Welcome to Summer 2718!

The rain is over, Summer is here!

News, updates, and other necessary information can be found here for your reading pleasure.
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Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:38 am

It is Summer 2718
This season encompasses the month of Roalis and Hamis, which is 80 in-game days. The summer season is 80 days in total and runs from July 1st to August 30th IRL.

In Anaxas., the summer season is when Brunnhold is on Holidays, and some students go home while others stay for summer classes and field trips, often taking the 80 days to study an intensive course abroad in another Kingdom, travel with friends, or study to catch up on a class on campus. Many families take trips to the coast of both Anaxas and Mugroba or visit Bastia for its wonderful Summer Festivals. Boat races and fishing along the Arova are popular sports in the summer, as are picnics, park concerts and plays, and wick caoja with bright bonfires lasting long into the night.

Roalis in Anaxas is hot and humid, the rainy season leaving a lot of moisture in its wake. Mornings can still be cool and foggy along the Arova, and there are some weeks with afternoon thunderstorms and quick showers. The evenings grow longer and the nights warmer until the Dry Season, but the summer season sees all the windows open, fashionable fans in the hands of galdori trendsetters of Vienda, and less clothing out in the fields.

The Summer season in Vita brings growth and humidity and warmth to all the Kingdoms. In Mugroba, the summer season is often even hotter than the Dry Season, and yet is the season of most growth after the rains. Bastia celebrates their Summer Festivals, and Roalis is considered one of Hox's most beautiful seasons.
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