Catriona Fraser

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Catriona Fraser
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Race: Human
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Catriona Fraser

Race: Human
Birthday: Dentis 20, 2697
Age: 22
FC: Karoline Herfurth
Place of Origin: Bad Aisling
Current Location: Vienda
Occupation: Blacksmith
Player Name: GingerJSM

Physical Description


Catriona Fraser is a somewhat thin and lanky girl by no choice of her own. Starvation will have that effect on anyone. Her red hair and pale skin covered in the ashes from a long day at the Forge make her impossible to miss. She keeps her hair up in a cap to keep it out of the way and wears a cotton cloth over her face while working.

She wears a shirt and pants most days under her blacksmith’s apron. Many Galdori women have had much to say on her appearance but she ignores them when she can and simply ducks her head apologetically when she can’t. She is often seen to have a bruise somewhere or another.

Her face, though covered in dirt most days has a distinctive scar, running upward from her jawline to her ear on her left cheek. It is also obvious after meeting her that she cannot speak.


Cat appears demure and subservient but has a temper as hot as the forge she works in. She keeps it to herself, however, as she does most things. She rarely seeks out the company of others, although some have sought her out for different reasons.

There is always unrest stirring in Vienda. Catriona stays out of it on the surface, but in her heart she has always believed in the resistance that continually builds against the Galdori. But what rebellion would want a dumb blacksmith when there are plenty of places to get their weapons. She would supply them with weapons if they asked her, with horseshoes if they needed it, but she’s never been asked. And she has no idea how to seek them out. So she stays in her forge and makes decor and tack for the Galdori.

Galdori- They do not deserve the power they hold, but as long as they have it, she will accept their patronage and their coin. Her Master was an exception, being a very different kind of Galdor. This hasn’t changed her opinion of them on the whole, and she is very wary of those that come into her forge for the first time.

Humans- you’d think that because she is one, Cat would favor humans. But she is as wary of other humans as she is the Galdori. Humans have the capacity to do much more harm than good and will sell you out to raise their situation in a heartbeat.

Passives- it’s horrible the way they are treated, like babes who cannot hold their heads up yet. Cat sees them walk by with their masters but tries to look away. The ones that manage to walk free though tend to be much nicer than any others. Like her, they do not wish to draw attention to themselves and she has more than once given a passive a free dagger to fend for themselves.

Raen- As far as she knows, Cat has never met a Raen...aren’t they a myth?

Wicks- They are certainly a different bunch, their magic seems less severe than the Galdori and because of that Cat has made many a Wick friend by trading magical services for metal-working.


Catriona was born on a farm in Bad Aisling. She had a mostly normal childhood, working in the fields for her family and sharing what little food they had with two younger brothers and two younger sisters. More often than not, she went without to see that her siblings were fed. Her father was a well known host of secret midnight meetings. Catriona and her mother would hurriedly serve drinks to the men as they discussed what to do about the ever rising taxes. In the end they would all drink themselves to sleep and nothing would ever be solved. When she was 8 she showed promise when her uncle allowed her to help him in the forge, mostly holding things and shoveling coal but she was interested, nonetheless and her father allowed her to work with her Uncle rather than in the fields. Her uncle frequently smacked her for making stupid mistakes but it made her learn faster how to craft tools and crude weapons.

Still, Catriona and her siblings found the time to play with the children from other farms. They ran through the woods, fought with sticks and basically made fools of themselves. As Cat got older she learned how to read in the family basement or the loft in the barn along with the other kids her age. She learned how to write as well but only got as far as a few lessons before she turned 13.

How she lost her tongue is a story Catriona has seldom told. Those who worked on the farm know it involved their landlord’s son. They know she refused to tell them what happened. Even when her father reported to the Landlord what had happened, even when the Landlord himself questioned her, kindly telling her that no more harm would come, she only shook her head and refused to say anything. So it was that the landlord quietly sent his son back to school and paid their taxes that year. But the shame she felt and the constant pity she saw from her friends and family was too much. Catriona packed a small bag and made her way to Vienda at 14.

There, she apprenticed under a Galdor blacksmith, who seemed impressed with her ability to make farm tools and taught her the art of crafting weaponry and when she was done for the day, she found herself studying the subtle art of making jewelry. Her Master allowed her to sell the finely made rings and necklaces to the passing Galdor women and she eventually made enough coin to start earning her own keep. Her Galdor mentor also helped her get permission to read and write to both communicate and conduct her business. When she was 15, he hired a human girl to teach her the signed Estuan.

Just a few years later when she turned 18, he left the forge to her, moving on to other things. She now rents the forge from him and makes a name for herself as the Black Cat.

Although she makes beautiful jewelry and art, she makes them very rarely. Catriona knows that to make too much money would be to lose everything so she often has a waiting list of wealthy people who believe that the wait os worth the quality of her items.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Ranged Weapon (Hand Crossbow) - Beginner
Bladed Weapon (Daggers) - Beginner


Written Estuan: Fluent
Signed Estuan: Fluent




Blacksmith- Proficient
Jeweler - Proficient

Career and Income


Catriona is a blacksmith capable of smithing some of the best weapons and some armor. But most of her pieces tend to be more decorative or ceremonial. She is also excellent at creating finely crafted jewelry. Although she tends to work on commission because to keep an inventory would be to invite thieves and raids on her humble shop.

Income: Wealth Level

Poor- Catriona could have an average income if she cranked out the goods but she’s smarter than that. She sells her items at a modest profit and tends to undercut the other smiths in town when it comes to the basics.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Catriona’s ‘home’ is the forge’s workshop. Amidst the work tables, tools, and storage is a cot with some blankets as well as a wash basin.


Catriona owns several cotton dresses for walking around town in. For the forge she wears sensible shirts and breeches covered by her smithing apron.

She has a dagger that is jeweled and uses it as an example of her craftsmanship if ever she finds a need.

She also bartered a sword for a hand crossbow that she frequently takes out of town to practice when she can.

Other than these few items, she keeps a food pantry in the workshop and has all the supplies she needs to do her work at the forge.


Find the resistance, convince them she’s worth their time. Maybe she could just pass notes or something.

Find a friend she can trust, though she’ll never admit she’s looking for one.

Study and recreate the crossbow.
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