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Race: Galdori Passive (Anaxi)
Birthday: 35 Bethas, 2700
Age: 19 (as of Bethas 2719)
FC: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Place of Origin: Vienda, Anaxas
Current Location: Brunnhold, Anaxas
Occupation: Assistant to Professor Keyes, Cook, Troublemaker
Languages: Estuan (F), Sign Language (B)
Physical Description
Quick Facts
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Skin colour: Pale but with a slight golden hue
  • Hair colour: Dirty blonde leaning towards a light brown but ginger-tinged when sun-kissed
  • Typical hairstyle: Short back and sides but allowed to grow long and floppy at the top, especially towards the front so that it often hangs down on his forehead; typically dishevelled courtesy of the many times
  • Eye colour: Brown with light speckles
  • Jewellery: Plaited leather bracelet worn on the right wrist
  • Distinguishing marks:
    • Freckles across the bridge of his nose and the tops of his cheeks
    • An inch long white scar just below his hairline, running parallel to it.
    • Passive tattoo on his upper right arm
    • Heavily scarred knuckles
    • Bite mark on his left shoulder at the base of his neck
    • Cigarette burns on the insides of his elbows and the backs of his knees; deeper behind his knees
    • Various scars scattered across his body
At first glance, Fionn's origins might not be immediately clear. His pale but freckled skin makes him an unlikely Hoxian or Gioran and is too light to mark him as Mugrobi or Hessean. He is slightly taller than the average Anaxi galdor male at 5 foot 6 inches and slimly built. He looks quite young, his features having changed little since his childhood and he still retains much of his puppy fat. The impression of maturity is not aided by any sort of facial hair as even stubble refuses to take root on his smooth features. It gives him a look of - deceptive - innocence.

His hair is light, not a bright blond that would instantly mark him as a derogatorily named 'tow-head' but still clearly not the typical Anaxi red. The dirtied blond makes him stand further apart from his galdori peers, as if his lack of magical ability wasn't cruel enough. However, when exposed to enough light, his Anaxi roots are literally revealed as the strands become tinged with ginger although nowhere near as vibrant as a true redhead. In spite of the light hair, his eyes are brown, deeper in shade than hazel but still bright and speckled with lighter hues. In good lighting, the full depths of colour are revealed as amber and bronze come to the fore in his irises.

Fionn's skin is Anaxi pale although the degree of pallor varies depending on his sun exposure. There is a slight golden hue to his skin, which gives him a sickly cast if he's been trapped indoors for days, often as a result of punishment for some misdemeanour or other. When he does have a chance to spend time outdoors, the gold transforms into a tan, giving him a healthy glow. Additionally, while his nose and the tops of his cheeks are always freckled, they tend to multiply and spread when he gets enough sun.

Once upon a time, the young man would have been frequently covered with bruises but he still bears plenty of marks for anyone who gets close enough to examine them. Some of them are more readily visible than others such as a pale, shiny mark on the left side of his forehead, an inch long scar that runs parallel to the hairline and slightly raised from some childhood mishap. Although more noticeable when the rest of his skin has tanned, the scar is rarely seen as it's more likely to be covered by strands of dishevelled hair that have fallen on his forehead. If his sleeves are rolled up, the cigarette burns that mark his arms might be visible but most of the other scars are hidden from general view. He bears bite marks, lash marks, more cigarette burns behind his knees and of course the passive tattoo that was forced upon him.

Previously, Fionn was a rather untidy individual but since the shakedown of the passive ward, he has done his utmost to try to be tidier although it clearly doesn't sit comfortably with him. His uniform is worn in full unless he has a damn good reason to take it off such as when he's doing something wet or dirty. However, in his downtime - when he's certain that he won't be checked up on, he often dresses in an overly casual and almost lazy fashion. The pale green jacket of his uniform is tied around his waist, the top few buttons of his white shirt left open and the collar left to hang askew, and the sleeves shoved up to crumple around his elbows and reveal the plaited leather bracelet around his right wrist. No matter what happens and no matter how many of these leather bracelets are confiscated, it remains a permanent fixture on his wrist. Regardless of his reformed appearance, the young man's hair frequently looks as if it hasn't been introduced to a brush, courtesy of a nervous habit of running his fingers through it.

