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Tawni Nahmet
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Tawni Nahmet
Race: Wick
Birthday: 22nd Day of Loshis, 2693
Age: 25
FC: Jamie Kidd
Place of Origin: Nomadic Lands, Anaxas
Tribe: Red Crow
Current Location: Old Rose Harbour, Anaxas
Brother: Yeeru Belduun Nahmet
Occupation: Fortune Teller
Player Name: Euphoria

Physical Description
Tawni is a striking young woman, lithe and graceful even at a diminutive height of just over five feet. Deep set hazel eyes shine from a smiling face, cheeks dimpling with the oft-held expression. Messy, waist-length chestnut hair frequently worn in a waterfall of twists and braids frames a high forehead and prominent cheekbones, sun-kissed olive skin even and clear in tone. A variety of elaborate tattoos and flashy jewelry adorn the girl's compactly muscled frame, a true wick to her very core. Crystal balls, tarot cards, seashells, lapping waves, and various flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors decorate the flesh of her arms and legs, while a myriad of rings and studs fill her ears and nose. The woman practically jingles when she walks, the various bangles at wrists and ankles tinkling merrily with every step. A red crow with wings outspread is inked into the flesh of her back and shoulders, her clothing often cut to proudly display her tribal marking.

Tawni is vivacious, charming, and utterly carefree, a silver-tongued witch who beguiles to get her way. She's deeply devoted to her family (particularly her brother) and her tribe, and though she may present herself as light-hearted and jovial, she takes tradition very seriously. Overall, the wick is a woman with a good heart, but she's not above manipulating others or outright lying to obtain what she wants. Cunning, sly, and persuasive, her personality is well-suited to her career choice, pulling in gullible humans with promises of love foretold and riches a-plenty, and sending them back out with their pockets a bit lighter and none the wiser.

Like any true wick, Tawni loves to travel, quickly becoming restless if she spends too long in one place. Accompanying her small Red Crow caravan, she has traveled across a good deal of Anaxas, but has always been particularly fond of any location near the ocean. To her, there is little that can compare with the scent of brine and a playful sea breeze.

As far as the other races go...

Galdor - Tawni values her freedom above all else, and because of this, she despises the galdor. Her few run-ins with their kind have only solidified her feelings toward the race in general, their haughty attitudes and disdain for her caravan leaving a sour taste in her mouth.

Humans - The Wick has no strong feelings about humans either way, preferring the company of her own kind above all others. However, she's had plenty of human friends along the way, and appreciates their naivete when it comes to the ways of magic and tricks. She'd be out of a job without them!

Passives - Tawni views parse wicks as no different than her magically-inclined brethren, having been reared around both. If anything, she feels a tinge of sympathy for their plight, and gratitude for her own connection to the mona. Though she loathes the galdor overall, this hatred does not extend to the passives, since they tend to lack the superiority complex that plagues so many of their kind.

Raen - The thought of a raen is nothing short of terrifying to the witch, though she's never come across any that she knows of.

In spite of the struggle and hardship that comes hand-in-hand with leading a heavily nomadic existence, Tawni's life has been a happy one, full of laughter, love, family, and music. Born to the Red Crow tribe in the back of a kint travelling through the Nomadic Lands of Anaxas, the wick has never lingered more than a season in the same place. Inquisitive to a fault and more restless and impulsive than a toddler, she has spent her life indulging in new experiences-be they new places, new pastimes, new intoxicants, or new lovers.

Following the tradition of her mother, and her grandmother before that, Tawni took up tarot reading soon after she reached adolescence. As the years went on, she became quite good, the combination of her quick wit and her own particular allure making her readings that much more convincing. Using these skills, she was eventually able to build a reasonable standard of living for herself, and saved up enough for a kint of her very own.

To this day, she remains beholden to none but her tribe, flitting through life with passionate zeal and unabashed curiosity. Her caravan's most recent stop is Old Rose Harbour, the call of the sea undiminished by the seedy town bordering it.

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Bladed Weapons: Beginner


Estuan: Fluent
Monite: Conversational
Tek: Conversational


Spoke's Almanac: Elementary
Spoke's Tricks: Elementary


Fortune Teller: Proficient

Career and Income

Fortune Teller

Tawni is a fortune teller of the Red Crow tribe. Tarot reading, palmistry, tea leaves, crystal balls...the witch does it all, though tarot has always been her focus and her favorite.

Income: Poor

While not a particularly lucrative career, fortune telling has served Tawni well enough to keep a roof over her head, food on her table, and clothes on her back.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Kint

Tawni lives in a modest, horse-drawn kint painted in vibrant shades of blue, green, and violet. The kint is outfitted with a single-person bed, a small table and two chairs where she often conducts her readings, a small chest to keep her valuables, a battered chest of drawers to store her clothing, and a colorful woven rug that covers the floor. The horse who pulls her kint is a mild-mannered bay mare by the name of Maireni.


  • An old, well-worn tarot deck
  • A chipped crystal ball and rusted pedestal
  • A steel dagger, usually concealed somewhere within her clothing
  • Basic toiletries-hairbrush, comb, razor, soap
  • Flint and steel
  • Cooking pot and ladle
  • A single earthenware set of eating utensils-fork, knife, spoon, plate, bowl, cup
  • Waterskin
  • Two patchwork gowns of various colors, well-loved and often repaired
  • Two silk scarves of indeterminate color, nearly threadbare
  • Two simple linen shirts, dyed blue and purple
  • One pair of black linen trousers
  • One patchwork skirt
  • A patched woolen cloak
  • Black knit wool gloves, missing a couple fingers
  • Faded black leather boots
  • A variety of cheap costume jewelry, mostly pilfered from trusting patrons
Pet: A brightly-colored whice in jeweled tones of blue and green, named Bendigo

Due to her "live-in-the-moment" personality, Tawni has very few hard-line goals. Among them, however, is the desire to travel outside of Anaxas and see more of what Vita has to offer.
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