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Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:25 pm

Cecelia's Plot Notes
Ultimately, Cecelia is going to become a librarian or teacher for the Resistance. The current plans are for her to remain in Brunnhold, but those could change.

Currently, she's getting settled in at her job at the newspaper office.

Cecelia does not have any family outside of her daughter, Galiya, a NPC. Lia is only a year old, so she's not open to be picked up as a PC. (Well... I suppose you could if you really wanted to, but you wouldn't be writing much. ;))

She's very friendly and makes friends easily with any human or wick that seems to be friendly. But, underneath her friendliness, she's hesitant to let people get close, so most of her friends are just "surface" friends. Gollies or anyone who seems to be friendly to gollies is treated with suspicion, as are people who come off as angry, destructive, or seem to be heavy drinkers.

Cecelia has only had heterosexual relationships in the past. This doesn't mean that she's exclusively heterosexual.

Right now, she's not looking for a relationship, though I'm not opposed to her having one. It would have to be a slow burn, though. She's healing from a very abusive past relationship, so if we go down that path, there may be some baggage to explore as I'm fairly certain she has/will develop PTSD.

Also, please be aware that I don't write smut (sorry, just not my thing), so all sexy times would be fade-to-black.

The only real "antagonist" in her life is her racist golly co-workers at the Brunnhold office of the Vienda Weekly.

Coming as needed

72 Roalis 2718: Cecelia's life falls apart and she reaches out to a Resistance member to get help (warning for abusive violence and allusions to rape)

75 Yaris 2718: Cecelia meets some of Stolley's clientele

10 Dentis 2718: Cecelia's first day at the paper
20 Dentis 2718: Cecelia goes clothes shopping for work -- with help from Ignatius

20 Achtus 2718: Cecelia celebrates a good day with her best friend, Juniper

word count: 456

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