[Mature | Open] "Perhaps you've heard of me?"

A suspicious character is grabbed by the Bad Brothers on their terf, he is given over to Bertold 'Breaker' Cooper to find out who he works for.

Old Rose Harbor is Anaxas' main trade port; it is also the nation's criminal headquarters, home to the Bad Brothers and Silas Hawke, King of the Underworld.
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Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:24 pm

5th of Yaris, early afternoon
It was quiet in the small room, Bertold 'Breaker' sat on a stool next to upturned packing create. In his large hands he held a saucer and a tea cup from which he sipped.
It was then that the figure hanging from a meat hook by rope around his wrists stirred and coughed himself awake.

Breaker carefully put the cup and saucer down on the create and watched with interest, as the bound man struggled, eyes going wide in shock as he took in the room. They narrowed as he spotted Breaker.

"Who the hells are you, and where am I?"

Breaker stood up from the stool, he was dressed smartly in green tweed waistcoat and trousers and a crisp white shirt. If it wasn't for the size of him, the nose crooked from being broken more than once, that and the aura of terrible impending violence coming of him in waves, you could have mistaken him for a country gent.

"Well, allow me start with introductions."

Breaker's voice was pure Old Rose, rough as a stormy sea and deep. He grinned wide and opened his hands at his sides and bowed.

"My name is Bertold Breaker Cooper. Perhaps you've 'eard of me, and who I work for?"

The colour leaked from the bound man's face, at the sight Breaker clapped his hands almost gleefully.

"Excellent, well in that case you know you find yourself in a rather bad situation."

Breaker step forward so he was almost nose to nose with the bound man and said, his voice no longer light and conversational. His tone was no flat, like a cracked funeral bell.

"Now if you tell me who you work for and what you were doing in poking around Brother territory you can avoid any further unpleasantness."

The man said nothing, and Breaker's grin return.

"Good fellow, you've grit I can see that. Well done, so shall we begin?"

Breaker unbuttoned his waistcoat and folded it neatly and placed it on the stool, then he removed the simple brass cuff links, placed them in a trouser pocket and rolled up his sleeves over his thickly muscled powerful forearms, on his left forearm was a tattoo of a rose and a banner that read 'home'.

The captive watched him, the meticulous and business like way Breaker went about it was chilling for it's normality.

Breaker at him once his sleeves were rolled to his satisfaction.
He wore red braces over his white shirt and the lamp light caught on the brass buttons of his trousers.

"I must say, you've lasted longer than the last person I had on that hook. They broke before I'd took off me waistcoat. Must disappointing."

Then Breaker rolled his shoulders and turned his back and forth with an audible crack.

Then dropped in a boxer's stance and fired his massive right fist forward in a hook that smashed in the captives side and all the air rushed out of him, if he wasn't hanging from the hook he'd of doubled up.

The punch had felt like being kicked by a mule.

"Who do you work for?"

Breaker asked the question in an off hand, almost friendly way.

The man said nothing.

Breaker grinned all the wider and his left fist shot forward and connected with the man's gut, he reached and gasp for air breath.

Without warning the heavy right fist hurtled forward again this time smashing into his ribs with crunch. Breaker to the side, up on the balls of his feet, graceful as a dancer and sent his left fist out again this time to jab into the man's right kidney. Breaker came back round to the front of the man, as he went he threw a rapid series of punches which set the man rocking on the hook.

When he was in front of the captive again he grinned at his handy work, livid bruises had already started to bloom on the man's body.

"Who do you work for?"

Again the man said nothing though he was in terrible pain, this was one of the worst beatings he had ever taken.

Breaker clapped his big hands together in glee.

"Good man!"

Then the meaty back of his left hand smashed into the side of mans head, then the palm smashed into the other side of his face on the back swing.

The mans mouth filled with hot copper taste of blood.

"Who do you work for?"

In answer the man spat a mouth full of blood at Breaker and hissed through bloody teeth.

"Havakda you son of laoso dock tumble!"

Breaker stood still as a statue, the gobbet of bloody spit sliding down his cheek to fall on to his white shirt. When he looked back up into the captives eyes there was no humour in his eyes, there was nothing. They had become deep black pits cold and dead. His voice when he spoke was just as flat and dead cold.

"What did you just say about my mother?"

The bound man’s blood ran cold and he was suddenly very sure that he was going to die.


But Breaker stepped up and clamped a hand over the man’s mouth and shook his head slowly. To late now, Breaker’s cold dead eyes told him, too late for words.

Breaker step away unhooked his braces unbuttoned his shirt, his back was to the man on the hook. Across Breakers broad muscled back was a tall ship under full sail was tattooed, its sail was red and on it was a black cross, it seemed to be bearing down on the viewer.

“Do you know what my father did for a living?”

Breaker’s voice was still flat and cold as a grave, he reached down behind the packing create and picked up a canvas roll tied with a leather cord. When he put it on the create with a metallic clunk.

“He was a butcher, not a bad one nither. Taught me the trade see.”

He untied the cord and slowly unrolled it, then Breaker stepped aside, so the bound man could see.

The bound man started to shake then, when he saw the array of knives glinting in the lantern light. Breaker selected a clever and tested the edge with a thumb.

“Tell me, have you ever see’ a butcher dress a carcass?”

The screams could be heard from well outside the room, they lasted for a long time.

word count: 1116

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