Although his knuckles are quite scarred, the young man takes great care of his hands. They aren't impeccably clean as they once were, marked with ink or pencil smudges, but the passive always keeps his nails carefully trimmed and when he notices the marks on his skin, he is quick to scrub them clean, almost fearful as he does so.

While capable of bright smiles when he so chooses, there is typically something sullen about the young man, his slash of a mouth often turned down at the corners and a crease almost always between his brows. It appears to take little for his face to fill with hatred and anger, sneers and scowls a frequent enough sight that many will give him a wide berth, no matter how innocent and childish he might otherwise appear. These days, those who get close might find that the youth shies away from their touch, sometimes flinching as if he expects them to offer him some harm.
Inadvertent Impetus - While he has no idea what triggers it, Fionn has experienced his diablerie before and so knows exactly what it does. While perhaps not as dangerous as some, when triggered Fionn's diablerie appears to take the form of a Physical spell causing a force to strike out from him in a 20ft radius. The strength begins to ebb after the first 6 feet or so meaning that those at the edge of the diablerie are only likely to be buffeted as if by a strong wind, feeling off-balanced but able to keep their feet under them. However, those closer to him are likely to be propelled rather forcefully as if struck by something solid. If they have a clear run then they will inevitably stop beyond the diablerie's effects but for those unlucky enough to be close to Fionn in an enclosed space will find themselves smashed into a wall and pressed against for the spell's duration.

It's a diablerie with deadly potential.
Upon meeting Fionn, there are usually two things that seem predominant about him: he's sullen and he's bitter. The bitterness doesn't usually come out until he speaks, even the most outwardly polite speech carrying an edge to it, especially if the person talking to him is a galdori and one unknown to him. He appears to harbour a great deal of hatred towards others and the scars across his knuckles attest to the fact that that hatred has had many an outing. He seems quick to anger and inclined to snap at others who seem to say things that aren't to his liking, the young man very quick to offer his thoughts whether they're wanted or not but a lot of it is front, Fionn far more vulnerable underneath it all than he'd like others to realise.

While the young man is not a stranger to displays of joy, he is more likely to skulk about the place, hands thrust into his pockets as he mopes about his situation. Given his living conditions, it's not surprising that he'd be far from optimistic but he isn't entirely without hope, especially as these days his situation is far more favourable than many of his fellows. However, past sufferings have left their mark and he seems incapable of letting them go.

In spite of his general misery though, he carries strong determination within him and if he sets his mind on something, it usually guaranteed that he'll get what he wants. That being said, there are some things that the young man wants that he can never have. He covets the galdori way of life, their freedom, luxury and magic. While there is no hope of ever acquiring magic and a slim hope that he can get away, he does like to take what small portion of luxury that he can for himself. Fionn's covetous nature leads him to steal, usually odds and ends from the kitchens from food stuffs to cutlery but sometimes bigger things that are more likely to be missed. He is not above stealing from his fellow passives, even though they have little to offer. He steals because he can, providing him with a small measure of control and power in a position without either and it is something that he has done since childhood. More often than not, his stealing will be found out, especially as his habits are known to patrons and the other passives. That being said, his kleptomania isn't as bad as it once was, the young man doing his best to behave, he still gets the itch to take from time to time, especially when he's suffering from mental distress.

To all appearances, Fionn is very selfish, caring about his own needs and not appearing to care what trouble he brings on others because of his own actions. He's tough enough to endure most beatings and punishment without complaint so it appears largely ineffective in controlling him but galdori attempts to punish his dorm and wing mates don't appear to have the desired effect either. He doesn't seem to care about others at all, largely concerned with his own desires and pleasures. Sometimes this means allowing others to suffer indirectly because of him and other times, it means suffering directly at his hands - and feet. In truth, there are some individuals who succeed in getting under his skin and he is fiercely protective and loyal towards them. On the rare occasions when two loyalties pull him in different directions, the results are messy and disastrous for all involved.

