Welcome to Dry Season 2718!

It's pretty hot, but fall is coming.

News, updates, and other necessary information can be found here for your reading pleasure.
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Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:30 am

It is Dry Season 2718
This season encompasses the month of Yaris, and the entire month is 80 in-game days. The summer season is 80 days in total and runs from September 1st to October 31st IRL.

In Anaxas, the dry season is when Brunnhold is back in session after the Summer Holiday. Students often prefer to be inside whenever possible, as cooling spells are used to make the classrooms and dormitories much more tolerable during the dry, blistering heat.

Yaris in Anaxas is very hot and dry, and many places rely on stored water from the rainy season to care for crops, wash, and drink. There are a few very violent thunderstorms during this season, more often they are all lightening and thunder and very little rain. The evenings are stretching longer still and can get chilly toward the end of Yaris, and the nights are clear enough to enjoy the meteor shower that occurs around Yaris 41st and continues for 3-4 days. The days can be oppressive, however, and everyone is advised to be careful carrying out their daily activities—in the crowded cities, riots and fights are historically the most frequent in Yaris. There are very few dry seasons in recorded history that do not have some outbreak of violence somewhere in Anaxas.

The Dry season across Vita is not the same in all Kingdoms. In some Kingdoms, Yaris marks the beginning of autumn instead. In Mugroba, the dry season actually brings a welcome relief, the weather cooling a few degrees and the evenings becoming almost cold. The trees in Hox begin to change color and the Autumn Harvest begins.
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