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Jobe Linger
Race: Human
Birthday: Hamis, 21 2686
Age: 33
Place of Origin: Old Rose Harbor
Current Location: Vienda
Occupation: Carpenter/Freedom Fighter

Physical Description
A head of prematurely salt and pepper black hair, short-cropped and frames his weathered face. Down the sides of his face, a pair of bushy mutton chops. His eyes are brown, and his skin is leathery from years of campaigning as a soldier, and then labor as a carpenter. He stands at about 5'10" and is of modestly muscled build.

His hands are not at all made for fine work, calloused and thick in the finger from hard work and getting into his share of fights.

He has a deep, slash scar on the lower left of his lip, which runs downwards of his chin, a souvenir of a pirate's hanger blade during his service in the AAF.

Jobe often sports a neutral expression, and rarely smiles or frowns.


Hard-boiled, laconic, slow of speech, and bitter.

Jobe is more than a touch embittered by his disenfranchisement by the AAF. Having not been compensated, for one reason or another. To top off the fact that he's never been paid, his disposition isn't improved upon having his service disregarded by many, for the fact there hasn't been a major war in well over a half century. Still, he's proud to have survived what trials he's suffered in service to the army, even if his accomplishments go unnoticed and so far unrewarded.

His sense of humor is dull, just as lacking as the rest of his social graces. He doesn't know how to take a joke.

Earnest to a fault, his main light comes in the form of his Carpentry work. Talking shop is the only way one can worm their way into his good graces. However he has little patience for flatterers and schmoozers, and will disregard unqualified praise or input. One need not be knowledgeable about Carpentry to get into his good graces, just have a curiosity, open mind, and genuine appreciation of his craft.

He was raised by his father, his mother having passed due to sickness early in his life. Jobe learned under his father, taking to the trade of a Carpenter with as much affinity for the work as one would expect of a boy coming from a long line of woodworkers and laborers. He quickly learned to make his own toys, to keep himself occupied during what few idle moments he had here or there.

Jobe was set to more complex tasks as his childhood progressed. More and more the toys of childhood were left behind in favor of more practical applications of carpentry and woodcraft. Even then, he found ways to entertain his creative streak, building hidden compartments into many of the pieces of furniture he helped build, and becoming quite clever about their placement.

When adolescence hit, he was enrolled in the AAF draft. Troubles had been stirring need for fresh recruits, he was conscripted into the armed forces and scheduled to be sent to Mugroba to deal with pirates and the like. Before he left, he had one last tryst with his sweetheart, a girl of the same age named Gil Becket. Little did he know, after the fact, he'd left her with child. He wouldn't find out until some years later that she bore him a daughter.

In Mugroba he fought cannily and bravely, while making good use of his carpentry skills aboard an aeroship. Soon enough, he was found useful enough to be made a regular, and thus was promoted to the rank of Private.

He took part in his share of skirmishes against pirates, taking a fair few knocks as well as giving them out. He served around nine years as a Private before a piece of grenade shrapnel hit him in the knee, and left him partially lame. He was discharged shortly after, replaced by a younger and more able-bodied recruit. He since returned to Rose Harbor, and to this day waits for his pay and recognition of his military service, which was never to come.

On returning, he found that Gil had left Rose Harbor for Vienda, her family stating that she'd gone that way for work. They gave him little else in the way of direction in how to find her, should he want to. His reception back into human society was a cold one.

In later years, he became embittered by his disenfranchisement by the military. Nevertheless, he took up his father's claw hammer and carpentry tools once more, and began making a life for himself. His father having long since passed, but being the one who handled the financial side of matters for most of Jobe's life, Jobe was unaware of the oppressive tariffs levied on human subjects of the Kingdom. This in addition to the 'protection fee' of Silas Hawke and his underlings. It wasn't long before he had to supplement his meager honest wages with less honest trades. He did odd jobs for the criminal bosses for a while, usually just simple planting of evidence on those the bosses wished to have discredited.

It was during one of these 'planting' errands, that he was set up by the bosses who had it out for him. He was to deliver and slip into certain marked pockets, pamphlets promoting the cause of the Resistance. It was a set up, as mentioned. As he was slipping these pamphlets into the pockets of these marked men, his wrist was grabbed by one of them. It was a galdor, worse he was with the Seventen. He was immediately subjected to a physical search, where the rest of these coded pamphlets were found.

He was able to wrest his hand out of the grasp of the galdori pig, and ran off into the streets. By chance, he got pulled into a nearby street door just as he eluded the sight of his pursuers. The woman that pulled him in took him for a member of the Resistance, having been one of those who received the pamphlets he was handing out. After a brief chastisement of his recklessness in slipping the coded message to her, she led him through secret passages, into a Resistance Safehouse.

There he laid up a while, and soon joined the Resistance by necessity, as he knew who they were and where they were located. Saying no to joining wasn't an option at that point. Since he was potentially pegged as a Resistance sympathizer and pamphleteer by certain persons in Old Rose Harbor, he had to move on. The Resistance helped smuggled him out, off to Vienda, he having little more than his first aid kit, carpentry tools, and his trusty claw hammer.

When he arrived in the safehouse in Vienda, he was given a wooden frame pistol and a Resistance name. His new name among the Resistance was 'Swill'. The pistol, he later fitted to a cane that he fashioned, in order to hide it's function. He made himself useful as a carpenter to the Galdori as well as Resistance, building hidden compartments for the purposes of hiding pamphlets, contraband, pistols and whatever else needed to be hidden.

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Proficient Claw Hammer
Beginner Gunplay
Beginner First Aid


Fluent Estuan
Conversational Tek


Proficient Carpenter
Beginner Soldier

Career and Income


Freedom Fighter/Carpenter.

Income: Wealth Level

Poor: Living hand to mouth, barely squeaking by.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

A flat in a ramshackle tenement on Gatlin Road, a rarely policed street of Vienda. It contains all the trappings of a poor fool's home, decidedly lacking a woman's touch.


All the necessities of a low-life. Toiletries, food, and booze.

He has a poor first aid kit, with some makeshift materials for use as such.

A washday outfit, beige linen shirt, brown pants, white vest, and leather boots.

A travel outfit, with his old military jacket, boots, shirt and pants. Also a red scarf wrapped around his left knee, to mark where a grenade's shrapnel hit it.

A Carpentry tool belt, and some essentials to his trade, including nails and saws.

His favorite claw-hammer.

His Canepistol: a wood-frame pistol built into a cane. Only for use in emergency encounters with hostile Galdori. When drawn, the pistol is a single-shot flintlock, firing high caliber musket balls. Otherwise, when assembled and put together, the canepistol resembles a simple, metal-capped cane.

Failing getting what's owed to him, he'll do something to be sure the Kingdom remembers him.
Keeping an eye on his daughter from afar.
Making sure his daughter doesn't get mixed up in the Resistance.
Patching things up with his daughter's mother, so they can be a family.
word count: 1555

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