Vitan Verities: Issue #2

Winter 2718: January/February 2019, Part One

News, updates, and other necessary information can be found here for your reading pleasure.
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Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:35 pm


Welcome to the last Season of 2718AT in Vita: Winter. This season is composed of Achtus and Ophus, the two coldest months of the year, and runs from January until February 2019. That's right, the Vitan new year will begin in March with Spring 2719.

We have grown so much since our launch in March of 2018, and we're so very happy to have you all writing with us!

Developments of Note
We are happy to announce that a new Kingdom has opened this season, and that is the Kingdom of Gior! @Raksha has worked clocking hard on creating a new and unique Kingdom for all of you to enjoy, so please check out all of the existing lore. Better yet, populate Gior with a new character or have a current character travel there to visit this season! If you've got some ideas of your own to contribute to the further development of Gior, be it locations, NPCs, businesses, fauna, flora, organizations, culture, foods, academics, politics, etc., please do not hesitate to write it up and drop it into the Development Forum. At the very least, get in touch with the Admins to bounce your ideas around!

We are very eager for player contributions to the creation of the world, and we all hope that you don't feel as though Vita is a closed world that is off-limits to your additions.

We are looking for player-led plots as well as player-developments for all of the Six Kingdoms, especially global (non-magical) flora and (non-magical) fauna. We'd also love to see more Anaxi NPCs, businesses, and locations. Don't hesitate! Let your imagination run wild!

In addition to the opening of Gior, the Lore itself is undergoing a major overhaul of MediaWiki structure. Please be patient while some parts get rewritten and restructured. If you have any questions, get in touch with an Admin!

Please remember to continue participating in and submitting player plot lines if you have them. Keep an eye out for an update on the wiki for easier submission of those plots and NPCs directly onto the Lore page!

January 1st - February 28th, 2019
This winter in the Kingdom of Anaxas is one of the coldest on record in centuries. Temperatures after Achtus drop below freezing into the negative in Ophus, causing pipes to freeze and burst, poor residents to die of exposure to the cold, and rampant suffering among the nomadic wicks who are no longer welcome within Vienda's sheltering walls. Snowfall is heavy as well, the entire season wet and bitter.

Winter in the Kingdom of Gior fares little better, with the temperatures, on average, several degrees colder than Anaxas due to the higher altitudes. The snow and ice hardly affects those who live in the mountains themselves, though travel is interrupted by foul weather at the end of Achtus, causing communication and aeroship travel to come to a halt.

Achtus 14th and 15th are particularly inauspicious days because both days see Benea and Osa absent from the clear sky. Dark and cold, these two nights are said to be bad luck.

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and it occurs this year on the 10th of Ophus. This year, the Solstice is viewed as somewhat inauspicious for the year because of the darkness of the two new moons on the 7th of Ophus—another unlucky day according to many wicks and superstitious humans. The Solstice is celebrated by all races, however, usually with a feast and the lighting of candles and lanterns. In Vienda and Brunnhold, magical light shows are a huge part of the Solistice celebration.

Ophus 2718 is considered one of the coldest months in decades, and a second double new moon on the 38th of Ophus closes out the year in darkness.
Achtus 1 | Winter BreakBrunnhold's school year has ended and all students, faculty, and staff are on break until the beginning of the new school year. Faculty and staff are expected to return to campus mid-Ophus.
Achtus 9 | Ku Ossa
Achtus 13 | The Remembrance
Achtus 38 | An Inauspicious Meeting
Achtus 40 | Trouble in Dorhaven
Ophus 1 | Dally Day
Ophus 8 | TBA EventA to-be-announced event in Old Rose Harbor for Bad Brother PCs and those associated with the Drain
Ophus 10 | TBA EventA to-be-announced exposition about the King and Queen and the government of Anaxas.
Ophus 25 | TBA EventA to-be-announced event for Gated Passives in Brunnhold
Ophus 35 | Moving-In DayBrunnhold students are welcomed back on campus between Ophus 35-40, just in time for Clock's Eve and the start of the New Year 2719 on Intas 1st.
Gale Saunders
I think most of you Thornsians would agree that everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for our very own Gale, whether they're smithing you a dangerous weapon, being snogged by your wasted significant other, freeing Resistance members from prison, or spitting some snarky dialogue (internally or out loud), everyone by now has probably read at least one thread with Mister Saunders. And liked it.

Times have been rough for our young human friend, and all of us avid readers do hope they don't languish in the confusion left in the wake of recent events.
Drop Yer Yats an' Lookit This
Where can you find a wick, a human, a passive, and a galdor all in the same thread? In this one, of course! Feldspar Tailoring's grand opening is full of the verbal and situational misadventures cramming people from different walks of life into the same room would expect and it's a fabulous piece of writing from everyone involved to boot. Go have a look!
Junta, friends!
New Characters: So many!
Let's welcome these new characters who have arrived ready to write and plot with the rest of us thus far this Winter Season:

New Location: Most of Gior!

The Kingdom of Gior is too good not to mention twice! It's open and eagerly ready for play. Come explore the mountainous Kingdom tribally ruled by the Da Huane for centuries with its rituals and tall albino galdori. Visit the capital of Giorite or learn in the educational center of Qrieth, with its Temple devoted to magical study and the University for secular academia. Look out for the humans, however, for they live in the canyons and aren't at all used to interacting with galdori who view them as animals.

Why Aren't You in There Already?
These threads are open to additional characters hopping in:

Achtus 13 | Ye Can't Keep Me Down | Old Rose Harbor

I hope you’ve enjoyed our second edition of the Vitan Verities! Expect more good things in a month when the third issue is released in February. Please keep an eye out for additional content as the forum grows and changes. Don't forget to volunteer to participate in our NPC Development Project to help flesh out the Lore or come up with some other awesome content you'd like to see become a part of Vita in order to tell your stories together!

Submissions, ideas, or compliments?
DM Muse on Discord or send her a PM!
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