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Agatha Maplethorne

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:06 am
by Agatha Maplethorne
Agatha Maplethorne


Race: Human
Birthday: Yaris 67, 2668
Age: 50
FC: Betty White
Place of Origin: The Dives, Vienda, Anaxis
Current Location: Painted Ladies, Vienda, Anaxis
Occupation: Formerly a cook, currently a seamstress
Resistance codename: Granny

Physical Description


Agatha’s a slender 5’6”, her body softened by age. Her face is framed by curly hair kept short that can appear an extreme platinum blonde or white, depending on the light. She’s quick to smile, dimples popping up when she does so. Her blue-green eyes often sparkle with warm laughter.

She’s still spry for her age, though she relies on a cane nowadays to get around. Her clothing style hasn’t changed much since her youth and it shows. But her often elaborately embroidered long skirts and billowy blouses suit her. She often wears a jacket, unless it's an extremely hot day.



Agatha is well-known around her neighborhood as a loving person. Agatha is very affectionate and is quick to embrace anyone she’s even slightly familiar with in a tight hug. She always has a shoulder for people to cry on – even complete strangers – and is extremely supportive. She will feed anyone who needs to eat. She always has a fresh pot of stew on the hearth and a couple of loaves of bread waiting to be eaten. Her husband left her enough money that she could fully retire if she lived frugally, but she seems determined to give it all away. She’s still working as a seamstress, using the money she makes to further help her community. She’s extremely generous and has been known to even lend out a tally or two to someone who’s hit a rough patch. Most of the time, she even gets paid back, though it may take a while.

With Resistance members, though, she’s even warmer. She considers all the Freedom Fighters her “grandkids” and won’t hesitate to pull her gun to protect them. She often offers her couch to members who need a place to stay for a few days. If the Seventen is looking for someone, she’ll arrange for their transport to a safehouse. Her house is a bit too well-known to be a safe hiding place if the Seventen is determined to find someone.

Agatha may be kind, but she’s also tough as nails. She swears up a storm and has a dirty sense of humor, which is known to occasionally shock people who are just meeting her. She’s carried a pistol for the past 25 years and is a fairly decent shot. She’s known to go to The Clockwork Stag and engage in some heavy drinking – usually Flashfight or Rodriguez Fireball Whisky – and smoking. She knows her limits, though, and never drinks so much that she’s unable to draw her gun and protect herself on the way home if need be. She’s quite the pool shark and anyone who is even a semi-regular at The Clockwork Stag knows not to bet any money when playing with Agatha. She won’t hesitate to play people new to the bar, but she always ends up giving them back half of their money if they win.

She has a soft spot for people she met when they were kids. She and her husband Edgar couldn’t have children, so any children of friends became her extended family.

As far as racial attitudes go, she is fiercely loyal to her fellow humans, unless they cross her or take advantage of her. If you dare do that, you become persona non grata to her. She treats Wicks and any parses respectfully, but she doesn’t trust them completely if she doesn’t know them well. Galdori and Galdori-born passives get treated with precise politeness. She would love to see the Galdori overthrown, as she feels that humans and Wicks are perfectly capable of governing themselves. She may be a bit naïve on that front, but regardless of what she’s seen, she’s never stopped believing that the good of humanity will win the day.


Agatha Barnett was born on a cool Yaris night to Abigail and Sylvester Barnett and was the last of 6 children. Her older sibling, her sister Bernadette, was 9 years older than her and her youngest sibling, her brother Theodore, was only 2 years older than her. Because of their family size, the Barnett family was poor. Abigail worked as a waitress, while Sylvester was a glass blower. As her brothers and sisters were able to work, they all went to work, usually as servants. As soon as Agatha was old enough to cut vegetables safely, she went to work as a cook’s assistant at the Galdori mansion her oldest sister Bernadette worked at.

Her family life growing up was hard, but peaceful. The family had their squabbles, but they loved each other fiercely and deeply. Her father taught all the children to read and write, though they had to hide the fact that they were literate. Sylvester himself was taught to read and write, along with some basic math, by the Wick he hired to manage his books.

