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Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:20 pm

Biographic Information
Hello, I'm Muse: admin, storyteller, wife, mama to 4, graphic designer, letterpress printer, and apparently very avid writer. I like the outdoors and being a plot device. I like coffee more than sleep—most of the time.

Cast of Characters
I write a host of NPCs, of course, but you all know me best as:

Corwynn (Galdor, Bad Brother, 45) - Once-traitor, now friend of Silas himself, Cor is an airship pilot, a dabbler in guncraft, and a tax collector for his King of the Underworld among his own kind in the upper eschelons of society. He's also known to be an excellent marksman and terribly easy to get into bed with.

Ezre Vks (Galdor, Brunnhold Student / Hexxos Guide, 19) - A Hoxian born and raised in the sacred city of Kzecka, Ezre was born of a raen mother and has continued in his Order's footsteps in caring for the dead, assisting the bereaved, and offering guidance to those who find themselves outside of the Cycle, be they ghosts or raen.

Nauleth Siordanti (Galdor, Sorcerer / Professor / Mad Scientist, 25) - The eldest Siordanti is a skilled sorcerer who has spent much of his life perfecting his talents in Physical Conversation and honing his scientific mind in academia on Brunnhold's campus. One research trip to Gior has left him afraid for the current state of Vita beneath the normally perceived surface.

Rhys Valentin (Wick, Seventen Sergeant, 28) - Raised as a galdor, Rhys had no idea he was a half-human bastard until the Riots of 2718. He spent his life after graduating Brunnhold climbing the ranks of the Seventen with his brash, sometimes out of the box thinking, his brash risk-taking, and his sarcastic mouth. After almost a decade of separation, he married his best friend, Charity, and vowed not only to protect her but also to put an end to her corrupt father's influences in the Seventen and beyond.

Tristaanian Greymoore (Passive, Odd Job Man, 25) - Abandoned, raised in a factory, escaped to the wilds to be taken in by the Red Crow tribe of nomadic wicks only to run away again and find himself tangled in tashwa gang wars against the Bad Brothers, Tristaanian has led a tumultuous life. Somewhere in the mess, he met Sarinah, a Yellow Eye Witch, and the hama they share produced a child, his witch daughter, Linora. Wanting out of his so-called debt to Yulina, one of Hawke's Henchwitches, Tristaan longs to be free to life the life he wants with his fami and is willing to take all the risks to get there.

Xavier Zhirune (Wick, Musician/Thief, 23) - Albino abomination born of a passive Child of Imaan sent on her pilgrimage and a human, Xavier was exiled soon after they should have come of age. Sold to an airship crew, the wick learned to steal, sing, and charm their way through life as well as how best to express themselves in order to get away with all of those things.

Eventually, I'll finish rewriting Ioyas' character sheet, and then I'll have someone in Mugroba. My Secondary Characters include Kaelum Da Huane in Gior and Navinia Greymoore, Tristaan's sister, in Anaxas. Anyway. I'm probably not done making characters, but who knows? I might even kill one off one of these days.

Writing Habits and Expectations
I used to try to write on a daily basis, attempting to at least get one reply out for a character or two a few times a day. That has become recently a challenge with my new job and all, but for the most part, it's my goal not to let more than a week go between replies. Sometimes, when life has thrown me too many curveballs, like lately, I can be about a month behind, and when that happens, again, like lately, I appreciate your patience. I do not at all expect replies on the same day, and, in fact, as of right now, you can certainly take your time. Just tag me here or on Discord when you're done!

When it comes to writing with me, I do not require word count matching. I do not have a preference for how wordy your replies are, but please be adviced that sometimes I get kind of carried away with inner thoughts and may have a rather wordy response for you instead. It's not pressure, however. It's just who I am!

Please understand the use of the symbols I use below like this:
✅ Enthusiastic consent; bring it on.
⚠️ Okay if veiled or offstage; might be okay onstage but requires discussion ahead of time; uncertain.
🛑 Hard line; do not include unless I give you explicit permissions.
Narrative Consent and Preferences
Relationships: Sex and Romance
I do not have a problem with writing Romance and Sex, though I prefer all of my physically detailed encounters to be for plot reasons. I don't need to write it all gratuitously, and I will not write anything the person I'm writing with isn't comfortable with! So, you tell me your limits and I'm always ready to operate within their boundaries. I would prefer to discuss the general direction of threads that have the potential to turn sexual so that I know we're both comfortable with where we're headed and how.

I'm a sucker for lots of feelings—both the good ones and the bad ones—so when it comes to romantic drama, please don't hesitate to hit me up. I'm aware that I have a handful of PCs in established relationships, but that doesn't mean that I'm not open to past encounters or future temptations. Issues are good narrative material, so I always enjoy a wrench thrown in what appear to be well-laid plans!
Romance, Romantic Relationships
✅Between PCs and NPCs

✅Between PCs
Sex, Sexual Encounters
✅Between PCs and NPCs
✅Between PCs
✅Fade to Black

Combat: Horror, Gore, and Violence
I love to write a good combat scene, and while I prefer to use dice to determine direction as well as stick to everyone's skill levels on their Character Sheet, I'm not opposed to pre-determined combat for narrative reasons. If you have an idea in mind, please feel free to run it by me! I'm a big fan of magical combat as well as physical combat, so both options are exciting ones for me.

I don't consider myself particularly talented when it comes to writing extreme forms of violence, but I suppose I can tread water when needed. I would prefer to be asked permission for situations that involve excessive gore, harm to children, and torture. Generally, when it comes to violence, I prefer to discuss first the general direction of a thread that involves violence much like I would prefer to discuss first the general direction of a thread that has the possibility of involving sexual situations, but that doesn't mean I'll say no to the ideas! Just hit me up! I'm usually game to give it a go!

✅ Blood
⚠️Body Parts
⚠️Bodily Fluids
✅Combat and Injury
✅Harm to Animals
🛑Harm to Children
✅ Rats
✅ Spiders

As an admin here on Thorns, there is a lot I'm alright writing about in order to further the overarching plots of the world of Vita, which means for the sake of places like the Kingdom of Anaxas, I'm comfortable with writing a lot of crazy things. I prefer to discuss all of these things first regardless of the subject matter just to explore our mutual sense of direction and define our boundaries together.

✅ Abuse: Emotional, Mental, or Physical
✅Drugs, Drug Use
✅Freezing to Death
✅Natural disasters
✅Paralysis/physical restraint
✅Police, police aggression
⚠️Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion
✅Severe weather
⚠️Sexual assault, Rape
⚠️Specific cultural issues
✅ Starvation
⚠️Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts

Hard Limits
Unless otherwise specified above, my hard limits are best discussed on a situational basis. Again, admin duties require me to be flexible, but it is easier for me to define what I don't want in any given moment when that moment is put into question than for me to come up with a definitive list of limits. I'm not shy. I will tell you. Trust me.
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