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Arion Lux
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Arion Lux
Name: Arion Percival Lux..(born: Arion Brachii)
Race: Galdori
Birthday: 2nd Ophus, 2673
Age: 45
FC: Jonny Lee Miller
Place of Origin: Florne, Bastia
Current Location: Old Rose Harbor, Anaxas
Occupation: Owner of the Drink & Quill..(and Fixer for the Bad Brothers)
Player Name: Amphion

Physical Description
At first glance, Arion is a fairly forgettable individual. At 5'6" he is a little above average, but not remarkably so, and his looks are much the same: handsome in an ordinary sort of way, perhaps more so if it weren't for the slightly unkempt appearance he favours and the hairline that has begun to recede with age. Those same years are evident in the lines that have begun to collect at the corners of his eyes, and in the sharpening of his already angular features. When encountered, he usually carries himself in a quiet and unassuming manner, comfortable being ignored and forgotten. Even his field is unremarkable: definitely present, but not flashy or imposing.

Much of this is a smokescreen, however. Beneath his well-made but uninteresting attire - usually a waistcoat over a shirt with rolled sleeves these days - is a lean physique marked by injury and ink, that implies a storied past that Arion has little interest in explaining. Look past the ruffled hair and unshaven jaw, and you will find eyes that shine with a quiet intensity, keenly taking account of his surroundings. That intensity gives Arion the ability to seem quite formidable and menacing when he chooses to be, though usually, he seems to flit between amiable, distracted, and disinterested.

Arion is a man who craves and respects rules, conventions, and systems, provided that they work and make sense - perhaps as a result of his upbringing in the structured environment of an orphanage. He has a fondness for anything that can be quantified and specified, like science, mathematics, and law, and a corresponding disdain for anything subjective and unstructured like art or fashion. Some things fall into the complicated middle ground between the two: he appreciates the rhythm and structure behind music and poetry, for example, even though the imagery and emotions hold little interest for him.

Perhaps the biggest focus of Arion's logical dismay, however, is society itself. Arion has no love for his fellow galdori, partly due to his experiences at Brunnhold, but mostly because of the attitudes that were encountered by his passive parents before their deaths. It strikes him as deeply illogical that his parents, born into galdori high society, were shunned because of their lack of magic and forbidden taboo relationship, only for Arion to be born from their union: a fully fledged galdor with his field and magic intact. Arion sees his existence as proof that Bastian and Anaxi attitudes towards passives - and by extension, wicks - are backwards and idiotic, and through that crack in the facade of galdori society, he began to understand just how illogical and broken the arrangement of society truly was.

For some, that realisation might have been the spark of rebellion, or motivation to try and repair society from the inside: but Arion tried that for many years as a lawyer, and realised that it was folly. Instead, he decided that a more constructive use of his time would be to subvert and exploit the failings of society, for his own personal gain and those of his clients.

Arion is usually a calm and patient man, but his fuse is not infinite, and becomes dramatically shorter in the face of illogical or irrational situations and behaviour. Adept at keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself, Arion's flashes of emotion - particularly anger - can seem to come seemingly out of nowhere, and the fact that they are visible at all is usually a sign of how deep and intense those emotions have managed to become. Arion's emotions rarely appear without focus or direction, however: when Arion is driven to anger, sadness, or elsewhere, his actions thereafter are usually swift, decisive, and in some cases quite severe. Those who manage to get on Arion's bad side - particularly in the long term - usually find it a violent and painful place to be.

Arion Percival Brachii was born in Bastia, the son of Hengrin Brachii and his wife, Leda. His birth was unremarkable, save for the fact that it should never have happened: for both Hengrin and Leda were passives, shunned by their respective families, and their romance and procreation was a forbidden taboo that would have turned the stomach of polite society had they known. Fortunately, a large part of being shunned by one's family is being ignored by said family: and so Leda lived in peaceful solitude with her secret pregnancy, until young Arion was born.