When she was 14, she met Edgar Maplethorne when he became Sylvester’s apprentice. Edgar was a shy boy, but Agatha was immediately won over by his gentle nature and strict work ethic. They dated until they were 20, when Sylvester and Abigail had to leave Vienda for warmer climates. Abigail had gotten consumption and her family insisted she come to live with them to for her convalescence. Sylvester wasn’t willing to stay in Vienda when his wife could possibly die, so he handed off the forge to Edgar.

Agatha moved in with Edgar a year later. They rented a small house in the poorer parts of Dives, while Edgar saved up to move to a better part of the Dives. It took 10 years, but he eventually kept his promise to Agatha that he would “buy her a Painted Lady”. But they didn’t marry until he became sick with an aggressive form of cancer. The couple spent a significant sum of money to get him to a doctor to get a diagnosis, so when the human doctor he saw told them there was nothing she could do, he refused to go to a Galdori healer to be treated. Edgar was determined that Agatha keep the house, so he insisted they marry when it became clear that he wasn’t going to survive.

Edgar died in Roalis 2706, 6 months after he and Agatha married.

Agatha’s father, Sylvester, had always firmly believed that humans and Wicks could govern themselves and it grated on his nerves that they had to bow down to the Galdori. Because of his viewpoints, most of his children ended up becoming people who did small things to inconvenience the Galdori. Agatha took that to further degrees.

Edgar was more inclined to remain neutral with the Galdori, but his attitude quickly changed once he took over the forge from Agatha’s father. He was a true artist, deeply talented at glass blowing. He often made deliveries to his Galdori customers and became bitter when he saw their wealth. He knew what his art was worth, and he knew his Galdor customers didn’t nearly pay as well as he deserved. But he also knew that, as a human, he couldn’t demand more money. They would just take their money elsewhere. Over the 10 years it took him to save up for his and Agatha’s house, his bitterness turned into a burning hot hatred.

Edgar was friends with Beckett Saunders and, when the “Dirty Dozen” was created, was right in the thick of things. Agatha was there, by his side, lending her support. The Dirty Dozen always had a place to meet and Agatha always made sure that their stomachs were achingly full when they left. But when the Rookwen Massacre happened, she realized she wasn’t going to make any real change just being a support, so she joined up with the Resistance. She was mainly a courier, using her kind, motherly demeanor to slip under Galdori eyes.

One of the things that was passed down to her when Edgar died was his single shot flintlock pistol, bought at a Resistance discount from Beckett Saunders. Once Edgar knew he was dying, he made sure she was fully trained in using it.

Agatha’s fiercely loyal to the Resistance and remained active until her arthritis and back problems made her a liability. The past 5 years have mostly kept her out of active Resistance activities, though she still will occasionally do courier duties. To keep feeling useful, she’s studied first aid in-depth. To keep her safe and give her plausible deniability, the Resistance often keeps her in the dark about current plans, especially if those plans involve potential violence.

This annoys her greatly.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


  • Guns (single shot flintlock pistol): Proficient


  • Fluent and literate in Estuan


  • Not applicable


  • Cook: Beginner
  • First Aid: Beginner
  • Resistance: Beginner

Career and Income


Agatha has many skills. They include:
  • Cooking and very basic baking. She can bake certain types of cookies and a basic loaf of bread, but anything else is out of her skillset and likely to become an unmitigated disaster.
  • Sewing, including making simple clothes from patterns.
  • First aid, up to stabilizing someone long enough to get them to a real doctor if they’re bleeding out

Income: Wealth Level

Agatha is poor, mostly due to her generosity. She owns her house outright, though, having received it in Edgar’s will.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Agatha owns a house painted in a garish pink in the Painted Lady area of Vienda. The house is small, but it’s hers and she loves it dearly. There’s a small living room with a very old couch, one bedroom, and a small kitchen. There’s an old hearth that’s used for both cooking and heat in the winter. There’s an old table and a couple rickety chairs, a comfortable bed, and a solid chest where she keeps her sewing supplies.


  • Two sets of clothing (two skirts, two blouses)
  • One coat
  • One pair of shoes
  • One set of undergarments
  • One nightdress
  • One set of toiletries: soap, a comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • One water skin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Two knives
  • A three-piece dining set to serve four (cup, plate, bowl)
  • Tinderbox
  • One gun (single-shot flintlock pistol)


Long-term: Protect her “grandkids” and get the Resistance to stop mollycoddling her.