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Eiywa pezre Azeema
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Race: Galdor
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Eiywa pezre Azeema


Race: Galdor
Real Name: Joyah pezre Nizia
Current Identity: Eiywa pezre Azeema
Joyah's Birthday & Age: 28 of Intas, 2695, 24
Eiywa's Birthday & Age: 12 of Bethas, 2692, 27
FC: Jasmine Sanders
Place of Origin: Muluku Islands, Mugroba
Current Location: Thul Ka, Mugrob
Occupation: Cosmetics maker and shop owner of The Crocus Moon
Player Name: Saffron

Physical Description

Eiywa, at 5'2" has the lithe, petite frame typical of the Mugrobi galdori. Her skin is a warm mahogany and is considered among the lighter skin tones for those native to the kingdom. She does not look like a true native, with features that have a subtle Anaxi slant to them in her high cheekbones, blue-grey eyes and a face that's more oval than round. The anomalies would have been explained had she claimed her family being from Muluku Islands, the cultural and racial melting pot of the kingdom. However, her so-called Anaxi connection gives her a heritage she can draw upon to explain away any inconstancies and peculiarities of behaviour or appearance.

Eiywa's clothes aren't costly, the fabric is more likely to be good quality linen, cotton or wool rather than silk or velvet. She treats clothing as part of the costume for her chosen persona, and as such the whole look is bright, stylish, yet practical. She's been known to take elements of fashion from the wikas as well as the high society, her appearance may indeed be the one form of self-expression she's decided to be bolder with. It's not unintentional that this look is much removed from the quiet, forgettable ways of Joyah. Her curly honey brown hair lightens to a near blond colour with sunlight, and is usually bound up in updos and braids. The jewellery is usually a mix of beadwork, copper and silver, and more eclectic than traditional.

Personality & Current Situation

Eiywa's life is built on lies. Lies, big and small, interwoven with skeins of truth, they now weave a story of a life that sits in the intersection between reality and fiction. Building a life under a false identity, while taking on the responsibility of two very young children at a young age has been understandably stressful. Eiywa's big fear is that she'd be recognized as Joyah, especially by her family. She doesn't want to make explosives or run the kind of risks Aafiya apparently had to, or have the kids (surely she's allowed to call them her kids now?) grow up to possibly be trapped in the same kind of life: rich in money, poor in affection.

Back when she had been Joyah, she had dreamed of using her chemist's training for something interesting, perhaps even new discoveries. There had been so many recent discoveries, in terms of new materials and in terms of knowledge. She had tentatively decided she'd work on making pigments, and maybe even discover something new. She had been the sort of student who were more likely to be found in the laboratories than the Lawn, the sort who read the research papers in her disciplines of interest for fun, a proper boffin in training. She made no waves, choosing to stay as much beneath the notice of the popular or noteworthy students. She had been glad that her family was still traditional enough to eschew the use of Anaxi style family names, it allowed her to pretend the connection to crime away. The question of career though important, hadn't seemed very urgent, as it was her lifestyle barely made a dent in the allowance she received. Perhaps somewhat naively, she'd assumed that things would continue much as they had, she'd continue skating under the notice of her parents, her clan, she'd find some work interesting enough to be worth doing, perhaps enjoy the lively theater scene. Perhaps she'd find something like love, perhaps she'd end up teaching, at Brunnhold, or at Thul'amat. Perhaps.

When things started going wrong, her aptitude towards researching and planning complex things came to her rescue. There was a most welcome core of resilience in her personality that helped her to deal with the sudden change in her envisioned future. Aafiya's death hurt her deeper than she's allowed herself to feel, but it also brought her something to anchor her to, in the form of Aafiya's now orphan twins. The decision to carve a new life for herself, to take on the role of mother for the twins, and to do it in a way that'd let them leave the shadow of their family behind, was on the surface something momentous, something that ought to have felt overwhelming and impossible.

But Joyah, though she didn't know it, possessed the combination of willpower, ruthlessness and practicality that would have scared her had she seen herself that clearly. Somehow she pulled it off. She figured out a way to get the twins to Vienda in secret, while informing the family that Aafiya's whole family perished with no survivors. She decided on a new identity and a new route to earn her living, and once she graduated from Brunnhold, she gave up on using magic.

