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Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:01 am

Business Name: The Grey Parlor

Description of the Business: The Grey Parlor is a "by order" wholesaler and supplier of any kind of chemical. The shop is a discreet two stories stone building with only a wooden signboard as proof of it being an actual business. It's a well known Bad Brother front for anybody in this line of business. The shop may or may not be open at any hours of the day and the night as it follow Kirrah sleep pattern which is erratic to say the best. If there is light it's open.

Location: Old Rose Harbor - In a calm residential area near the wealthier part of the town. The shop is separated from the mains streets by a few blocks, meaning you have to find it at the corner of an alley after wandering a bit.

Services Offered: The Grey Parlor offer the supplying, by order and in batch only, of mosty anything that's within Kirrah's range (Currently Proficient). The shop specialty remain the illegal stuff, but you won't be able to order it if you're not known by the house, or introduced by someone that is.
Orders in small amounts are tolerated for friends and Bad Brothers members only.
The shop also supply orders of very specific, or specially designed, compound and goods, but the price is understandably higher, especially for weaponised compound.

Services Cost: Moderate to expensive, depending on what you buy. The shop don't deal in cheap stuff as there is already a large range of suppliers for it.

NPCs: A grey, good natured cat, named Cyanide that stick in the shop at most hours of the day. If the cat suddenly flee from the lab, follow the cat as a measure of safety, he's better than Kirrah at feeling when thing are about to turn bad. Kirrah have taught the cat how to recognize and carry vials, so don't be afraid if you see a feline hunting rats with Ricin pellets.

Income Tier: Average

Advancement Plan: The shop aim to improved based on expertise only, meaning it's income will evolve alongside Kirrah's alchemy skill, letting her handling more difficult and of course way more expensives orders.

word count: 382
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Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:40 pm

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