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Caina Rose's Plot Notes
How are you looking to develop your character in terms of story arcs, goals, and skills? List that here.

Currently, I am looking for simple plots to develop my skills and comfort within the story and website.
Does your character have family you'd like to see played? Parents? Siblings? Did you have a friend growing up? What kind of friends would your character keep now, or do they just need someone?

I would be interested in having one or two people that knew Caina as a child, running into her on the streets of Vienda. Friends that she would keep mainly include other resistance fighters, but I am open to any suggestions.
What is your character's sexuality? How have they expressed that in life? Are you looking for past or present lovers, ex-lovers, or a spouse?

My character has not considered or pursued others in those aspects, and most likely will not for some time.
Looking for some enemies? Everyone deserves a good challenge. What are some areas of conflict for your character and how can other players help you explore them narratively?

I would love for Caina to befriend a human who looks down on the Resistance, because her faith and loyalty to the cause is a little unhealthy.

What else would you like to keep track of for your character? List that here.
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