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Ezre skips Formal Dinner and accepts his risk of a demerit for the decision.

Anaxas' oldest and most prestigious University of Sorcery, the de facto cultural capital of the kingdom and a city in its own right.
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Ezre Vks
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Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:33 pm

The Library
Dinner Hour on the 19th of Bethas, 2719

"Our time together in awareness of each other is limited before we must return to the Cycle. No one should be too busy for those they've been given the privilege of calling family." Ezre spoke softly without thinking of the esoteric nature of his opinions, dark eyes narrowing for a moment at how easily Madeleine made excuses for Angelique, for perhaps other members of her family as well. Perhaps she missed them. The Hoxian missed his relatives, too, but when he was home, he never lacked for their company or contact.

The boy didn't think much on the weight of his judgment nor the forcefulness of his method of getting to the point of conversation. He was not one to overstuff his interactions or skirt around particular issues, and while it seemed as those Miss Gosselin didn't quite catch on to his accusation about her sister or at least refused to believe it, perhaps it was for the best.

She asked how he felt about his time here as a student and he actually paused, thoughtful for a moment, dark eyes distant and then coming into focus on her face again, meeting her gaze,

"Brunnhold's unrivaled academic status among the Six Kingdoms is well-founded and I find their meticulous historical collections both here and in the Crypts beneath the Church of the Moon to be very impressive. Am I entirely enjoying myself being so far from home? No. Not always. But it's not as unpleasant as that admission sounds." Ezre was honest, and his answer to her perhaps hopefully innocuous question was met with a reply that seemed to aptly summarize both his excitement and his disappointment all at once. He chose not to discuss his opinions on Anaxi as a people, on Brunnhold students and the weaknesses in character he perceived, nor on the political state of the Kingdom itself.

"Frekstat is much smaller and perhaps more humble by comparison, though I would dispute the claim that its academics are at all inferior. It felt much more intimate and close-knit, but I believe that my culture has a different sense of community than in Anaxas." The Hoxian added with a warm hint of pride in the otherwise unemotional tone of their voice, "And I will agree that the thought of Mugroba's heat intimidates me as well, which is why I chose to spend the next few years here first, acclimating. Hox is a very cold Kingdom."

They both talked as they climbed the stairs to the second floor of the Library, Ezre glancing over the railing at the tall stacks and smattering of students below, so many of their heads ginger. The tall windows let in very warm, gorgeous light, and he appreciated the very different style of Anaxi architecture. The lilt of his accent was strong for a Hoxian, often emphasizing the consonants far more than most of his foreign peers and softening H-sounds and F-sounds, "My homeland is known for Static Conversation, but I appreciate those who are willing to understand the way Vita works in order to become better Physical sorcerers. Even if that's never been an interest of mine."

He stepped aside in time to allow another student to pass by them both, burdened by very impressively large tomes, pausing at the top of the stairs when Madeleine pointed out the direction of the nine hundreds stacks,

"Frekstat also requires students to declare their focus, though I feel as though the foundation classes here are a little less—how do I say it?—rigorous. I would say that Hox has a much more open-ended last few years of study, while Anaxas seems very strict about shoving students into a career focus." Whether that was a better method of organization or study, Ezre couldn't necessarily pass his judgment. He hovered, unsure of how to dismiss himself or whether he needed to at all.

He nodded in the direction of her book, deciding to make more small talk because he wasn't entirely in a hurry to no longer have conversational company. Ezre was homesick, after all, which meant companionship of any kind was far better than sitting alone in silence, even if Madeleine wasn't Hoxian and probably couldn't entirely understand him anyway,

"Where I come from in Hox—Kzecka—the knowledge of those who came before us is considered valuable and given the utmost respect, even when new discoveries are made afterward, no one can deny honor to those who laid the foundations for such progress. Sometimes, there is still insight in their different methods of thinking." His mother was, of course, proof of that, as were other raen. Older ones, anyway. New beings like Tom did not have the stores of wisdom that a century brought to the mind, and yet the boy hadn't hesitated to offer what he could,

"This Kingdom seems too keen for progress, but only because there is little guilt about stepping on the backs of others to reach higher—anyway, I—" He paused again, obviously considering his words for longer than most would have thought really necessary, attempting to find the correct approach to the invitation he made in order to not sound awkward or desperate, in order to make a simple offer instead,

"—I will probably remain up here as it is less crowded than the lower floor of the library—"

His words could have been misconstrued as dismissive given the lack of any specific emotion behind them, but Ezre's delicate features warmed into a smile even as he tilted his head in the direction of his decimal system destination,

"—if you don't want to sit at a table alone, that is."
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Madeleine Gosselin
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Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:07 am

Dinner Hour, 19th Bethas, 2719
The Library
No one should be too busy for those they’ve been given the privilege of calling family. Ezre’s words were soft, and his eyes narrowed at Madeleine as he spoke. The words reached somewhere into her heart and squeezed, painfully, and she was left feeling defensive, smile dimming as it had when he spoke about Angelique’s regard (or lack thereof) of Madeleine. Madeleine bit her lip, not quite sure what to say. Her grandmother had never been too busy for Madeleine; otherwise, she couldn’t think of many times when her parents, her sister, her brothers weren’t too busy for her.