All would have been well had it not been for the passing of Hengrin's father. The family estate passed in its entirety to Hengrin's entitled younger brother, Helias, who took it upon himself to tour the various homes and holdings that had come into his possession: including the remote summer home where Leda and her infant had been living. Helias was enraged - though perhaps more by the arrival of a potential competitor to his inheritance than out of social principle.

Whatever the reason, the encounter turned violent, and Leda fled with her son, leaving her lover behind and travelling south to Anaxas to hide. It had always been Leda and Hengrin's hope that, once their child was born, they could gather together what money they could, and begin a new life together in a foreign land, where they might have some chance of being accepted. While Leda continued to possess that same desire, she lacked access to the money Hengrin and she had been trying to secret away, and so Leda was forced to fend for herself and her son, taking what work she could and moving from settlement to settlement, never staying anywhere long enough to be noticed, and inching her way progressively closet to Old Rose Harbor and her hopes of a ship to distant shores.

Leda never made it: a cocktail of despair and drugs cut her life short when Arion was only five years old. He remembers very little of his mother, save for her hopes, and her kindness, and her insistence that Arion deserved better than their current circumstances. After her death, Arion became the responsibility of the state, and lived in an orphanage in Vienda until he was - by the orphanage's estimation at least - ten years old, and could become Brunnhold's responsibility. Arion's field ensured that he was accepted as a student, but he lacked the same desire to learn about magic that his peers possessed, infinitely more interested in his academic studies, especially those that satisfied his craving for structure and order. An exception was Perceptive conversations, something Arion saw as a valuable tool to help him understand people - something his upbringing had somewhat shielded him from - and as a way to unearth the kinds of secrets and answers that the adults in Arion's life had a frustrating habit of keeping.

Arion graduated, and began a career in law, but could never quite shake the hunger for answers that had slowly kindled throughout his youth. Using the money his career afforded him - as well as connections and friendships from his days at Brunnhold - Arion developed a fondness for travel, visiting other Kingdoms in the hopes of studying and understanding the differences between their laws and social conventions. On one such expedition, and thanks to a locket containing portraits of his parents - the only heirloom of Arion's mother that he retained - he managed to stumble across his paternal uncle, Helias Brachii, during a visit to Bastia. Over the course of their conversation - with a little Perceptive assistance from the mona - Arion was able to unearth the identity of his father, and could begin piecing together the story of his early origins. Though he was unable - and had no desire - to confront or challenge Helias Brachii with this new found knowledge, he was able to use it to track down what remained of the money that his parents had set aside for their new life together, and, with a few connections and plenty of legal know-how, was able to gain access to those funds.

Better financed, Arion's exploration of the world continued. What it was he was searching for, he was never quite sure - the same land of acceptance that his parents had hoped to find, perhaps - but he never found it. Instead, what he found was that everywhere he went, society felt broken, filled with hypocrisy, contradictions, and arbitrary distinctions. The relationship between humans and galdori in Hox; the segregation between them in Gior; the education of Imbali in Mugroba, and their Oshoori children; each kingdom had it's own perceptions and beliefs regarding the very fundamentals of how society should run. If those core tenets were up for debate, then what was the point? Where was the logic? Where was the structure?

The disillusionment Arion brought back from his travels began to infect his work. If there was no guarantee that Anaxi society was right and correct, then how could their laws be trusted? Why should they be respected? Arion began to work increasingly as a defender, aiding clients in subverting the law rather than upholding it, but even that wasn't enough. Eventually he fell out of love with the Anaxi legal system entirely, and left his life in Vienda behind, finally completing his mother's intended journey for him by relocating to Old Rose Harbor. There, using his finances and his connections to the shadier parts of Anaxi society, Arion has established himself as a shopkeep and barkeep by day, and a resourceful ally of the Bad Brothers by night.