Four years later, Eiywa's field is much weaker, and in no way similar to Joyah's. She's changed herself, learning to highlight different aspects of her personality and mimic yet others. Instead of making pigments for artists, she now makes salves, creams and preparations to care for and adorn living skin. She's no longer drab, or quiet. She's the pretty young widow who unfortunately has no menfolk to depend on. The fact that she's chosen to run a shop is somewhat scandalous, but at least beauty is an appropriately feminine sphere. She's come to be seen as the modestly successful and talented, yet somewhat eccentric and temperamental owner of The Crocus Moon.

She's also a mother raising her kids on her own. She knows there's a good chance that the twins may be oshoor, and she's determined that if they are blessed by the mona, they will be raised as galdori. Though it's a private emotion, the twins, Noor, and Zael, are almost everything to Eiywa. By the precepts of the Mugrobi culture, her false life is a sin. Yet these same lies keep her kids happy and safe, and provide hope for a better future for all three of them. She will do whatever is in her power to keep things on an even keel.

Attiudes as a Galdor

Eiywa doesn't have the leisure to think about race relations much. Her attitudes when growing up were pretty similar to those of Mugroba. However having an imbala for her closest friend and sibling meant she'd a softer spot for that race. The period of struggle has made her see that there's not too much of a difference between people, the differences are mainly due to how much power and money a person commands, whether on their own, or derived from their family's clout. She is not interested in politics, however, she does keep tabs on the fledgeling movement that claims the oshoor to be galdori with unfortunate parentage. The biological studies she undertook make her inclined to believe that the differences between the races are real but genetic in nature, yet a person is also the product of the culture they grew up in. And that is something fuzzy. She isn't interested in worrying about the race relations in the abstract, the bottom line is that she won't turn away a client because of their race if they have enough money, and she will at least make some attempt to be sympathetic towards those in unfortunate situations. But her concern and worry is reserved for the care and safety of her family, so she isn't likely to trust anyone easily or completely irrespective of their race.

Backstory / History

Eiywa of necessity doesn't talk about her past much. People tend to think that as a young widow raising two small children by herself, the memory of the better times of the past is too painful. They couldn't be farther off the mark.

Joyah pezre Nizia oqu Izaneme dzezu Iruwaqa was born the fifth child of seven in a powerful Mugrobi galdori family based in the Muluku Islands. She and her siblings never lacked for much of anything materially, though except for the eldest two most were left largely to their own devices. Growing up at the estate felt more like growing up in a small self contained village. The estate boasted multiple villas, and housed a substantial population of the extended clan and dependents of other races as well. The younger Joyah may not have thought anything odd about this arrangement but once she was sent to Brunnhold for her education, she gradually came to realise that their lifestyle wasn't the norm, even within Mugroba.

For one, not a lot of galdori actually lived in the muluku islands. More importantly, galdoris did not live alongside and intermingled with their imbali relations. Nor did they have armed guards actively patrolling their estates. Their estate could better be described as a stronghold, and the family's stated occupation of trading was a polite euphemism that hid its connections with the pirate trade, and the Bad Brothers of Old Rose Harbour.

None of her Anaxi peers would ever imagine growing up with an elder passive sibling and being their confidante. Yet Joyah found herself extremely grateful to be spared the attentions of her galdori parents and she remained close with her elder sister, Aafiya even after she married another Imbala. She continued to exchange letters with Aafiya at Brunnhold, and that was how she found out that Aafiya had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, praise Hulali. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, except Aafiya seemed curiously reticent about what exactly she and her husband did for work.

In the winter break of her last year, she was informed by her father and uncle that she would be required to join the less than legal side of the family business within the next few years, the sooner the better. She would look into explosives research and manufacturing for the family, and their partners. Joyah was cautious enough to not refuse outright, instead she bought time for herself on the pretext that she had already applied to a few different internships to get some practical experience and would need a few years at these to be of any real help to the family. Creating explosives for people who used crime as just another means of ensuring their hold on power, would be a bad idea, she felt.

She also visited Aafiya and her husband Rafiq, who requested that she act as the official next of kin for them in case of any mishap, and take care of the kids. From this and a few other hints she guessed enough to suspect that the two were involved with something risky, something they hadn't chosen for themselves. So though it grieved her badly, she wasn't exactly surprised to receive a letter explaining that they had died from some strange sickness out east beyond Fen Kierdan. The fact that the twins had been left with a wika family, and were alive proved to be the final impetus needed to begin creating a new life for herself and the twins, she'd disappear as soon as she could, and as safely as she could manage.