There didn’t seem to really be any response she could make, or any explanation she could give. Surely Hoxians also had important things to do, work and studying and social events. Perhaps not; perhaps in Hox they had time to sit around and be together and talk about things. Madeleine didn’t know. But it wasn’t like that there, and she knew it. The strangest part of it all was that she felt like Ezre’s words were an attack, and she wanted badly to defend her family against them, but she didn’t know how. It didn’t seem like there were any words she could find that were equal to the task.

“I – I don’t know,” Madeleine managed, finally, a half-hearted answer at best.

Madeleine transparently avoided anything that touched on home or different senses of community, feeling a little skittish on the subject. “Oh, yes, I read about the Spondola Mountains!” She said, enthusiastically. “For geography class. Some of them are covered in snow all year round, aren’t they? It must be terribly cold. Even when it snows here only a little – well, it’s nice at first, isn’t it? It’s so pretty and white, but then it gets a bit – um – it’s not so nice when it’s melting.”

“Kzecka,” Madeleine did her best to repeat the word, bright-eyed and enthusiastic. She largely failed, stuttering over unfamiliar combinations of sounds, but her effort was obvious. “Oh, but progress is -” Ezre stopped and changed the subject, and Madeleine trailed off as well, following his conversational lead, wide-eyed.

Madeleine nodded a little when Ezre said he’d stay up here, taking a half-step back away to give him the space she thought he’d ask for – and, then, to her surprise, he invited her to sit with him. Or, at least, Madeleine thought he did. She went over the words again in her head, carefully double checking, and that meant a long heartbeat of awkward silence as Madeline tried desperately to avoid accepting an invitation that hadn’t actually been given.

His patience would be rewarded, as hers had been. Madeleine’s smile was even brighter than it had been downstairs, her face lighting up. “Oh! Yes, I – I’ll – I’ll stay up here, then! That would be nice, I – thank you!” Madeleine actually giggled, happy and relaxed once more, new tension drained yet again from her shoulders. The faintly pinched look had come back with the discussion of her family, but it fled easily once more.

“I’ll just – go find my book and come back?” Madeleine suggested. She glanced around; there was a table not far between the eight hundreds and nine hundreds stacks, and she took a few quick steps over, setting the treatise down on it, looking up at Ezre. “Is this – would you want to sit here?” Madeleine was more than happy to move if not, but if he agreed she would leave the treatise there and dash off towards the eight hundreds, still gripping the bit of paper with her references on it. As she went, she looked back at Ezre once, then twice, as if slightly unsure whether he would actually stick around.

Madeleine made her way into the eight hundreds stacks, still smiling brightly. She looked around, admiring all the old books, and traced her gaze along the various numbers with a little hum of happiness, lifting up on her toes and twirling around once in the middle of the aisle, her uniform skirt spinning out around her and her already messy hair giving up further on its bun. She was giggling again when she stopped, although very quietly so as not to disturb any other students who might be nearby.

A little further down, and she found it – on the very top shelf. Madeleine wrinkled her nose, stepping back as far as she could go to find the right book, bound in a blue hard cover, Conchobhair written along the spine. Jumping, Madeleine could only just reach the bottom with her fingertips. She tried to pull at it, feebly, but it didn’t move. She glanced around. Ezre wasn’t any taller than she was, not really, so she didn’t think it would be much good to ask him for help. The upper level was quieter, and she hadn’t seen any other students around so far; no one was conveniently nearby in the aisle.

Pursuing knowledge was a noble use, wasn’t it? Madeleine stared solemnly at the book, and decided that it was, it definitely was, and the mona would be happy to help her learn more about them. Surely the mona approved of – um – what had Ezre called it? Ch-checka?

Madeleine took a deep breath, and invoked the solemn words of the pull spell, asking the mona to bring the book off the shelf.

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The book shuddered, and then slid, wobbling, backwards off the shelf and fell messily, the spine thudding into Madeleine’s shoulder with a quiet thump. She managed, just barely, to get her arms around it, keeping it from hitting the ground. Madeleine stood, holding the treatise, a large dusty smear on her shoulder of her uniform and another on her cheek, and beamed, feeling lighter than air.

Happily, clutching the new treatise in both hands, Madeleine made her way back out of the eight hundreds stack to the table. She set the new book down, carefully, next to the older one, and brushed her shoulder off, utterly ignorant of the smear of dust on her cheek. Madeleine took her notebook out of her bag, setting it down on the table, and settled down into the chair, brushing her skirt over her legs and happily tucking in to her new book, brownish-red hair bent over the yellowed pages.

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