Ekain Da Huane

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Ekain Da Huane
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Ekain Da Huane


Race: Galdor
Birthday: 7 Ophus, 2686
Age: 33
Place of Origin: Qrieth, Middle Gior
Current Location: Vienda, Anaxas
Occupation: Diplomat (Former Dancer)
Player Name: Graf

Physical Description

Ekain Da Huane has – rather, is – a presence. Standing at 6’6”, he is tall even among his kinsmen. He has a powerful bone structure and is well-built, despite his mobility impairment; he values physical fitness, and has lost very little of the muscle tone he maintained as a dancer of the confisalto. He has a long face with a wide mouth and a hawkish nose, and his jaw is prominent but lean and sharp. Pale pink eyes peer out from beneath a heavy brow. He has large, bony hands, with thin, tapering fingers, and a long, elegant neck. His field, heavy with Physical mona, hangs around him like armor.

His movements are ponderous and willowy; despite (or perhaps because of) his imposing presence and the weight of his field, he comes across as strangely graceful. This, along with his skill and his Gioran albinism, was what earned him the epithet “the Swan” at the height of his dancing career.

His thick, wavy white hair is often worn in a crown of braids or pulled up into a neat, simple bun. For special occasions, however, he has been known to style it more elaborately, and sometimes (if he is among family or friends) he wears it loose around his shoulders. These days, he seldom paints his face, but he can sometimes be seen wearing a faint bloom of red eyeshadow. Ekain will occasionally dress in Anaxi and Bastian fashions, but generally prefers the long, flowing white garments of his country, and wouldn’t be caught without gold trim. His fingernails are well-manicured and longer than is fashionable in Anaxas.

Despite his size, his voice is unusually high, almost androgynous in timbre. Like the rest of him, it’s not very expressive; he never raises his voice, even when he’s angry. In fact, when he’s truly enraged, his voice becomes very soft indeed.

Ekain suffers from spastic paralysis in one leg and loss of pain/heat sensation in the other (what we would call BSS). He has poor balance and often uses a cane to walk; it is carved simply from linden, stained plain white.
Batyhur is Ekain's dog, a pure white borzoi. She is a well-trained but standoffish hound with thick, curly fur. Everything about her is long and thin, from her willowy limbs to her sharp snout. At eight years old, she is beginning to mellow with age, but still requires a great deal of care and space; for this reason, he does not always take her with him when he travels, and servants or family often tend to her when he physically cannot.


In many ways, Ekain is a creature of opposites. Dancing is his passion, but he’s physically incapable of it in the capacity he once was; he was born to the ruling Da Huane family in Qrieth, but he prefers confisalto to Ba Bieth, and has performed mostly for Bastian and Anaxi audiences. He is fiercely independent, but requires the aid of medical professionals and servants in the day-to-day. Nowadays, he’s a diplomat, but he’s naturally introverted, pleasant enough to talk to – but always aloof and cold. Among his peers, he is too foreign to fit in, almost huezehe, his accent stained with Florne and Vienda and other primitive places. In foreign countries, he is startlingly Gioran, tall and odd-looking, “humorless” and strangely effeminate.

In reality, Ekain is simply complicated.

Ritual is his stand-by. He keeps himself as fit as he can with a rigorous exercise regimen that involves both stretching and weight training; whenever he has access to a pool, natural or otherwise, he swims every day. When he has Batyhur, health willing, he walks her twice a day, every day, at the same times. He works, eats, and takes leisure at the same times every day, if he is capable of doing these things at all. Though his medical condition frequently lays him up, he clings to these rituals and works as hard as he can, attempting in his way to embody the ideal of the Gioran work ethic.

He tries his best to control his expression of emotions. He seldom ever smiles, and when he does, it is faint. He is controlled in his movements, graceful and subtle. More than anything else, he is expressive with his field, but even then, he’s careful to control how much emotion he permits it to show. Only when he is truly, deeply angry will his field fully red-shift, but he’ll often use the solid weight of it to appear intimidating or threatening.

