Declan Clarke

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Declan Clarke
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Race: Human
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Writer: Juni Djinn

Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:02 am

Declan Clarke
Race: Human
Birthday: Yaris 12th, 2691
Age: 28
FC: Miles McMillan
Place of Origin: Drah Lie, Gior
Current Location: Vienda, Anaxas
Occupation: Portraitist, Amateur Botanist
Player Name: Juniper Djinn

Physical Description
Declan Clarke is a human with an uncharacteristically small frame for his heritage; he stands a few inches shorter and several pounds leaner than most men his age. This paired with the comfortable grace seen in his movement suggests a life spent not in the factories or labor fields of the city, but instead one of quiet contemplation in his home or out on a stroll through the streets. His dark brown wavy hair is often windswept and dangling wild just above his eyes, only bothering to tame it when he is expecting a client. A similar shock of facial hair hangs from his chin, oft in various stages of growth depending on how full his appointment book is. His carefree smile and striking green eyes on too tired of a face seem to be the thing people notice when meeting him for the first time.

His style is a simple affair, most trips out he can be seen wearing a lightweight tweed overcoat over a lightly colored button-up shirt and vest. While the clothing itself is not of excess, it is apparent he makes every attempt to wear it as best as it can be worn. Each piece is cared for and mended meticulously of any failings.

If a single proverb had to be chosen to describe Declan, it would be "Once Wounded, Twice Snide." He has lived a life that he enjoys, and he fought hard to get where he is now. While his usual demeanor and outward appearance is kind and thoughtful of those he interacts with, he takes a deep offense to attacks against his work and attempts at keeping him from pursuing his dreams.

The late twenties artist sees it as his personal duty to capture the living beauty of all people of Vita. He cares not of the race of his clientele; humans, gollies, wicks, and passives, he's painted them all. Through his brush, he hopes to break down the borders each race has set between themselves and show the world that the differences of each culture and each person should be embraced, not demonized.


Declan grew up in Drah Lie, the second son to his father, a simple shop owner, and his mother, a nurse and herbalist. At this point in his life, he was called Jacob Bakker. His childhood was split between the two, most days spent in the shop or running errands; other days outside of the village, helping to gather the many flora and fauna used by the townsfolk. At a young age he had begun to take an interest in botany, learning what he could from the limited knowledge his mother had, which mostly involved various home remedies and a short list of the things that other people from the village would gladly buy.

His late brother, Duncan, was born deaf. Because of this disability, Duncan often experienced the quiet resentment of their father, who was an impatient man, as well as the jeers and remarks of the children from their village. From the time that he could walk, Declan watched out for his older brother; frequently getting into scraps with the children much larger than himself, and placing himself in harm's way when their father was in a mood. He was seen as a rebellious problem child by most of the village because of this.

It wasn't until their teenage years that a blessing came to them in the shape of a Hessean galdor teacher who took pity on the older boy and taught the brothers the beginnings of sign language. Declan was enthralled by this man. While the galdori did them this favor, he by no means extended any friendship to the boy; once the lessons were done, the teacher once again became a stranger to them. It was this curiosity in this man that gave birth to his interest in the arts. Much of his free time was spent spying through the window of the galdori's study, watching him frame canvas, prepare pigments, and paint whatever subject matter the man was studying at the time. His mother embraced this interest in her youngest son, buying him his first brushes and paying for what tutoring they could afford from the many human artists that gathered in Drah Lie for the land's natural beauty. Through his lessons and his new found studious nature, Declan quickly excelled at his work, finding a peace within himself and within Vita that he had a hard time understanding.

In his 18th year alive, Declan's life was challenged in a way he never expected. The brothers frequently hiked outside of their village together to get away from the troubles of home; Duncan would set off alone to explore the untraveled areas away from the normal trails, while Declan set up his easel and painted bits of the scenery. On just such a trip, the unthinkable happened. Caught up in his work, Declan lost track of time. Several hours had passed since Duncan went off on his own and by the time Declan realized this, it was already much too late. Echoing down from the mountains above, the wild calls of a maddened kyurex snapped him back to reality. In a frightened dash, Declan ran off the path in the direction his brother had been exploring. He knew his brother would not be able to hear this warning call. After hours of searching, Declan finally found his brother, but the call of the kyurex had stopped long ago. There would be no saving him.

