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Niccolette Ibutatu
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Niccolette Ibutatu

Name: Niccolette Ibutatu (née Villamarzana)
Race: Galdor
Birthday: 62nd Yaris, 2691
Age: 27
FC: Willa Holland
Place of Origin: Florne, Bastia
Current Location: Old Rose Harbor, Anaxas
Occupation: Bad Brother
Player Name: moralhazard

Physical Description
Niccolette is average height for an Bastian galdor at 5’3” tall, with a slender build largely lacking in tone or definition. Her hair is brunette, with more of a blonde tint than a reddish one, and straight with a slight curl, falling to roughly her shoulder blades when worn loose. Her almond-shaped eyes are hazel, although tending more to green than brown. She has a long straight nose, a wide forehead, and a small prominent chin, with almond shaped eyes and small lips.

Niccolette has a few scars from her years of being a Bad Brother, mostly small and easily able to be hidden beneath her clothing. The largest and most distinctive is what looks like a handprint in the shape of a burn on the side of her stomach, leftover from a backlash incident several years ago.

Niccolette has something of an unusual sense of style. Although she is perfectly capable of dressing like a typical galdor if the occasion calls for it, she prefers more masculine clothing, either masculine accoutrements in galdori dress or to eschew convention entirely and dress like a man, for example in a button-down and loose pants. Lately, she has chosen to dress more often in her husband’s old clothing, only slightly too large for her frame. Her more traditional galdori clothing tends to be mostly black, as befitting her newly widowed status.

Especially when in Old Rose Harbor, Niccolette likes to wear a little more (and flashier) jewelry than might be strictly wise. She favors gold and bright gems, especially sapphires.

Niccolette has never quite felt she fit in. While comfortable magically at Brunnhold, she chafed at the expectations and restrictions of society, and rebelled by breaking rules, whether large or small. As an adult, although these tendencies in her were tempered some through the influence of Uzoji and some through finding a structure she felt more comfortable in (the Bad Brothers), she still very much tends to dislike following rules and doing things that don’t interest her.

Niccolette is probably best defined by her passionate emotions: a fierce temper with a short fuse, an incredible capacity for joy, and the ability to feel deep sadness. She is highly extroverted, not to mention rebellious, vain, and very much an adrenaline junkie. Although she has often been accused of having a short attention span, when something interests her Niccolette is perfectly capable of deep and all-consuming focus. She has, by now, learned a good deal about controlling herself and her mood swings, even if she doesn’t always choose to do so. That said, grief has rubbed her raw, and Niccolette feels as wild as she ever was; she is very much struggling to deal with herself alone.

Niccolette is a firm believer in galdori superiority, although her beliefs were tempered somewhat by long exposure to Uzoji and the more egalitarian precepts of Mugroba. Niccolette would consider herself quite progressive, in that she’s willing to work with humans and wicks alike in the Bad Brothers, and even respects some of them (as unique individuals, rather than representatives of their races). She remains more skeptical about passives, and was thoroughly shocked by Mugroba imbala culture. Overall, however, she tends to be condescendingly superior until proven otherwise; in fairness, however, she is often condescendingly superior towards other galdori as well, so it may not be entirely about racism.


Niccolette was born the only child to two slightly older Bastian galdori, who were comfortably settling into middle age and had no particular interest in or desire to raise a child. From a young age, Niccolette learned that success didn’t get her very far in terms of attention - making trouble was much more effective (and much more fun), even if said attention was often physically painful in nature. Escalating incidents led to escalating punishments, until Niccolette largely stopped coming home from Brunnhold, preferring to stay with Viendan friends or on campus during school breaks.

Niccolette’s reputation as a troublemaker at Brunnhold was persistent and well-deserved. Despite being intelligent and talented, especially with Living Conversation, Niccolette often refused to do more than the bare minimum in classes that didn’t interest her, and barely scraped by in several subjects. It was not, particularly, a surprise to her teachers that healing didn’t interest her, although she was perfectly capable of doing the spells.

When Niccolette was 18, at the beginning of her second to last year at Brunnhold, she met a new transfer in from Thul’Amat, Uzoji pez Okorie, the youngest son of a large Mugrobi family. There was a more or less immediate connection between them; under Uzoji’s influence, at least eventually, Niccolette calmed down considerably, and finished out her last years of study without any major incidents.

Both Niccolette and Uzoji felt smothered by the weight of societal (and familial) expectations; neither was very interested in the things expected of them. Niccolette’s parents were fairly strongly opposed to Uzoji, although they were somewhat relieved that Niccolette had stopped getting in so much trouble, and Uzoji’s mother was not particularly fond of Niccolette either. When the two got married almost immediately after graduation, Niccolette’s parents essentially gave them some money and told Uzoji that she was his problem now. Uzoji’s family was more (grudgingly) accepting, and the two did have a formal marriage ceremony in Thul Ka, eventually. As a wedding gift, Uzoji’s family gave the young couple their rundown estate on the Muluku Islands - the only thing Uzoji would get from them, unless he decided to join the family business and work for his oldest sister. As neither Niccolette or Uzoji wanted to keep their traditional names, they made a new one together: Ibutatu.

Unlike Niccolette, Uzoji had a plan - he was very interested in the trade routes flowing between the nations, and had his own plans to disrupt them. Uzoji used the money from Niccolette’s family to buy an airship, and the two became pirates - although they worked independently only briefly, and were fairly quickly recruited by Silas Hawke.

For about five years, Uzoji and Niccolette were Bad Brothers, pirating under Hawke’s banner. They usually shifted back and forth between their (restored) estate on the Muluku Islands and a house they purchased with ill-gotten gains in Old Rose Harbor. They were largely happy, or at least passionate, tempestuous, and deeply connected. A few months ago, however, during what should have been a fairly routine solo trip from the Muluku Islands, Uzoji’s airship went down due to sabotage by the Drain.

Now, Niccolette is back in Old Rose Harbor, trying to figure out her place in a world without Uzoji. Her parents would like her to return to Bastia and make a wiser marriage; Silas Hawke wants to know if she is still committed to being a Bad Brother and how, exactly, she plans to be useful now; and Niccolette would largely like to get through even a single day without weeping. 

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Gunplay: Beginner


Estuan: Fluent
Monite: Fluent
Mugrobi: Fluent
Tek: Conversational


Living: Intermediate


Duelist: Beginner
Professional (Negotiator): Beginner

Career and Income

Occupation: Bad Brother

Niccolette is a Bad Brother. While her husband Uzoji was alive, she worked largely as a pirate, teaming up with Uzoji to raid ships from his airship. They also expanded somewhat into other forms of (often still aggressive) negotiation.

Income: Wealthy

Niccolette is wealthy, the sole heiress of her deceased husband’s ill-gotten pirate gains and now the sole owner of their estate and house; she is also the only child of her Bastian parents, and will likely inherit their estate when they die.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Land Owner

Niccolette owns an estate on the Muluku Islands, inherited from her husband’s family, and a house in Old Rose Harbor.


Niccolette owns a large range of expensive men’s and women’s clothing, as well as simpler clothing for airship adventures, and gold and sapphire jewelry. She also owns a pistol and a body holster. She has all the appropriate personal effects and accoutrements appropriate for someone of her class and station, and also owns a number of books and grimoires (kept in Old Rose Harbor) on living conversation, as well as having inherited some on static and physical conversation, mostly as it relates to airship piloting. The estate in Muluku islands is well staffed, including a manager; the home in Old Rose Harbor has several daily servants, although no one who lives in. Both houses are (mostly) appropriately furnished.
word count: 1542

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