Although he never complains, the deterioration of his health – and the sudden end of his career – wrecked him. Prior to this, he was a renowned dancer in Florne, and he traveled to perform for audiences all over the other five kingdoms. In politics, he’s ruthlessly ambitious but inexperienced. He hopes that his passion and his family name will carry him far; he has no qualms with doing what he must to succeed, and he believes he has very little to lose.

He is a Gioran galdor, and holds a heyardy’s opinions. He tolerates the servitude of veay in Anaxas and elsewhere, but it makes him uncomfortable. Humans are no more than animals; taking them as servants has made Anaxi weak, and this is the only reason the Resistance is a threat. Wicks, aybehay, are grotesque and symbolic of everything wrong with Anaxas, Bastia, and Mugroba, and he does not understand why tsat are permitted in Vienda.


Ekain was born in the Temple of Qrieth to the Da Huane clan, the second eldest son of matriarch Lomenak. He had an upbringing typical to a child of the ruling family: he wanted for nothing, but learned quickly the weight and history of his ancestors. In some ways, he was the ideal Gioran child, sharp in mind and restrained in attitude; in others, however, his family found him lacking. He had a cruel streak and a tendency toward apathy, especially where other children were concerned.

One of his fondest early memories is of watching the Ba Bieth. The first time he attended the ceremony, heard and saw the grace and perfection of bodies in motion to the theythayr’s waterfall of Monite from the canyon walls, his course was set. If nothing else, Ekain was a determined child, and an arrogant one at that. He would not only study the Ba Bieth; he would become one of the finest dancers in Gior.

He was encouraged, and his studies proceeded apace. At ten, when he entered the Temple formally for his education, he scored an 8. The pressure to succeed was immense, and in his early education (as throughout his early life), he put his studies before everything else; he wasn’t well-liked by his peers, and he knew it, and he didn’t care. He specialized in Physical sorcery, fascinated with motion and eager to carry a physical presence that would impress others. He began to practice Ba Bieth formally, but his interest in the traditional Gioran rain dance was not long-lived.

When he was sixteen, he took a confisalto class taught by a visiting professor from Florne. Nearly overnight, he became obsessed, to the surprise and embarrassment of his huayrde and peers – but to the delight of his professor, who was pleased to have at least one enthusiastic student among a flock of reserved Giorans. He excelled at confisalto, but was disappointed with limited resources. Eventually, when he was eighteen, his professor arranged to send him to Anaxas for the remainder of his undergraduate education.

The culture clash was immense, and Ekain nearly did not survive it. He had found getting along difficult in Gior, and in Brunnhold, where he was a head taller than all his peers and pale as snow, the stares threatened to make him reclusive. Confisalto was his lifeline, and only by it did he learn to get along. Confisalto, after all, is about trust: one cannot dance the confisalto without putting one’s trust in another.

For better or worse, Ekain stood out. When he graduated Brunnhold, a company in Florne offered him a position almost immediately, and he went to dance for a Bastian audience. He spent his early twenties making a name for himself as a dancer in Florne, and by the time he was twenty-five, he was renowned in his own right throughout the sister kingdoms, traveling between Anaxas and Bastia for performances. As a tall, reserved albino, he stood out among the flock of Anaxi and Bastian confisalto dancers; audiences affectionately called him “the Swan from the Mountains”, and clamored to see him.

During this time, he had many dance partners, and many of them found him utterly insufferable. His favorite, however – they tolerated each other mutually – was a woman from Edelagne named Giovanna Markos. She herself was unusually tall for a Bastian galdor, standing at 5’8”; she’d suffered much teasing for it and struggled in the confisalto scene, but dancing opposite Ekain, she was picturesque. They danced together so much that the rumors were prolific, and most of them were true: they were lovers.