Aptitude Skills

Focus Skills


Combat (Bladed Weapons): Beginner


Language (Estuan): Fluent
Language (Monite): Fluent
Language (Gioran): Conversational
Language (Mugrobi): Conversational


Perceptive: Elementary


Professional (Lawyer): Proficient
Professional (Business Owner): Beginner

Career and Income


Officially, Arion is the owner and proprietor of the Drink & Quill, a bookshop and ale house that caters to everyone from literary aficionados to illiterate erseholes, and strives to help encourage Old Rose Harbor's residents to transition from the latter to the former. Arion has been known to arrange classes, workshops, and social gatherings to help provide access for some of Old Rose Harbor's poorer residents to the kind of opportunities and experiences that they would otherwise be deprived of, merely because of the circumstances of their birth.

All of this is a cover, however, an excuse and opportunity for a seemingly respectable individual like Arion Lux to rub shoulders with the Harbor's seedier elements. Behind the scenes, Arion uses his resources and connections on behalf of the Bad Brothers, acting as a "fixer" of sorts to help deal with the problems and obstacles that the Bad Brothers might encounter, both of their own making and as the result of external influences. People seeking Arion's assistance can approach him discreetly as a patron of the Drink & Quill, and can expect that Arion will either assist with their crisis directly, or put them in touch with a trusted third party better suited to the task.

Income: Wealthy

Arion has the financial resources to live a comfortable, stable life in Old Rose Harbor. After he graduated from Brunnhold, he gained access to a modest inheritance left behind by his parents, which he invested - alongside his earnings as a lawyer in Vienda - in various property holdings, business ventures, and loans over the years. Much of his wealth is not strictly liquid, but the dividends and interest he earns amounts to more than enough for Arion to live a comfortable life, especially in Old Rose Harbor.

Even so, Arion chooses to live somewhat below his means: he lives in the modest but well-furnished apartments above the Drink & Quill, focusing his money on comforts and collectables that appeal to him personally, rather than any of the trinkets or fineries that the wealthy might normally use to show off to one another.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Drink & Quill

Located in a building that looks like it might have once had a more industrial purpose, the Drink & Quill and the apartments above are all under lease by Arion Lux.

The main room directly off the street has the feel of a saloon or a bistro, a bar lined with stools dominating the left side, while the center is filled with tables and an assortment of mismatched chairs, with bookshelves stocked with books to borrow, books for sale, issues from Arion's collection, as well as donations, copies of recent newspapers, and other local publications. The Drink & Quill's more above-board activities take place here: while drinks are available, Arion tries to cultivate an atmosphere where anyone, of any age, would not feel out of place. Beyond the main saloon is the kitchen, which services both the Drink & Quill, and Arion's apartments.

Off to the right side of the saloon is a stairway leading down to the basement. Warm, cramped, and dimly lit, the basement has the feel of a more conventional tavern. Drinks in the basement are cheaper, but limited, skewing more towards ales and barreled drinks: it saves anyone having to lug a heavy barrel up the stairs to the saloon, and anyone wanting a fancier beverage can visit the bar upstairs themselves. The basement usually has some sort of musical entertainment, but is mostly a place for people to drunkenly huddle together, especially during grim weather.

Arion's living rooms are located upstairs, accessible via a staircase in the kitchen. The space is split into two main rooms: a bedroom-bathroom (which Arion reserves as a guest room), and a lounge that doubles as an office and workspace should Arion ever need to function as a lawyer. An attic space is also accessible, used store Arion's collections, and also as Arion's bedroom of choice: mostly because it is far enough away from the Drink & Quill below to muffle at least some of the usual noise.


  • Several outfits, most of which are remarkably similar and/or variations on a theme
  • A locket, containing portraits of his birth parents
  • Concealed knives
  • Collection of literature and antique books
  • Collection of interesting nick-nacks and souvenirs
  • Fencing equipment
  • Riding equipment

  • Profit
  • More Power
  • Political Office?
  • Establish connections in Old Rose Harbor
  • Build a reputation
word count: 2504

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