She got the twins to Anaxas, and began an apprenticeship as planned with a small manufacturer of pigments. A year later, she arranged for her disappearance with the help of an older sympathetic cousin and moved to Bastia. She apprenticed with an apothecary and learnt the art and trade of cosmetics. Eventually she's chosen to move to Thul Ka and started her own small business there. Joyah pezre Nizia is now Eiywa pezre Azeema, an aspiring herbal cosmetician trying to make a life for herself and her young children in the busy city of Thul Ka, Mugroba.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills




Monite : Fluent
Estuan : Fluent
Mugrobi : Fluent


Living : Beginner


Apothecary specialising is cosmetic products : Proficient
Chemistry : Beginner
Botany : Beginner

Career and Income


Eiywa makes creams and cosmetics, salves and tonics, soaps and clays. And she sells them at her shop, The Crocus Moon. She creates custom preparations that are more focused on maintaining and improving skin health than quick results. The standard preparations vary as per the season and have a typical shelf life ranging from a few months to a year or more depending on the formulations. She will also make custom preparations as per the needs and preferences of her more wealthy clients.

Since this is a one-woman show, the volume of products is of necessity low, but as a luxury product, she is able to charge a good price for her products. The shop is mostly patronised by women, though men are not unknown to walk in. It's been roughly six months since she's started the shop and she's slowly built up a steady clientele comprising of older students studying at the university, and young women from better-off families. They are mostly galdori, though some of the better off human and wick women come in in the off hours for private consultations.

Income: Average

Eiywa arrived in Thul Ka in the autumn of 2718. She had a fair amount of funds saved, yet it was by no means enough to run the kind of business she had in mind. In the absence of collateral, she ended up taking a business loan from a moneylender. However her plan is to get an investor as soon as she can show the viability of the business. In the meantime, she's doing her best to minimise the day to day living expenses. She definitely cannot afford luxury, but she's managed to feed and keep her household of two toddlers and two adults. She also employs a Bastian human woman in her 40s, Thea Costas. Nana Thea, as the twins call her, cooks and cleans for the small family and takes care of the twins, and the home.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Eiywa rents a snug property near Nutmeg HIll. The ground floor of the main building is split between the shop itself and a study and office that can work for private consultations. The first floor is the home, with three bedrooms, baths and kitchen. The attic space is cleaned up but has been left empty. The basement is used to store both kitchen supplies as well as the raw materials used in making the cosmetic products that Eiywa sells.

There's a small backyard garden with a well, where fresh herbs are grown, and the shed at its end has been remodelled to be Eiywa's workroom and is a mix of a chemist's lab and an apothecary's kitchen. A small cellar has also been dug under the workroom.


Most of what Eiywa owns is related to either her fledgeling business or her kids. She's got a collection of clothes and cheaper jewellery for herself and the kids. Her most prized personal possessions are the books dealing with her apothecary experiments, and formulas, and the packet of letters from Aafiya.


Short Term :
  • Work on the business
  • Get an investor
  • The twins need to start their education
Long Term :
  • A successful & secure business
  • Maintain cover
  • Get the kids into Thul Ka as Galdori (assuming they don't test out as passives)
  • TBD


Noor pezre Eiywa & Zael pezre Rafiq :
  • Five year old twins.
  • Very similar in colouring to Eiywa, they are remarkably similar looking, especially at this age, and may be easily mistaken for both girls or both boys.
  • Blue eyed, honey blond hair a few shades darker than Eiywa's, and dimple-cheeked, they have learnt to use their cuteness to get out of many mischiefs.
  • Noor is stubborn, quick to give and ask for affection, and something of a tattletale
  • Zael is quick to get into mischief, showing signs of strong curiosity, and ironically wants to grow up and be a pirate.
Thea Costas :
  • Human woman in her late thirties to early forties
  • Has been employed with the family from their time in Bastia, is immensely loyal to the family, especially the kids
  • Is treated almost like a member of the family
  • Takes care of the 'work' of running a household, and babysits the twins
word count: 2882


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