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Charity Valentin
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Charity Valentin
Race: Galdori (Bastian/Gior)
Birthday: Intas 1st, 2692
Age: 27

Place of Origin: Bastia, Anaxas
Current Location: Vienda, Anaxas
Occupation: Pianist

Physical Description

Charity is of a fairly standard height for an anaxi woman, standing at 5’2" without a good pair of heels. Her frame is thin, giving her an appearance of being taller than she is. Thick long tresses of blonde hair fall in gentle waves down her shoulders and back, mostly worn out and loose around her face. Her skin is pale, unmarked by freckles or blemishes, taking after her mother so uncannily that some speculate that she was not the product of her father’s loins. To date there is no evidence to support this rumour, and yet it forever remains a stain in the family name. An old silvery pink scar runs through her abdomen just under her ribs.

Her eyes are a vibrant violet thanks to the albino pink of her mother's gioran genetics and the piercing blue of her bastian father, with flecks of gold that catch the light, and her face is classically galdori with a fine nose and high cheekbones. Her style of dress is that of one raised in wealth, delighting in the various styles of each of the Kingdoms and buying perhaps more silk corseted dresses then any one woman requires. She has an extensive shoe collection and is often a trend setter for her social circle. She has an assortment of fine jewellery she will wear on a whim, often perfectly matched to her outfit.


To meet Charity in the day versus the night, one could be forgiven for thinking it was two different people. A skilled pianist, the galdor plays for social gatherings and theatre events. Whilst not a full time performer at the theatre, her overbearing father is demanding she step into the scene, often at times giving the woman no choice in the matter and forcing her into attending key functions, spruiking her name to the stuffy and over privileged. Her demeanour is well spoken and not unkind, but her mind is usually on her music or other lesser endorsed activities.

It’s in the night, in which Charity finds her true passion, delving into the exciting and still mostly unexplored world of opioids. The socialite has developed an addiction to the drugs, something she keeps a well-guarded secret from her friends and father. Her specialisation in Perceptive conversation allows her to delve even further into her indulgences, and even enhance their effects. Whilst taking the drugs is not entirely illegal, opiates being a common substance in Anaxas, Charity takes them in far larger and more frequent quantities than socially acceptable. Often she’s staggering the back ways home, blonde hair a lanky mess and makeup smeared, shoes in hand and gold flecked eyes barely able to focus. It usually takes a good few goes to make it home, where she will fall into bed as she is - only to repeat it all again the next night.


Charity was born in the on the night of Clocks Eve, second child to Rivaine and Damen D'arthe. Their first child, Mathias, was three years her senior with dark hair and bastian features like their father, his height seemingly the only genetic tie to their mother. Damen grew suspicious of the fair haired girl and her lack of bastian features, claiming Rivaine's infidelity time and time again. The two would never separate however, their arranged marriage far too lucrative to be broken by adultery. Rivaine's family were an accomplished line of chrove breeders, whilst Damen himself is a Patrol Captain for the Seventen.

As a young girl, Charity was the second fiddle in her home, her fair hair automatically placing the child in the category of ‘less than clever’, her father concerned that when her tenth year came the blonde would be deemed passive. Instead, the hard man focused his attentions on Mathias, grooming the older boy with overly unnecessary discipline with intents for him to join the Seventen. The two siblings formed a strong bond as they grew up together, supporting each other through the violence inflicted by the man both on themselves and more considerably their mother, who took the brunt of his unfounded anger to save her children. Younger than Mathias by three years, Charity looked up to him. She can recall many a night huddled together in his bed, covering ears to drown out the gioran woman’s pained sounds or the roar of the bastian man’s voice.

Like any galdor, Mathias was tested at the tender age of ten to confirm his monic connections and conversational strengths. Charity was so excited for her dark haired sibling that she waited right outside the door of the study where the testers had taken him, bouncing on her seven year old toes with delight. She would miss her brother, but it would be only be a few years before she could take the same test. When the doors opened however, it was not joy or excitement that greeted the family. Mathias had tested zero.

A passive.

This struck a devastating blow to their father, who personally took it almost like a cruel joke from the gods. Upon the knowledge, he paid under the table to not release the results of this test to anyone else and intended to get rid of his son. Their mother knew of this plot and intended to intervene by asking her brother to take her son somewhere where he could be safe, however, Damen got to him first and instead paid his mother's brother to clap the boy in chains and send him to the factories, making sure his family name was erased on all records.

