[M] Setting up the New Office (Saryn)

Vivian Rush finds her new office inhospitable to organic life. Cue the maid.

Anaxas' oldest and most prestigious University of Sorcery, the de facto cultural capital of the kingdom and a city in its own right.
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Vivian Rush
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Wed May 15, 2019 9:27 am

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When Saryn's dress fell to her feet as little more than a pool of fabric, the galdor's eyes immediately moved to the warped and faded scar that spanned from chest to hip. The relic of what was certainly a very traumatic experience, the Anaxi only lamented its existence for the fact that it marred her prey's perfect attractiveness. However, flawed and submissive was exactly how the Rush heiress enjoyed her toys.

Not so utterly beautiful as to be emboldened by it... However, lovely and pliable at the same moment... the galdor began, the reflection trailed off in her skull as anticipation took over her thoughts. Vivian Rush allowed her gaze to fall from the woman's abdomen to her toned and ample thighs before climbing higher and higher until she met her face. When Vivian clasped at the passive's chin and made her threat, the visible tremor of fear in her eyes and face brought the galdor a true surge of joy.

Vivian nearly moaned at the look in Saryn's eyes, her amber eyes heavy with the need that coursed through her body. Between her thighs, Vivian could feel the well of moisture, her own figure caught in a shiver of elation when Saryn bent before her to comply with her next command. One by one the heels were unbuckled and set down gently on the floor.

"Yes..." Vivian encouraged, quite pleased to see that the passive treated the heiress' possessions with the same caution that the galdor herself would. However, when Saryn rose to her feet all-too-quickly for the galdor's sensibilities, she almost crooned in disappointment. There was no hiding the light flush on her soft features. Nor was there hiding the utter delight in her eyes. She suppressed the last shiver of need, nodding immediately when the passive deigned it proper to ask if she had anything else to do for Vivian.

Oh, my dear, naive little toy... she mused. Instead of saying it aloud, however, she paused, saying nothing for a short moment. Saryn was well out of the reach of Vivian's hands, but she had no intention of stretching out to meet her. Instead, she raised one of her legs, brushing her calf along Saryn's own, slowly bringing her leg higher still. The position hiked up the galdor's skirt, pushing it up until the dark lace of her panties could be seen if the passive had the mind to look. For a brief moment, however, until one hand rose, two fingers beckoning for the passive to draw closer to her once again.

If the passive obeyed her demand, Vivian would reach out and crane her left arm around her waist. Her chest pressed to Saryn's own, her breath growing heavy before she answered her,

"But, of course. I'm nowhere near done with you," she began, her covered breasts brushing in a slow, sensuous sway against Saryn's own. She allowed the contact to claw need deeper into her own mind. She felt the frustration of weeks past melt into nothingness.

"Call it a hunch, Saryn, but you've never been touched as I've touched you, have you? Was that your first kiss?" she asked, perfectly aware of the sensitive breach of privacy. But, clearly, Vivian didn't give a fuck. She demanded to know, and without leaving a moment for Saryn to answer, she knotted her fingers into Saryn's hair. Her teeth closed around the passive's earlobe, pulling for the briefest of moments before he told her,

"Regardless, I'm going to have you. Now, take off my dress and fuck me," she commanded her. She moved her hands, seizing Saryn's wrists and placing the passive's hands at each of Vivian's shoulders.

"Undress me," she breathed into the passive's ear, and for the first time in months heavy anticipation had the galdor woman heady for more and more contact from a lesser creature.

They're all dolls. Vessels to be used to whatever end I deem them worthy of. They should all be so lucky as to serve my purpose, she assured herself, eager to lay witness to how readily this hapless, innocent wretch accepted her place beneath Vivian.
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Saryn Desperia
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Thu May 16, 2019 3:36 pm

Saryn Desperia
Saryn's legs shook a little as she straightened herself to look at the galdori. Saryn was patiently waiting for an answer that was expected to not end with a simple Yes you may go, but she hoped that it would nonetheless. That being said, Saryn looked at Vivian and understood just by looking at the galdor's posture that she was not going anywhere. The unbridled look of delight dancing across Vivian's eyes as the air of desire hung low around Vivian and as a result the passive, oddly enough, couldn't stop staring at Vivian.

When the galdor politician slowly put their calf to Saryn, the passive's muscles tensed slightly at the contact. The feeling of soft skin that slowly rose up her calf, then her thigh amidst nothing else that was worn dragged Saryn's attention from Vivian's hungry eyes down the galdori's chest and eventually to where Saryn saw hints of Vivian's undergarments. Saryn's face burned as she looked away right after, a primal instinct that she had made sure to do whenever she had been confronted with a similar situations. That being said, Saryn looked at Vivian out of the corner of her eyes, black lace undergarments included and slowly took in the sight. It was indeed a sight to behold, but the gap in material that Vivian's expensive undergarments, when compared to Saryn's simple cloth undergarments, further elucidated to Saryn how she was not in the position to not comply with the galdori. The obvious difference and wealth and status in something as basic as underwear denoted that she was on a lower level when compared to the galdori.

After seeing Vivian motion for Saryn to bend and cover the increasingly smaller distance between the two, Saryn slowly nodded and pushed forward, allowing the politician to hook their hand around her waist. It was at this point, where she became close in contact with Vivian that Saryn started to feel an odd tingle in her abdomen and a small wetness in her crotch. While Saryn was familiar with the feeling, she had to hold back a vexed frown, instead opting to listen to the answer that finally fell from the galdori's lips and feeding off of the eagerness that seemed to radiate off of Vivian. Saryn was painfully aware of the other female's breasts brushing across her own, but did not move to change her position one bit. Instead, she tried to answer, but only managed to do so in a slightly higher pitch than before. Her answer slightly strained.

"Yes Lady Rush.... That was my first kiss, I have not...experienced something similar in my life"

Saryn felt the galdori's teeth enclose her earlobe and she tried to stifle the small moan that escaped her lips, only partially managing to do so before hearing the next order that Vivian gave to Saryn. The passive looked at the dress that Vivian wore and had a hard time contemplating on how to remove it easily, but sighed to herself. Saryn moved her hands around Vivian and started to work on taking off Vivian's dress, first pulling at the dress from the back and when necessary pushing her arms in between her own body and Vivian's in order to expedite the pulling up of the dress. Saryn could start to feel the details of Vivian's body and only very momentarily paused when Saryn brushed against Vivian's breasts to pull off the dress. After a little bit of effort though, she watched as Vivian's mane of red hair fell down from the dress. The passive, who didn't have the time to properly manage the dress, simply but respectfully laid it off to the side and returned her attention to the now nearly naked galdori, a slightly perplexed look flitting across her face.

How does a female fuck with another of the same sex?

Saryn looked from Vivian's face to Vivian's abdomen and Saryn decided to default to what she knew. Saryn, then slowly slid her hand in between Vivian's panty and Vagina and started to look for the galdori's clitoris. Only after doing so, Saryn started to rub much like she did for herself on several occasions, starting out slow and eventually changing her pace and movement after noting Vivian's reaction she would either continue to move or stop completely.
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