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Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:12 pm

Agatha's Plot Notes

My basic plan for Aggie is to get her back to being active in the Resistance. She's kind of annoyed that the Resistance members seem to have forgotten her and that they seem to have moved more towards focusing on violence. It's not that she doesn't approve of violence, but she also knows that violence can only do so much and if the Resistance doesn't focus on winning more humans and wicks over via propaganda they cannot win.

Aggie doesn't have any blood family and her husband is dead. She does have a 12 year-old boarder named Brent who does odd jobs around the Dives and errands for Aggie. He has a damaged hand from a factory accident -- the last two fingers don't work properly.

If you live in the Dives, it's entirely likely that she might know you at least in passing. If you're Resistance, you're not going to know that Agatha is in the Resistance, unless you were/are in her cell. But you've most likely heard rumors of "Granny". I'm also always open to building back history with characters if you want to make a character that's an established Resistance member or has family in the Resistance.

Aggie is 100% het and 100% off the market. Even though her husband's been dead for years, she is still fiercely in love with him and isn't interested in dating anyone else. This doesn't mean that she's not interested in close friendships with members of the opposite sex, though. It just means that those friendships are very unlikely to become more.

The obvious ones are gollies and the Seventen. She mostly keeps her nose clean and stays out of trouble, though, so they don't have much reason to bother her. She's not fond of golly sympathizers, though she generally just stays away from them. She's very much not the type to get in someone's face if they disagree with her.

I am open to building some drama into her life, though. If you have ideas for how someone would be an antagonist of Aggie's, you're more than welcome to shoot them my way! Just be aware that I'm very protective of Aggie and am unlikely to put her in a situation where she can get seriously hurt or even killed.

23 Vortas 2718: Aggie gets visited by someone looking for help.
26 Vortas 2718: Aggie finds Gale in dire straits

20 Intas 2719: Agatha gets a visit from an old friend.

6 Hamas 2719: Aggie comforts the community in the aftermath of the Dorhaven Massacre.

20 Loshis 2719: Aggie meets the new Seventen that's been assigned to keep an eye on her.

Coming as needed.

word count: 578


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