The young man is typically raring for a fight, his temper always seeming to boil over and so he is almost delighted when someone pushes back against him so that he has an excuse to draw blood. For him, it is a release, a sadistic pleasure that he can't help but enjoy although sometimes it terrifies him, especially as his temper can get out of his control, leading to the harm of those he cares about. He is typically wants to hurt for the pleasure of it and being hedonistic, he is always seeking pleasure in his life, no matter how fleeting it might be or detrimental to him in the long run. He's learned that his hedonism can sometimes lead him to acts that leave him guilt-ridden and sometimes self-destructive. The young man doesn't think that there is any hope for himself and that any attempts to fix him or correct him are fruitless at this point.

An abrasive personality and a hostile attitude leave him as something of a loner as making friends is difficult. However, in spite of this, there are some of his fellows that he's willing to get along with, usually because they're of use to him but sometimes because they manage to make him care for him deeply, despite his He can be witty when he chooses to be and persuasive although he's more inclined to persuade with his fists than his tongue. He doesn't appear to mind being left to his own devices but then he has had many years to become used to his own company since long before his gating. The only soft spot he appears to have is for the newest gated passives, young and still innocent. He might be found stealing things for the new young boys or, on rare occasions because of gender segregation, the young girls that cross his path. It seems to be the only time he thinks of others and while he appears to be almost kind and docile in their presence, he would never be allowed to dorm with such impressionable youths - he might rub off on them.

Fionn might be viewed as pigheaded or just plain thick for his rudeness and disrespect to his superiors as such behaviour is always rewarded with punishment but he doesn't seem capable of holding his tongue when he ought to do so. It appears to be like a game to him, poking at his superiors in new and ever more daring ways to provoke a reaction from them but he also gains a high from the danger of it, the adrenaline rush bearing a resemblance to how he feels when he hits someone. Sometimes, he can't help it though, his curiosity getting the better of him so that he asks about things that passives shouldn't, crossing lines that he may or may not be aware are there.

While many are likely to see him in a negative line and perhaps being beyond redemption, Fionn isn't really a bad sort. He's broken and rather warped too but for all his badness, he still has something childish about him; he's a perpetually petulant child. His inquisitiveness could be seen as nosiness at best or impudence at worst by his superiors and they might also view him as a nuisance if he happens to dismantle something to see how it works. He also has a cheekiness and mischief about him that can make him good company - at least until his humour takes a sour turn.

For those who take the time to get to know him, they'll realise that he's quite an intelligent young man, able to read and write and with an artistic eye who seems to feel a great deal and spends his life trying to bury it.
Racial opinions
  • Galdori: He hates and resents them for the most part, exceptionally jealous of those that have the birthright that was denied to him. However, he's found his opinions of some to be quite complicated, namely because he has interacted with sympathetic galdori. He's a bit annoyed about them being decent and he doesn't understand what their angle is.
  • Passives:
    • Patrons/Matrons: Collaborators and erseholes, rapists and manipulators.
    • Gated Passives: Idiots, largely useless and unwilling to do anything to help themselves. He can understand why there are some that remain quiet as it's a way of life that he's learning to appreciate. Some of them are all right and he can sympathise with those who have suffered in a similar fashion to himself.
  • Wicks: Has vague but old ingrained prejudices against them but hasn't seen one in many years. He resents the idea of them a little because they're free. Given his dealings with Ayden though who is technically one, he does wonder if they might all be a little loopy beneath the surface and it might spring out when least expected.
  • Humans: Similar to wicks, he has some prejudice, some envy but also some empathy as they're in a similar position to him in regard to the mona.
  • Raen: Hasn't a notion about these guys, hasn't met one to his knowledge and would probably think they're a silly story meant to scare children; he's too old for such stories.
Every gated passive's story begins with what they aren't.

They aren't real galdori.

They aren't wanted by their parents.

They aren't free.

Well, Fionn thinks that things started to go wrong long before the faithful test at Brunnhold that marked him as not good enough.

Fionn was born as the middle child to well off galdori parents. His father was an Incumbent, his mother a beautiful piece of arm candy with great magical ability, the misfortune to have been born female and fall into the trap that she should support her husband at events and behind-the-scenes and pop out children. From a young age, his mother breathed stories of her husband's future greatness, how one day they would be part of one of the most powerful political families of Anaxas. And yet, such greatness was never meant for Fionn.

