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Plot notes & whatnot for dear Lars.

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the frog asks, "how do I know you wont stab me?"
the scorpion replies, "because my act is dead without you."
Lars doesn't have many goals in life, at least not at the moment.
House of Leaves - family plotShow
1. A House Of Leaves, Moments Before The Wind
2. To Those Who Grieve
3. Shadows Of Love
4. The Acceptance Of Not Knowing
5. Into The Lion's Den
The Way Out/A New WorldShow
1. Et Chantez-moi
2. Crutch
3. Call Your Name
4. Use Somebody
5. Into The Lion's Den
6. In Arms Of Undertow
7. A Current To Purify
8. Brave New World

OOC: He is an extremely volatile soul beneath the domestic personality. It wont be long before he realizes that he isn't content to live a life of unending servitude, indebted to a people that disowned his existence, and he will leave Brunnhold one way or another as a very different man.

I'd kinda like him to get some sort of permanent injury sometime. He's likely to either burn off or cut the passive tattoo from his arm in the future.

Currently, Lars is only in regular contact with other servants, students, and staff within Brunnhold. He had been dorming with two other male passives named Jamie and Fionn, although he was moved into a different dorm mid-Dentis. He is also somewhat friends with a maintenance and repair passive named Garamir, a laundress named Lenore, a housekeeper named Renard, and a galdor named Norwyn.

His parents are Lionel and Fleur Savatier, two aging galdor living on their manor in Dorhaven. Unknown to Laurentius, after his entrance into servitude his parents had another child. He is now sixteen years old and attending Brunnhold, given the name of Donatien Savatier. He also has even younger twin sisters, at only 9 years old, named Alouette and Jeanette Savatier, and another baby brother named Antonin Savatier.

As of current, Lars has multiple interests:

Fionn Madden, his fellow passive and former roommate, who he has admitted feelings for and is currently pursuing what form of a relationship a gated passive can have, and

Professor Harper Moore, a galdori professor and the head of theoretical research within Brunnhold, whom Lars harbors feelings for but has not opened up about.

Open for past, present, and future rivals, enemies, and everything else negative.

Character Sheet

A House Of Leaves, Moments Before The Wind - Hamis 23, 2702. Lars takes his initiation test and is deemed passive.
Sweet Sixteen - Hamis 23, 2708. Lars' sixteenth birthday.
I'll Cry If I Want To - Roalis 25, 2710. Lars is assigned to help show newcomer Fionn the ways of a gated passive.
Dyeing For A Living - Ophus 22, 2710. Lars meets fellow passive Lenore while working in the laundry rooms.
The Bridge To Nowhere - Hamis 19, 2712. Lars deals with the annoying Clover.
Out Of The Bleakness - Intas 4, 2718. Lars cleans classrooms and meets Renard.
If The Clouds Run Out Of Rain - Bethas 40, 2718. Lars discovers the fate of his roommate, Bennett.
Making (Or Breaking) Foundations - Roalis 5, 2718. Lars works in the gardens and meets fellow servant Garamir.
Fashion Sense - Yaris 15, 2718. Lars meets Norwyn Siordanti and is reminded of his home.
Hey, Roomie - Dentis 8, 2718. Lars meets his new roommate, Fionn.
Sexual Healing - Dentis 10, 2718. Lars saves Fionn from a patron in an.. unsavory way.
Where There Is No Echo - Dentis 10, 2718. Lars and Fionn follow Castor Devlin into the darkness beneath Brunnhold.
A Favor Owed... - Dentis 10, 2718. Lars and Fionn return from Laboratory Beta and discuss the night's events.
Contraband - Dentis 13, 2718. Lars, Fionn, and Jamie's new patron Ayden makes a visit and has a surprise inspection.
Feldspar Tailoring - Dentis 20, 2718. Lars visits Juniper Feldspar's tailoring shop in the Stacks.
I Think We're Alone Now - Dentis 23, 2718. Lars walks in on Jamie and Fionn.
Accidents In The Banquet Hall - Dentis 26, 2718. Lars prepares the formal dinner for the sixth forms, and makes a mess of Professor Siordanti.
Look What You Made Me Do - Dentis 27, 2718. Lars is punished for his mistakes the night before.
And I Am Consequence - Dentis 27, 2718. Lars makes it to Laboratory Beta, seeking help from Professor Moore.
Hidden Breath Beneath The Floor - Dentis 28, 2718. Lars happens upon Fionn's sister, Niamh.
Sound Of Silence - Dentis 29, 2718. Lars is brought to Professor Moore's home in Muffey.
In The Thick Of Things - Dentis 32, 2718. Lars is questioned by Professor Moore as the shakedown of the passive ward begins.
The Acceptance Of Not Knowing - Achtus 37, 2718. Lars is summoned to a traveling researcher's office--who is also, conveniently, his uncle.
Et Chantez-moi - Ophus 12, 2718. Lars meets Clover in the East Garden.
Crutch - Ophus 12, 2718. Lars considers his encounter with Clover.
Blood & Magic - Ophus 13, 2718. Lars works late in the laundries and meets Ezre Vks.
Call Your Name - Ophus 14, 2718. Lars gets tired of Fionn watching from a distance and decides to confront him.
Use Somebody - Ophus 17, 2718. Lars is conflicted on the matter of his and Fionn's relationship.
Into The Lion's Den - Ophus 23, 2718. Lars meets the brother he never knew he had.
No Sunlight - Ophus 24, 2718. Lars has a difficult time containing his emotions.
Keep A Candle Burning - Ophus 25, 2718. Lars attempts to help in the aftermath of a fellow servant's diablerie.
Breaking The Line - Ophus 39, 2718. Lars works in the kitchens again and happens across Saryn Desperia's little habit.
As Fire To The Sun - Ophus 40, 2718. Lars works in the kitchens and is observed by one punished Vivian Rush.
In Arms Of Undertow - Intas 1, 2719. Lars finishes his shift on Clock's Eve and finds serenity in the darkness.
A Current To Purify - Hamis 23, 2719. Lars gathers all of his companions.
Brave New World - Hamis 23, 2719. Lars runs into Castor Devlin and his life is changed... for the better?
word count: 1217
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