that it was time for him to attend Brunnhold and further pursue his passion for Clairvoyance, aware while it was Mugroba that claimed that focus as its strength, the Crypts below the red-walled fortress city were a good place to delve further into his own curiosities.

It was with quietly expressed sadness that Ezre moved so far from Hox, and he has shown himself to be an ambitious sorcerer, an intelligent caster, and a bit of a puzzle to his peers, preferring the Crypts to the Library, preferring the West Gardens to the East, and preferring the company of the stars to his own peers.

Despite his magical proficiency, as a career track, he has chosen to study mortuary sciences with a focus on preparing the dead, anatomy, and other practical skills that he plans to keep him close to the deceased for his strange research, whether in Anaxas or back home (as he hopes) in Hox.
Ezre Vcks
aptitude skills
Ezre Vcks
focus skills


Unarmed Combat (Hand-to-Hand): Beginner


Monite: Fluent
Estuan: Fluent
Deftung: Fluent


Clairvoyance: Elementary
Quantitative: Elementary


Mortician: Beginner

Ezre Vcks
career & income


Ezre is a student attending Brunnhold University in the Kingdom of Anaxas. He is currently in his second-to-last year, splitting his focus on Clairvoyant Conversation and Mortuary Sciences, head of his class. He has offered his services to the Clairvoyant faculty as both a teaching assistant and a tutor, though he prefers to spend more time assisting the campus morticians whenever possible.

Income: Average

The Vks family of Hox is very old and well-respected, and so all of Ezre's needs are taken care of. He receives a stipend from his parents and he also makes a small amount of income in the form of a fellowship for his tutoring and assistance work as a Clairvoyant. He is not wealthy by any galdori standard, but he wants for nothing nonetheless.

Ezre Vcks
housing & inventory

Housing: On Campus

Ezre prefers his privacy and lives a third-floor single dormitory for upperclassmen on Brunnhold's campus. He keeps a simple, tidy dorm room and enjoys the convenience to his classes, the Gardens, and the Crypts, and he has very little interest in moving off campus other than for the opportunity for more privacy than sharing a hall with other students.


Ezre has his Brunnhold uniform and a decent-sized wardrobe of Hoxian-style clothing in earth tones. He has one set of Hoxian-style formal wear in charcoal and white to be worn with the Anaxi-mandatory red tie and the Vks family crest embroidered in silver thread on the neck and sleeves.

He has an impressive collection of religious texts, mostly dealing with death and the dead but also with the Cycle, the Circle, and other various obscure subjects, such as family lines from his homeland.

He owns a delicate porcelain chan serving set from his mother, and always has far more chan and other teas than imaginably necessary on hand.

He hoards various methods of Clairvoyance—an aquamancy set, a collection of various bones in a velvet bag, several types of ink, incense, etc.

He has an impressive collection of bird and small mammal skulls, kept in shadowboxes on the walls of his dorm, and his seerstone is held in a silver-coated raven skull worn on a chain and tucked under his uniform jacket.

He shares his dorm with several succulents in clay pots on his windowsill and one runt of a Hoxian osta named Po.

Ezre Vcks
hopes for the future

Ezre wishes to study the Afterlife, ghosts, and the Cycle.

He would like to discover the reason for raen in order to help them keep their existence safe, aware that in order to remain, they must destroy the souls of others.

He would like to find a way to communicate with the dead through magical means in order to either assist them in re-entering the Cycle or at least to help them find peace with the necessities of their unlife.
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