The first born son but the second child, the budding passive was in an interesting position. His sister, Niamh might be the elder but as a girl could not truly go onto greatness so by rights any true inheritance should fall to Fionn. However, there was something off about his father's relationship with him. While his sister was doted on, truly daddy's little princess, and his younger brother, Oísin, received the love and favour that should have been his, Fionn found himself out in the cold. As he matured, the treatment only grew cooler, more arguments between his parents that trailed off into chilly silences when their children approached, more hard and oft meaningful looks thrown in his direction. While his own treatment left much to be desired, his other siblings seemed to gain more praise, more affection, more treats while he was punished. It was particularly painful to him to find that a boy two years his junior would receive time with his father while he was left in the company of women or on his own.

The problem only seemed to worsen after Niamh went to Brunnhold, his mother appearing to go out of her way to avoid him and bestow her affections on Oísin instead. The reason didn't become clear until the time of his own initiation came.

Like Niamh, Fionn's initiation took place at home with both his parents waiting expectantly for the results. Unlike her though, instead of a 4, he registered a 0. There was definite shock, both of his parents staring at him in disbelief for many moments before taking very different tacks. While his mother proclaimed that there must be some mistake and that he should be retested, his father's outburst was angry. He began to berate her, voice gradually rising until the Brunnhold representative was forced to excuse himself to allow them some time alone. For the first time, Fionn discovered why he had been so emotionally starved and it was simply because he was no longer worth consideration; it didn't matter if he was in the room or what he heard.

His mother had produced some horrible mixed blood, a hybrid, born of infidelity according to his father. He had long suspected it but this was definitive proof that Fionn was no child of his. While his mother tried and failed to defend herself, claiming that he was not the son of a wick, or worse, a human, it was also clear that she had been unfaithful to her husband and that in truth, she didn't know what he might be.

For the first time, Fionn was made to consider the differences between himself and his red-haired siblings, how he had features that didn't seem to come from either parent and how he barely looked like his mother, let alone his father. Where had his fairer hair come from when his mother's was dark and his father's red? Of course he had known, had felt himself out of place but nevertheless, he had never seen himself as some sort of cuckoo in the nest.

The moment he realised he might be a bastard was also the moment that he became an orphan. The representative was summoned, the disgusting passive whisked from his family's presence in spite of tears and his life changed for the worse.

The adjustment to life as a gated passive was not a smooth one. Fionn felt immensely sorry for himself. He cried himself to sleep for the life he'd lost, for the innocence of before and for the cruel truths that had been his parent's parting gifts. He was seen as weak, a victim and easy target for any who wanted to push someone around. Other passives bullied him for being a crying sissy boy and their minders punished him for his lack of obedience and his frequent mistakes. The boy was viewed as being none-too-bright and so it was believed that other abuses could take place and never be revealed by the feeble-minded little passive.

By the time he was thirteen, something had begun to harden in him. All innocence was gone, the boy introduced to adult matters long before he was able to cope with them and perhaps it was only a matter of time before his diablerie showed up.

Under great stress and strain, it was said that a passive's single spell could be triggered. But how many passives were beaten and terrorised within Brunnhold's walls and beyond without ever going off? The why of it wasn't clear but the event itself was unforgettable.

He had been running an errand for one of the staff, ferrying an item from one part of the school to another when he saw him: Oísin. Now in his second year, his brother was well on his way to being the fully fledged galdor that Fionn could never hope to be. Oísin held everything that Fionn had ever wanted, ever yearned for and had gotten what rightfully should have been his. Why did he get to enjoy life while Fionn dealt with other people's messes and the actions of those with twisted psyches who surrounded them? So the boy had made a scene. There had been no sense of self-preservation, no thought behind the impulse that his brother would see him and recognise what had been done to him. At least some part of him wanted the boy to feel one iota of the pain that he had been forced to endure for over three years.

