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Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:13 am

Lucy's plot notes
I'm generally looking to knock Lucy off the pedestal she's put herself on. She's naive about the world and needs to learn that she won't always come out on top when the shit hits the fan just because she's galdori. There are currently some plans to complicate both her life and Corwynn's, but I'm always open to more complications.

Lucy's father is Corinth Wynngate.

The man who raised her, Apollinaire, along with her much older siblings, Sacheverelli and Donatienne, are all alive, though they've basically disowned her. That doesn't mean that I would protest if someone decided to pick them up. :)

I'm looking for new friends and enemies for her! She'd be most open to galdori friends, though wicks, humans, and passives could potentially be her friend if they're determined enough and willing to put up with her bullshit. I don't expect that many people will want to do that.

Lucy is heteroflexible. She's had one or two male lovers, but has generally sworn off relationships so she could focus completely on her career.

Lucy left Bastia after a stalking incident. Since she uses the same stage name that she used when she was singing in the bars in Bastia, I plan on having him track her down at some point. If someone wants to turn him from a NPC into a PC, I'm up for that. :)

I'm also looking for Big Brother, Drain, and any other enemies that want to make Lucy's life a bit of hell.

Lucy gets her first job in ORH
Coming soon.
word count: 383

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