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Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:26 pm

Biographic Information
Hello, I'm Quixotic, or Quix for short. I'm a first-year Midwest American university student of Environmental Science in hopes of pursuing forestry and plant ecology and world saving. I'm currently adjusting to the wonderful mistake I like to make of accepting way too many responsibilities, but, soon I will return to what I love- writing. I am excessively talkative and friendly, so do feel free to message me.

pronouns : she/her/hers

Cast of Characters
Palis Ainu (Galdor, Budding Politician, 21) - A foolish boy true to Romanticism and slowly questioning the galdor's way of thinking, Palis Ainu currently is trying to forge a path in Anaxi politics by, put crudely, kissing asses. He is head over heels for Aurelien, but constantly head to head with his father who will tell you that he only wants what is best for his only heir or perhaps their name.

Sednai Igaluk (Human, Professional Resister, 27) - Sednai Igaluk has not lived a very rewarding life. Everyone she has ever loved has either betrayed her or gone off and presumably died, leaving her holding onto a hundred kiteless strings. Yet, she persists, living and fighting in hopes of creating a family in a better world. Currently, Sednai lives in the Stacks, but has money saved for a rainy day in which the Resistance may call her, her daggers, and her experience working under the noses of galdori into their aid.

Benton Borteillo (Human, Drug-Dealer, 34) - Benton Borteillo is a smiling man of pearly white lies. There is a select number of people who know the name EON, a smaller number who know the name Benton Borteillo, and a now extinct number who once knew Benton Godfrey. Benton has, however, made a name- EON, in fact- for himself. He is a drug-dealer without the strings and fear of Silas Hawke instilled in his customers, as he has been for fourteen years. Any shady business Benton can get his hands on he will. Keep an eye out in Vienda for Roderick Godfrey, too. Stop by, buy some miracle medicine, let all your cares melt away.

Albigence Fitz (Passive, Professional [glass] Blower, 28) - Albigence is, perhaps, not a friendly face. He is a passive who has and takes every reason to be angry at the world. Abandoned by his family in the streets of Old Rose Harbor with the ability to play the piano but no survival skills at the age of ten, Albigence learned early not to trust even his own family. He took up an apprentice ship and, for almost twenty years, forgot music. Now, however, his master's dead and Albigence Fitz has all the time and all the silence in the world to fill with the music of his new instrument- the glass armonica.
Writing Habits and Expectations
Finally adjusting to college life, I do plan to begin writing significantly more, at least one post every other day. Therefore, if you do plan to write with me, you're going to have to have the endless patience that I can and will reciprocate that for a partner. My posts typically average about 800 words. I try to always hit 600, and the most I'll typically write is 1,500. What I expect from a writing partner is patience, the allowance for me to control my own character, heed to my warnings below, and at least 600 words in posts. If you can hit those, I'd love to write with you! DM me here or on Discord, and we can plan something!

Please understand the use of the symbols I use below like this:
✅ Enthusiastic consent; bring it on.
⚠️ Okay if veiled or offstage; might be okay onstage but requires discussion ahead of time; uncertain.
🛑 Hard line; do not include unless I give you explicit permissions.
Narrative Consent and Preferences
Relationships: Sex and Romance
I am very supportive of relationships between characters though, as a young and innocent one, ⚠️ is a good description of how I feel about sexual encounters between characters. It really depends on the situation, so discussion would be very appreciated beforehand so I can give you the green light writing or ask you, most commonly, for foreplay and a fade to black.
Romance, Romantic Relationships
✅Between PCs and NPCs

✅Between PCs
Sex, Sexual Encounters
⚠️Between PCs and NPCs
⚠️Between PCs
✅Fade to Black

Combat: Horror, Gore, and Violence
I like writing magic and physical combat, and I will write in detail if you so allow because I do enjoy for the most part writing it. In this world of Vita, I understand that a lot of harm to children happens (i.e. Sednai was branded on the neck as a child and beat), but please understand that my characters, in their nature, will not take part in such or stand for abuse to children if they so can help it.

✅ Blood
✅Body Parts
✅Bodily Fluids
✅Combat and Injury
✅Harm to Animals
⚠️Harm to Children
✅ Rats
✅ Spiders

I am pretty up to writing about anything. I enjoy hard topics for the emotional and mental developments they can spark in a character, but, as stated before, anything sexual is a little harder for me. Please just talk to me beforehand, and we can sort something out!
✅ Abuse: Emotional, Mental, or Physical
✅Drugs, Drug Use
✅Freezing to Death
✅Natural disasters
✅Paralysis/physical restraint
✅Police, police aggression
⚠️Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion
✅Severe weather
⚠️Sexual assault, Rape
✅Specific cultural issues
✅ Starvation
✅Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts

Hard Limits
As you may notice, most of my ⚠️ tags come from areas of sexual intercourse. While, yes, I'm supportive of this happening with my characters, I am not really comfortable writing it. In consensual sex, I would much rather write some foreplay and fade to black. In an instance of non-consensual sex where more action and developing emotion is likely after sexual action, it truly depends on the situation, which I'd be happy to discuss beforehand. As with pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, and abortion, again, it would need substantial discussion before hand.
word count: 1030


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