Charity begged for him not to be taken, wailing at her father and clinging to her brothers clothing even as they were dragged apart. The house was colder without him, and without her sibling Charity withdrew into herself. Concerned for her well being, Rivaine introduced the child to piano, hoping against hope that the tow-head would at least scrape into a one the by the time she took the test. Damen poured his rage and grief into her, pushing Charity to be better than her brother and mother. The piano became her life, Damen hiring tutors and teachers, not willing to be ashamed a second time by his wretched family.

When testing came around three years later Charity dreaded the knock on the door, knowing only that Mathias had disappeared and she’d never seen him again. They came, they tested and…she passed. Much to the obvious relief of her parents, the young blonde child scored a fairly decent five, with an affinity for Perceptive conversations. Bundled up and taken away for different reasons, Charity found herself a student of Brunnhold University. She threw herself into her classes, becoming fascinated by her studies and making friends easily, once they got past the white of her hair and the violet of her eyes.

Unfortunately, alone with the grief of Damens' betrayal to steal away their son and his cruel ways, the woman took her own life two years later. The blonde teen found herself alone with her father.

Over the years in Brunnhold, Charity excelled at her music, moving towards a career choice in the arts. Her use of Perceptive conversation was a beautiful compliment to the piano, and the blonde was destined to perform outsold shows at the Theatre in Vienda they said. It was during her eighth year of university that Charity had a violent altercation with a desperately poor human. On the night of Clocks Eve and her eighteenth birthday, the celebrating young galdor and her friends took to the stacks for a ‘tavern crawl’. Charity managed to find herself separated from the group, and in a state of over ecstatic intoxication she found herself alone and confused in the city streets. A man approached her, and within moments she felt a sharp pain in her side under her ribs. Dropping the bleeding teen on the cobblestone street with whispered desperate apologies, the man tore off her jewellery and coin purse before fleeing the scene, and in that moment the young woman saw death.

Luck held out however, the mortally injured teenager discovered by the her friends who immediately worked to cast enough healing to get her to Professor Hulle at the Univesity. The man was a known Living miracle worker, and with time and magic, Charity woke in the infirmary. It was during her recovery that she discovered the non-magic medical wonders of opiates, how the drugs that helped her pain also made her feel like she was floating and often snuck dosages of various drugs and medicines from the nurses office.

Moving back to her fathers home in Vienda once she graduated, Charity continued to be put on a silver platter by the Seventen Captain, forced to dive in the arts industry. There, the woman discovered easy access to the newest and most exciting drugs and regents, and her attendance amongst the underground of the theatre scene increased. The pianist has begun leading a double life, a picture of the perfect golly during the days whilst becoming a misguided socialite at night. Of late, she has been introduced to something only known as the King’s Crop, a strong and highly euphoric strain of opium that when injected leaves the user feeling a sense of ultimate calm.

In the Winter of 2718, Charity married Rhys Valentin and as such her name is now Charity Valentin.

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Estuan: Fluent
Monite: Fluent
Gioran: Broken




Perceptive - Proficient
Quantitative - Beginner


Profession (Pianist) - Proficient
Profession (Composer) - Proficient


Housing: City Dweller Pack

Charity lives in a small house in the Painted Ladies with Rhys Valentin, her husband by way of the Civil Authority of the Anaxas Courthouse, in Vienda. It is an older delapataded premises, with three levels (basement, ground, first floor) and in terrible need of TLC. She is currently renovating it together with Rhys.


One black satin and lace fitted dress
One red corseted silk dress
One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
One water canteen
One winter coat, Black
Two sets of eating utensils

Galdori City Dweller Racial Bonus:
Outfit One: Gioran formal dress in royal purple
Outfit Two: Bastian formal dress with cowl in gold
Outfit Three: Saphirre blue ball gown with tulle skirts
Outfit Four: Ivory day dress
Access to a carriage.
Access to a range of passives who support daily errands and requests
Access to tutors / trainers in Perceptive and Quantitative focus’.

Blank music sheets, ink and quill
Freestanding piano in mahogany



Career and Income


Charity is an accomplished musician. She plays mostly minor events, but will at times do work at the theater in Vienda or during holiday events.

Income: Wealthy

The daughter of a chrove breeder and a Seventen Captain, Charity is not want for anything. Her own profession supports her expensive taste in clothing and habits.


To partake in all the opioids
To escape her father’s clutches
To find her brother
To find out more about the Kings Crop and perhaps unwillingly become embroiled in a drug smuggling ring.
To eventually clean her act up

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