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Juniper Feldspar
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Juniper Feldspar

Race: Tsat Wick
Birthday: Ophus 23rd 2692
Age: 26
FC: Brendan Scannell
Place of Origin: Harbrooke
Current Location: The Stacks, Brunnhold
Occupation: Tailor

Physical Description


Juniper has an oval face that is surprisingly changeable. With clients, it is open and honest, young, blue eyes wide and trustworthy, but get to know him, and you'll find wicked humour in the curl of his lip and the quirk of his meticulously-groomed brows. Freckles spill across his nose and cheekbones, and he wears his dark red hair clipped short save for a few inches on top that are kept swept back away from his brow. His beard changes shape every couple of weeks, it's one of the things he likes to exercise creativity with, but it's generally discreet. His figure is trim but not overly slender, though his signature lilac waistcoat is impeccably fitted, and its silver buttons gleam.

In the shop, he'll most often be found without his jacket and cravat, shirt sleeves rolled up and collar with one or two buttons unfastened, tape measure around his neck and a bristling pincushion strapped to his left wrist. If you've caught him mid-process, his short boots will be off and he'll be sat cross legged on the big counter in stockinged feet, pattern pieces strewn around him, though he tries to avoid that in business hours. It's his shirt that belies his wick heritage, the soft white fabric blooming with a riot of scrolling embroidery in all colours of the rainbow.

Around the town, he wears a beautifully cut coat of charcoal grey wool that matches his straight-legged breeches, flaring out at the waist and lined with vibrant dupion, turquoise shot with purple, shimmering like peacock feathers when he turns a corner or breaks into a trot to avoid the rain. This too, has silver buttons, and the buttonholes are bound in purple silk thread.
Around his neck, blending with the soft grey of his cravat, can often be found the silver coils of his pet miraan, her wings folded tight to her lithe little body, her angular head snaking out to nudge his jaw or chirrup for a treat. She was named Miranda by his nephew, and now she won’t answer to anything else.


Juniper is an unassuming man, quiet and softly spoken with most people. In reality, he’s in the unfortunate position of needing an impeccable reputation amongst clients, but having a rather sarcastic sense of humour, meaning that he masks constantly. It takes him a while to make friends, but once sure of himself, he opens up. The warmth and humour of his true personality shine through, and he laughs freely and often.

He loves his family with a fierce loyalty, and when he’s settled enough to make a small profit, he will be sending money home to his parents regularly- they sacrificed a lot to see him progress, and he’s desperately grateful.

Miranda he loves unashamedly, and is constantly petting her absent-mindedly. He found her as a hatchling, abandoned, and they very quickly bonded. She becomes agitated if left alone, so when he is working she can often be found curled up on a green velvet cushion on the countertop.


He learned embroidery from his grandmother, a true nomadic wick, and when it became obvious what his true passion was, his parents- the owners of the coach house in Harbrooke- started putting aside a little each month. When he was 25, they gifted him enough to rent a small shop in the Stacks for a year, and he spent the next ten months preparing both himself, and later, the property itself.

Other than his family, the notable influence in his life has been a galdor by the name of Alistair Hargreaves. Travelling a lot for business, the man passed through Harbrooke every couple of months reglarly, and noticed Juniper the year the wick turned fifteen. Alistair is the main reason for his insecurities, the reason he has trouble being openly comfortable with his Wick heritage, and the reason he's tried so hard to speak 'properly'. The man impressed on Juniper the importance of keeping their relationship under wraps, that no-one would understand. That he was lucky Alistair found him when he did, that no-one else could understand him, care for him.

They fought properly for the first time when Juniper announced his intention to start his own business. Alistair was furious, and laid out in cruel detail every single way he could fail, before declaring that he would be waiting when Juniper realised what a fool he was being.

Juniper was devastated, and hasn't seen the man since, throwing himself into his work.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Beginner (knives)


Beginner (Spoke’s)


Proficient (Tailor)

Career and Income



Income: Wealth Level


Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Housing: A tiny apartment above Feldspar Tailoring, reachd by taking the stairs up from his workroom behind the shop. A little round table stands in the middle of the room, accompanied by two chairs and covered in a beautiful embroidered tablecloth that was made by his grandmother. As you come in fro the door at the top of the staircase, to the right, there is a window, again, with many panes of glass, like the shop window immediately below it, but most of these are better quality and smooth. There is a window seat set into the wall, with bright embroidered cushions, and opposite you as you enter, a little iron stove. To the left of that is a dresser, cups and plates arranged neatly on its middle shelves, the bottom cupboards closed, the top shelves full of little canisters of herbs and coffees and teas. This shelf is not actually low enough for him to reach comfortably, and to that end there is a little step stool tucked betwen the dresser and the stove.

The far end of the room, to the left, is mostly his little box bed, set into a panelled cupboard wall. The entire little cubby is draped with bright fabrics and spangles, and strewn with more embroidered cushions in a riot of colour over a pretty patchwork quilt.

The shop below: A beautifully pyrographed, and clearly brand new, sign swings above a tiny shop front in an alley, bearing the legend “Feldspar Tailoring- Bespoke apparel”, and the symbols of a scrolling tape measure, a thimble, and a needle and thread arranged in a pleasing design reminiscent of a coat of arms, topped with a likeness of his pet miraan. The window, in contrast, is a multitude of little irregular panes that let in the light, but warp the view of the interior into a rippling mosaic. Within, the shop is old, but seemingly recently refurbished- worn countertops are scrubbed pristine, and stained a warm honey colour, and newly-fitted racks line the walls, holding folded bolts of fabric ranging all the way from basic linens and canvas to the rainbow hues of shining silk taffeta and rich velvets.
• One wall to wall shelving area
• Four island style shelving areas
• One set of scales
• One 100 sq ft area of work


• One set of clothing
One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
• One water canteen
• Two sets of eating utensils
• Tinderbox
• Pet- a small silver miraan named Miranda.


Everything revolves around the business, making good on his parent’s faith in him. He wants to build, and expand, his base of clientele, the first goal being to earn enough profit to send money back home. He would also quite like some local friends, but that tends to happen more organically… or so he hopes.
word count: 1370


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