[Memory] - Not all wounds can be mended

Old Rose Harbor is Anaxas' main trade port; it is also the nation's criminal headquarters, home to the Bad Brothers and Silas Hawke, King of the Underworld.
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Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:10 pm

Old Rose Harbor - Winter 2716
Kirrah flipped a page of her book. One of the reasons she really loved working for the Bad Brothers was the ability to spend her ill earned gains on smuggled goods, especially books. The one she was reading right now was a really controlled edition by a galdor author. While the subject of chemistry wasn’t, taboo, this book definitely was big time.

It was a full study on a vast range of poisons, their effect on the body, their dosage … The galdor that wrote it was a committed scholar, extreme even by galdori standard. To test out all his theories, lots of test had to be done of live subject, and let’s say not all of this guinea pigs were test animals.

The man got executed later on for his numerous crimes in the name of science, taking his obsession with him to the tomb. While his lifework was forbidden to be mass printed and distributed, lots of copies still existed, especially in the medical library or personal collection of galdori physician and alchemists as lots of his shady breakthrough were extremely useful in the field, especially to save peoples.

The copy in Kirrah’s hand was stolen from one of those private libraries, she had her eyes on it for a long time and finally managed to get words on a potential target for the theft, a botanist enthusiast.

Single blunder though, the thief Kirrah had hired through the BB didn’t knew how to read, so she ended up with lots of book “that were the same color” about growing tomatoes and the such. No knowledge is useless, but some of them became turned into a nightstand next to Kirrah’s bed though.

Kirrah heard some pressed knocking downstairs. She put down her book and stood up, quickly walking down the set of stairs while putting on a lab coat: She grew used on recognizing the kind of knock on her door, and this kind meant someone was bleeding out likely.

She didn’t waste any time and open the door in full, setting herself aside to let whichever poor sod was wounded enter.

Seeing there were two persons, none she knew, both bleeding but one of them actually unconscious. She just offered:

– Place him on the operating table, and press than wound.

There would be time for questions later, especially the one about “who they were”, but as of now, preventing the poor dude from bleeding out took priority.

word count: 441

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