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Raelin Locke's Plot Notes


Raelin is an up and coming agricultural wholesaler and aspiring freedom fighter. She is very focused on her business and rebelling against the powers the be, but needs to be convinced to stop and smell the poorman's violets. I would like to see her connect in a meaningful way to someone, whether platonic or not. I also need plotting related to her career path and the Resistance. Since her work requires travel and networking, almost anything is possible!


Raelin has no family. She was an only child, now orphaned. That said, I am not opposed to the possibility of distant relatives appearing.

Raelin would benefit from making friends, but it is difficult for her to form friendships and to maintain them. Friends would have to be patient characters that understand her work ethic, or people who are the complete opposite of her that refuse to let her stay lonely. She would most likely meet these characters through work, or in Resistance operations. Clients, colleagues, possible employees, and Resistance comrades are all needed. Vienda area and Bad Aisling neighbors would be lovely. I am also not opposed to plotting with childhood friends from Virthmore or the Brayde County area.

I am also very open to possible galdori friends to shake up the preconceived notions she has for them.


If friendship is difficult for Raelin, romantic relationships are nearly impossible. With little to occupy time in a small rural town like Virthmore, I imagine budding Raelin having crushes and summer flings with young lovers, but nothing serious. Her past traumas and current career have turned her cold. It is hard for her to pick up on behavioral cues or flirting, and she has no idea how to flirt herself. She is so focused on her career and the Resistance that she is effectively wearing blinders to possible suitors. A character romantically interested in Raelin would have to be tenacious, and probably her exact opposite.

I am keeping Raelin's sexuality open, so feel free to reach out for a plot with any gender!

As with friends, I am open to plotting with a galdor for a romantic interest as well.


At this point, Raelin's enemies would be in general the galdori. She see them as the reason her parents are dead. Specific enemies would most likely include a landlord character, or a galdori official who is suspicious about her possible involvement in the Resistance. She may also have competitors in her industry.


Possible useful tidbits:
  • practices Vitanism, and is fluent in sign language because of this
  • enjoys the outdoors, and is more relaxed in rural settings versus urban ones
  • is proficient with a crossbow, beginner in axes
  • has a big horse named Bruce, and a horse-drawn cart with a false bottom and hiding places
  • house includes a secret basement


Aptitude Skills


Good -> Excellent


Average -> Good


Average -> Good

Focus Skills & Career


Proficient -> Expert


Beginner -> Proficient


Proficient -> Expert


Beginner -> Proficient


Poor -> Average


•Estuan: fluent
•Sign Language: fluent

word count: 756

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