Life at home was never the same. His father blamed him for not looking after his older brother and for allowing him to walk alone into harm's way. Declan stayed in Drah Lie only until the storms and cold weather let up enough for him to leave Gior behind. He spent all of his savings, even nicking some extra coin from his father's store, to buy passage northward, away from the cold winter hell he once called home.

A long journey landed him in Bastia. He'd managed to bring a few blank canvas' along for the trip, taking time to paint some of the more exotic scenes he came across on the way. Once he arrived, he quickly unloaded what he could in order to have enough money for food and a roof over his head. He'd heard about the city of Florne once from the galdori man from his childhood; it proved to be as inspiring and beautiful as he'd dreamt. Though his time in Florne was short-lived. He took on painting portraits for anyone who'd hire him here, and he managed to catch the eye of a rather respected galdori businessman early on who commissioned him to paint his eldest daughter. Still distraught over the loss of his brother, angry at the world and all of the people in it, Declan made a terrible mistake. After a night of heavy drinking, he arrived at the estate of his client still intoxicated from the night before. In his stupor, he completed a portrait of the girl, just a few years older than himself. It was a hideous piece of work. The girl quickly grew angry with Declan, so he fled the kingdom to Vienda, leaving everything behind.

Afraid of being tracked down for his work once he arrived, Declan found his way to the shadier bits of the city. Asking around at a few places he'd rather have stayed out of, he eventually managed to get caught up with the Bad Brothers. At this point in time, Declan had no idea what he was getting himself into. He did not know the name Silas Hawke, nor was he aware of the reach that the Bad Brothers had in Anaxas. He was desperate though, and willing to pay the price if it meant some bit of cover from the family he had wronged. Just as they had promised, The Bad Brothers got him a new identity and the papers needed to open up shop within Vienda. It was this day that he became Declan Clarke and chose to give up speaking in exchange for a distinct lack of questions from his clients.

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Combat (hand to hand) : Proficient
Combat (short blades) : Beginner


Gioran: Fluent
Estuan: Conversational
Sign Language: Conversational


Professional(Painter) : Proficient
Professional(Botanist) : Beginner

Career and Income

Occupation: Portraitist/Landscape Artist

Declan is a painter to the core. While he had to do various odd-jobs to make ends meet when he first arrived in Anaxas, his shop and services have started picking up enough to support his lifestyle without need of secondary work.

Income: Poor

By no means an amateur at his craft, Declan manages to draw the eyes of enough clients to keep himself fed and keep a roof over his small shop. If only he could get some slack on his galdori taxes he might be able to begin making headway toward a nicer showroom.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Showroom Apartment

Declan's business and residence are both run out of a single room, vaulted ceiling storefront in the market. The long rectangular room just inside the door acts as three part showroom, staging area, and workshop. A built in second story at the back of the shop above everything is a small loft-style living area, kept mostly out of sight from below.


Clothing One long brown and tan three-button tweed overcoat
One cream cotton shirt
One brown button-up vest
One scarf
One pair high-waisted flat front light brown pant
One narrow suspenders
One well worn brown moccasin toe work boots
One painter's apron

When making a house call for portraiture, Declan wears the best clothing he's able to afford; which is to say that while it is nearly a complete outfit, much of the clothing shows obvious signs of wear and mending from the doubtless years of wear. When working on his own projects, he instead wears a simple pair of breeks and a similarly fashioned shirt, often times left partially unbuttoned at the top.

Personal Effects One set of toiletries (soap, comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste)
Eating utensils
Weapon Dagger

For the first time since leaving home, Declan has gotten to a place of feeling like the ground isn't going to be snatched out from under him, at least not within the month. His immediate hope is to upgrade his painting supplies and also obtain the tools necessary for creating his own pigments.

He'd like to catch the eye of some of the more important figures around town in the hopes of being able to paint them. Along with this, to be able to save up for a better showroom location and perhaps an assistant.
word count: 1943

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