Their affair ended poorly. She wanted to marry him; despite all the Bastian mannerisms he’d adopted, he could not bring himself to marry a hueheze. They broke it off when he was twenty-eight, and he began to go through dancing partners, refusing to work opposite any one woman for too long. Eventually, he turned his mind to the concept of adapting confisalto to dance solo, but this interest was short-lived.

When he was twenty-nine, he fell ill. It started with a few days of nearly unbearable stiffness and pain in his lower back; he had become terribly dizzy, slurring his words and losing his balance, leaning inexplicably to his right. Then, he found himself hospitalized, despite not having suffered any injury. The doctors in Florne did what they could, but eventually he was sent back to Qrieth for further examination by his clan’s physicians. The cause was lost on them, but it was clear that a blood clot in his lower spine had caused ischemic myelopathy, and that his spinal cord was irrevocably damaged.

Ekain spent the next few years recovering in the Temple of Qrieth. He was nearly reclusive; only huayrde saw him. He poured all his energy into his physical therapy and studies, reading anything that he could get his hands on. It was during this time that he became acquainted enough with Living magic to cast on himself. At first, he studied history, thinking he might teach at the Temple, but then, quite suddenly, he latched onto politics. He began attending lectures on diplomacy, and his ambition began to rekindle itself.

Eventually, his family name – and the name he’d made for himself as the Swan – earned him a position as a Gioran diplomat to Anaxas, under, of course, the ambassador. In the fall of 2717, he was sent there to perform his duties and protect his family’s interests in the Anaxi political landscape. Save a handful of visits home, there he has remained.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


🙞 None.


🙞 Estuan (Fluent)
🙞 Gioran (Fluent)


🙞 Physical (Intermediate)
🙞 Living (Elementary)


🙞 Confisalto Dancer (Proficient)
🙞 Diplomat (Proficient)

Career and Income

Occupation: Diplomat

Ekain Da Huane is a Gioran diplomat in Anaxas, representing the interests of his family and his countrymen among Anaxi officials in Vienda and Brunnhold. Although he is inexperienced, he has a strong knowledge of Anaxi and Bastian history and culture, and has spent many years abroad; he is learning to contend with Anaxi bureaucracy, but often chafes at it. He also keeps an eye out for promising Brunnhold students, particularly dancers interested in Ba Bieth or confisalto.

Income: Wealthy

As a Da Huane, Ekain wants for nothing and, barring disgrace or the changing of the ruling family, always has a home to which he can return. While his diplomat's position gives him a good salary, money means little to him; he tries to be frugal (as frugal as a noble galdor can be), putting most of his earnings either in savings or toward patronizing the arts.

Housing and Inventory


When in Gior, Ekain is quartered with (most of) the Da Huane family in the Temple of Qrieth. His living space is, however, not a home; he is seldom ever there, and the apartment, with its gold and its quartz-marbled floors, is mostly bare.

Most of the time, Ekain lives in his large, well-furnished apartment in Uptown Vienda. It is comfortable, but, like his quarters in the Temple, does not really look like a home. Ekain has a few human servants who cook and clean for him; only Delphine, an Anaxi passive, is permitted in his bedroom, as she tends to his needs when he is bedbound. Otherwise, the rooms are kept in spartan Gioran austerity.


🙞 A wardrobe of comfortable professional clothing, mostly in the Gioran style.
🙞 A confisalto costume from his prime, adorned with white feathers.
🙞 A (small) number of servants and access to a carriage.
🙞 His cane, simply-made with light linden wood, stained white and varnished.
🙞 Toiletries.
🙞 A number of grimoires and plenty of books on Gioran and Anaxi history and dance.
🙞 Batyhur, when possible.


🙞 To use his position, however he can, to further his interests.
🙞 To make a name for himself in politics that overshadows his fame as a dancer.
🙞 To enjoy and patronize the arts, specifically dance.

🙞 To develop into an affable, but still ruthless, villain.
word count: 2385


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