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Cosima Lucinda Babineaux
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Cosima Lucinda Babineaux


Race: Galdori
Birthday: Intas 36, 2695
Age: 24
FC: Christina Hendricks
Place of Origin: Florne, Bastia
Current Location: ORH, Anaxas
Occupation: Singer
Stage Name: Ruby Nightingale

Physical Description


The first word that most people would think of when they see Lucy is "stunning". She's 5'7" and very voluptuous. Her fire red hair is wavy, kept at slightly below shoulder-length, though it can appear shorter depending on how she styles it. She often curls it before a performance. She has eyes that appear the color of stormy skies one moment, and clear summer skies the next. High cheekbones frame a slightly squared chin.

When out of the house, Lucy is always found with at least a bit of makeup, even if it's just some rouge and a bit of lipstick. When on stage, she always wears scarlet red lipstick and lines her eyes with kohl.

All Lucy's clothes are of high quality, as suits a galdor. She prefers clothes that show off her figure when she's performing, often wearing clothes that are scandalously revealing when on the stage. When she's off-duty, she wears well-fitting, but modest clothing. Her clothing is almost all solid colors, since she thinks that patterns would distract from her natural beauty. Her clothes often have touches of embroidery, but never anything too fancy.



Lucy is an outgoing woman, confident in her skills. She knows how to work a room and enjoys doing so. She has no issue using her femininity as a tool to earn more tips, flirting as she performs. Even though the man that raised her doesn't believe that art has any true purpose, Lucy believes that her choice of career helps the world, as she brings joy and beauty to those who listen. She'll acknowledge that there are people possibly more skilled than she is, but only if those people are galdori. If a person from a lower race is more successful than her one night, it's simply because the humans and wicks in the audience weren't capable of truly appreciating her skill. If wicks or humans continue to outdo her, she'll assume that the clientele is just not classy enough to appreciate her and will move on.

When she's off the clock, Lucy is a bit of a loner. She'll sometimes hang around after a performance and work the crowd some if she is scheduled to perform at a place a few times, but she's not much for hanging out with her fellow performers after work, leaving the impression that she's a cold person. But she's not a cold person at all. It's just that she hasn't settled anywhere long enough to make real friends and doesn’t know how long she's going to be wherever she is at that particular moment. As a result, she tends to keep people at a bit of a distance. She doesn't see the sense of getting close to people when she may be gone the next week.

It doesn't help that a lot of her fellow performers are humans and wicks. She is the epitome of a snobby galdor. To her it only makes sense that humans are the lowest race, simply because they weren't blessed with the strength to handle magic. Wicks are disgusting creatures who shouldn't exist. Passives are poor disabled children, only good for servitude and barely that. She can deal with the lower races with respect, but finds it difficult to be friends with them.

Even though Lucy is well-travelled, she's very naïve, truly believing that her fellow galdori want what's best for the world. She is incapable of believing that people can be truly evil. She's been on the wrong side of people before, but she's always seen her personal conflicts as petty and benign. She prefers to address the issue head on and talk it out or, if that's not possible, interacting with the person as little as possible to keep the conflict from flaring up. She doesn't believe that humans or wicks can be evil, either. They're children, so how could they possibly understand the difference between good and evil? They're just incapable of ignoring their most animal urges and that's why they commit crimes.


Cosima Lucinda Babineaux was born to the Babineaux family in Bastia, third of 3 children. She was a surprise, as Clémentina and Apollinaire had decided to stop having children after Cosima's older sister, Donatienne, was born 6 years previous. Her older brother, Sacheverelli, was 10 years older than Cosima. Though Cosima's father didn't know it, Cosima was the result of an affair between Clémentina and Corinth Wynngate. Clémentina chose to keep her secret and raise Cosima as if she was a legitimate child of her husband's.

Cosima, dubbed "Lucy" by her family, was very artistic from a young age. Her mother was a talented harpsichordist and Lucy studied music from her from the time she could first sing. Apollinaire found this frustrating. Apollinaire wanted all his children to go into science, like him, or into politics. He felt that arts, while enjoyable, were a waste of talent and only meant for those who weren't smart enough to do what he felt was proper galdori work.

Overall, Lucy's childhood was a quiet one, where she was doted on by her mother and her father kept his distance. She wasn't very close to her siblings, though they were always kind to her. When Lucy was 10, she was tested at the University of Anastou in Bastia. Much to Apollinaire's delight, she tested at 9. She was a mediocre student, though, choosing to focus on singing instead of her academic studies. Her relationship with Apollinaire got more and more strained as she went through school, especially after she specialized in Physical Conversation and proved to have significant talent in that area. He tried to push her towards a life of academia and she pushed back just as hard, focusing harder on her musical studies.

After Lucy's graduation from university, she chose to become a singer, traveling around Bastia. Her first employer gave her the stage name "Ruby Nightingale" and, while she thought it was trite and boring – what could you expect from a human? – she stuck with it for the most part, since it suited the places she started out singing in. When she was singing for a galdori crowd, though, she used her birth name.

She had a wide repertoire, so sang everywhere from pubs and night clubs to amateur choirs and private performances. When she was 22, she was offered a part in the chorus of the Florne Opera. Her father, enraged that she would throw away her mental talent for a inferior life of art, told her that she would be cut off financially if she took the job. Clémentina tried to intervene, but Apollinaire held to his threat when Lucy chose to take the position in the opera.

When Lucy was 23, her mother died after a short, brutal illness. On her death bed, Clémentina told Lucy who her father really was. Clémentina gave Lucy a small gun that had been given to her by Corinth, telling the girl to give the gun to Corinth because he would remember it.

After a few months of grieving, Lucy decided to go to Anaxas to try to find her true father. She traveled for a few months before landing in Old Rose Harbor in Intas 2719, where she spent every night singing in different taverns and clubs. In Bethas 2719, she was offered a position at The Night Blossom, an exclusive night club. She found her father easily but is reluctant to reach out to him, uncertain about whether he'd be happy to see her or not.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Knives: Beginner


Estuan: Fluent
Monite: Fluent


Perceptive: Elementary
Physical: Elementary


Singer: Proficient

Career and Income


Lucy is a singer, preferring nightclubs and cabaret clubs, though she'll sing anywhere that will pay her.

Income: Wealth Level

Lucy is of average wealth, since her father cut her off financially and she doesn't make a ton of money as a singer. She has just enough to keep herself afloat and nothing more.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Lucy lives in an apartment in ORH. It's not a great apartment, but it came with furniture and cookware, has indoor plumbing, and the walls and roof are solid.


A generous amount of clothes for daily use and work, along with a decent number of underthings.
Small jewelry box full of decent quality jewelry
About a dozen books on various topics


• Get to know her father
• Establish a career as a singer in Anaxas
• Fame and fortune??
word count: 1576


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