Bertold 'Breaker' Cooper

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Breaker Cooper
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Bertold ‘Breaker’ Cooper


Race: Human
Birthday: Vortas, 39, 2684
Age: 35
FC: Tom Hardy
Place of Origin: Old Rose Harbour
Current Location: Old Rose Harbour
Occupation: Prize fighter and enforcer for the Bad Brothers
Player Name: AndyMcC

Physical Description


Bertold ‘Breaker’ Cooper is a stocky well built man, he shaves his head and takes pride in his moustache, which he keeps neat.
When he isn’t in the prize fighting ring he dresses well, though simply in hard wearing work suits normally in natural tones.



Breaker is a simple straight forward man, he doesn’t ask much from life. Plenty of food, good strong drink and a comfortable place to sleep. For most of his life he has earned these things through violence, something which he is good at.

He wouldn’t call himself cruel, others might, though he is swift to anger and has no issue being cruel, for pay.

In the prize ring he has a reputation for a fierceness verging on savageness, but also showmanship.


Breaker was born in Old Rose Harbour, his father was a butcher and his mother served as boatswain aboard a pirate ship called the Southern Cross. Not long after he was born his mother went back to sea and he was mainly raised by his father, who taught him the butchers trade.
Breakers uncle, was a stevedore and a boxer and taught
Him that noble art.
Later the mean streets of Old Rose honed those skills.
Before he worked for the Bad Brothers he had several jobs, a butcher, a stevedore, a blacksmith's apprentice and even a brief time as a pirate.

Now however violence is his only job, he spends his time off he spends drinking in the Black Dove tavern, or watching fights at the Arena, when he isn’t fighting himself.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Boxing (proficient)
Knife fighting (beginner)


Estuan (Fluent)
Tek (Broken)


Prize fighter (proficient)
Butcher (beginner)

Career and Income


Enforcer for the Bad Brothers and a prize fighter.

Income: Average

The Bad Brothers pay well enough and Breaker earns good money in the Arena and other fighting pits.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: A small house near the Black Dove tavern

The house is neat with one bedroom upstairs and a living room, small kitchen and bathroom downstairs. There is a yard out back with a shed.


A set of butchers knives, all kept razor sharp.
Whet stone.
A set of leather armour enforced with metal studs.
A sledge hammer.
A wardrobe containing suits and practical work wear.


Long term goal, be known as the best prize fighter in Old Rose Harbour, maybe all of Anaxas
Short term goal, live in the manner he has become accustomed to.

word count: 530


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