He had run at him screaming, sending students scattering in shock and then the world had seemed to pour in. The fields that so often surrounded him and brushed by, the mona that would not come to him greeted him for the first time in his life. For one glorious moment, it was his, accepting him at last so that he froze and stood on the verge of weeping before it all came pouring in. More mona than he'd ever felt around another, more mona than he could comprehend, embracing him, strangling him, smothering him. In seconds, he was overwhelmed, certain that he was going to die and then he exploded. Mona shot out violently in all directions, forsaking him as suddenly as it had greeted him and sent people barrelling over like pins knocked over by a ball. Students skidded to bang into walls, some ended up toppled and propelled along on their bellies, some were unlucky enough to be quite close to him, pressed into nearby walls with sickening crunches and the thump of flesh. Some of the nearest infrastructure actually cracked, hairline fractures marring the paintwork.

Fionn never understood the full scale of the damage he caused but he saw the blood and the fear and horror in their eyes, heard the screams... and he liked it. The boy had a chance to take in some of the mayhem around him, his brother's face smeared in blood as the younger child wept before he himself crumpled, laughing hysterically.

Stupid passive, was he? No magic in him, eh? Who was laughing now?

From there, Fionn went rather downhill. He'd discovered a taste for violence and the pain and misery of others. He took to fighting back against those who had once pushed him, becoming a greater bully than any of them had ever been. He suffered numerous beatings, stays in solitary confinement, every attempt at correction but he seemed to weather them all. No matter how they tried to change him, that nasty streak always seemed to remain. Fionn had discovered a wild hope, a crazy dream that helped him endure: one day, he would make them all pay, he just had to get to the other side of tomorrow.

He was quickly removed from those duties that involved students and staff, his movements restricted as much as possible while Brunnhold attempted to find some way for him to contribute without causing mayhem around him. Oddly enough, when left in the kitchen, he seemed to display tranquility and focus that he lacked elsewhere. Provided that he behaved himself, he was allowed to help out, over time gaining skills that enabled him to handling some of the actual cooking. While not ever likely to end up in a position of true authority, he seems content to boss others around while he works, many allowing him the illusion of being in charge.

His violent tendencies certainly haven't dissipated and he still regularly picks fights and terrorises his fellow inmates but his handlers will sometimes turn a blind eye if his tendencies can be focused in a mutual beneficial direction. Provided that it gives him something of an outlet to promote docility and teaches others to be cowed, where's the harm? That being said, he also frequently ends up on the receiving end of many a disciplinary action.
Aptitude Skills
Focus Skills


Combat: Brawling (Beginner)


Estuan: Fluent
Sign Language: Broken


Professional: Cook (Beginner)
Professional: Larceny (Beginner)
Career and Income


Fionn has worked as many a thing over the years, doing labour in various areas that hasn't really required much skill making him a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. However, courtesy of his frequent misbehaviours, he has often been pushed into roles away from the galdori staff and students where possible. The kitchen was considered a good environment for him, especially as he seems to be calmer there. He's risen from dish washer and mop boy to become someone involved in meal preparation. While it's unlikely that he'd be put in charge of anything too major or important, Fionn has enough skill to cook most basic dishes and prepare ingredients, including how to clean and prepare organs, fish and shellfish. While others sometimes have to tidy up his prepared ingredients or deal with things that he'd burned, he's competent enough to get by.

Income: Servitude

Fionn is a Gated Passive. He may not like it but he's stuck in Brunnhold without a prospect of getting out. Well, that's just fine.
Housing and Inventory

Housing: Gated Passive

Location: Brunnhold

Lives in Brunnhold in a same-sex dorm wing, sharing a room with 2 male passives on a block of 20, overseen by a patron. He hates both of his roommates and they're more than a little scared of him. Probably. Or they should be.


  • One set of personal clothing (Poor quality)
  • One Brunnhold Passive's uniform (pale green jacket and trousers, white shirt)
  • One set of shoes
  • Plaited leather bracelet
  • Various stolen oddments - rarely valuable and usually varying in number
Long-term Goals
  • Get the hell out of Dodge Brunnhold
  • Make the gollies pay
Short-term Goals
  • Survive
word count: 4751


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