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Genevieve De Silver
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Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:54 pm

Genevieve Sofia De Silver


Race: Galdor
Birthday: Bethas, 37, 2680
Age: 39
FC: Tilda Swindon
Place of Origin: Qrieth, Gior
Current Location: Brunnhold
Occupation: Lecturer in history at Brunnhold University
Player Name: AndyMcC

Physical Description


Genevieve is slim with fair hair kept short, her skin is pale, she gets her colouring from her Gioran mother.
She wears little makeup, light kohl around her eyes and a subtle tint of rouge on her lips. She wears dresses or skirts in practical cuts, but made of fine materials and in a variety of colours, usually in lighter shades. Her short is worn loose.

As Jean she dresses in dark suits, always cut in the latest fashion, though often on the more severe side. with hair is kept in check with scented hair oil.


De Silver in either guise is confident and outgoing and never afraid to speak their mind. However she is not unkind or unthinking.

Though when as Genevieve she tries to stay within the bounds of polite galdori society, to a point. She is known in the university for her views on equality between the sexes, at least in galdori society. She doesn't really think much of the lower races.

However she always has time for her students and will help or offer advice as needed.

As Jean they are much the same, though he acts as a socialite and a gentleman of leisure, with a taste for the finer things high society has to offer. Things that would not necessarily be available to her as Genevieve.

She appreciates the skills of crafts people or artisans, of any race and anyways insists on paying a fair rate.


Genevieve was born in Qrieth, her father was a wine merchant and vintner from Anaxas and her mother was a poet born in Qrieth, from a wealthy family.
Genevieve an only child and was always very headstrong and assertive, though not unkind.

This behaviour continued as she got older, when she moved to Anaxas in her early teens. She found that how she was and acted wasn't acceptable amongst galdori society in her new home and for a time she conformed, though she found it very hard.

She enrolled at Brunnhold university and applied herself to her studies. Living away from her parents for the first time gave her new freedoms. This when she first started to go out in the clothes as a man, though at first this was only when she was away from the University, in places she was unknown.

Later after she had concluded her studies, her parents were lost when a airship they were on was wrecked in terrible storm between Anaxas and Gior.

After a period of morning where she hid away from society in the family home, she travelled for a time and then returned to Burnnhold, took further study to become a professor of History and she stayed on as a lecturer.

It was in this time that she started to go abroad openly as her twin brother Jean.
Aptitude Skills

Mental Good

Physical Poor

Social Good

Focus Skills




Estuan (Fluent)
Monite (Fluent)
Gioran (Fluent)


Quantitative (Elementary)


Actor (Beginner)
Historian (Proficient)
Lecturer (Beginner)

Career and Income


Genevieve is a professor of History and lectures at Burnnhold university.

Income: Wealthy

Genevieve lives on the old money inherited from her father, a successful wine merchant and vintner and her mother's family were wealthy landowners in Gior. She is also a Professor at Brunnhold University and receives a salary.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Housing description, Genevieve has an apartment in the Outer Campus. As well as a flat in the Stacks, however the flat is rented under the name of Jean De Silver. There is also the De Silver family manor outside of Vienda .


At her university lodgings; a wardrobe of practical but well made clothes and some outfits fit for University gatherings and society functions, many books works of art.

Jean's flat in the Stacks: an extensive wardrobe of tailor made suits in the latest fashion and other more practical clothes for travailing and the like. It is comfortably furnished in leather and dark wood.

The De Silver family carriage is kept on the outskirts of Brunnhold.

Finally there is Cadoc Murphy, a male wick. The Murphy family have served the De Silver family faithfully for generations and Cadoc and Genevieve practically grew up together and are close. Cadoc is the only one who knows that she and Jean are the same person. He mainly stays in a small flat in the Stacks and acts as driver when the carriage is taken out.

The De Silver manor has a small number of staff and is well furnished.


Long term goal: To see gender equality in Anaxi society

Short-term goals: To live comfortably, to dress fashionably and to not get caught out in her double life.
word count: 888


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