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Raelin Locke
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Location: Bad Aisling
Race: Human
: Wholesaler//Smuggler
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Raelin Locke


Race: Human
Birthday: 16th of Yaris, 2690
Age: 29
FC: Josefin Asplund
Place of Origin: Virthmore, Brayde County, Anaxas
Current Location: Bad Aisling, Vienda, Anaxas
Occupation: Wholesaler of Agricultural Products // Informant & Smuggler
Player Name: Meagalodon

Physical Description


To most eyes, Raelin is an unassuming “plain Jane” human woman. Her weight and height are both the human average, though her body type is more thin than stocky. Her fair skin is sparsely freckled and sun-spotted, and only slightly warmed by her dark chocolate brown hair. Her more striking features are her angular facial bone structure that creates prominent cheek bones, and her cold blue eyes. Some have told Raelin her eyes change color in certain lightings, but they are always startling. For the most part, her expression is simply a flat affect leaning slightly melancholic, and her thin lips rarely part for a smile, let alone a laugh. When angered or threatened, her gaze could pierce through your very soul.

She presents as feminine as she is comfortable but leans “tomboyish” and is almost frumpy, a characteristic that many find unattractive. She is always well-kempt for good first impressions, but all of her grooming and fashion choices are made with practicality and inconspicuousness in mind. While she is working, her peers and comrades often catch her wearing pants simply because a skirt slows her down in her trade. Otherwise, she conforms to society’s gender norms. When she does wear skirts, they are in line with the traditional style (pointed in the front and back), have no frills or details, and always have pockets. Her tops are equally modest, Her outfits consist of earthy tones, as she owns very little clothing that has been dyed due to her compulsive frugality and “lay low” strategy at work. She usually wears her dark brown hair at chin to shoulder length, and prefers to tie a scarf or headband around her head to keep her vision clear. Besides this, her hair is straight and does not spend time styling it often. She wears few other accessories – her mother’s locket, riding gloves and goggles, and a leather belt that includes a detachable loop for an axe. She owns one pair of brown leather riding boots that are clearly well-loved but intact.

Raelin moves through the world with purpose. When she is not on horseback, she walks almost as a city-dweller, with the pace appropriate of a business woman. She appears as human farmer who knows their place in the societal hierarchy, but is also assertive and stands with decent posture – She holds her head high, but not too high. She keeps her back straight, but not too straight. Again, all conscious choices made to not appear threatening while still giving the impression of competence and confidence in her trade.

These days, this façade is becoming more and more her only identity, but when she is alone or with close friends she slouches a little more, as if taking a rest under the heavy weight she has burdened herself with. Her only tell is that you may catch her chewing her bottom lip when she is deep in thought or particularly stressed, but you would have to be close to her to witness this.

As is the norm for a poor human in agriculture, Raelin’s hands and feet are calloused and her nails are always cut short. Her body has some small scars from minor injuries sustained while working in the field, playing barefoot with her childhood friends, or being attacked by provoked livestock. The more prominent ones are a kenser bite on her right hand with the clear half-moon shape of the animal’s front teeth, and a round scar on the top of her left foot created when Raelin literally shot herself in the foot with her father’s crossbow.text


Clients and acquaintances often characterize Raelin as a logical, calculating, efficient stick-in-the-mud. It is difficult to excite Raelin or to elicit any kind of emotional response from her, be it positive or negative. Her life revolves around her work, and she has time for little else. She has worked her way up the ladder by keeping her head down and making good all of her professional promises. Raelin is competitive, though not ruthless. In fact, though her colleagues and clients cannot say they enjoy her company, they all trust her completely and greatly respect her work ethic.

Though her flat affect may not show it, Raelin is internally passionate. She is fiercely loyal to the Resistance cause and to those she loves, and follows a steady moral compass that prioritizes the many over the few or the one. She takes both her jobs – her civilian career and her Resistance smuggling – extremely seriously. She has a very dry, even dark sense of humor. Her biggest flaw is that she is her own toughest critic, and failure causes her to internally self-deprecate to the point that it takes her some time to regain her self-confidence.

Raelin’s true moral foundation is the ethics she learned from hard-working, Vitanist farmers. She would not consider herself a devout follower of her parents’ religion, but she has retained a deep reverence for the land and the miracle of life. She aligned herself with the Resistance because of the Vitanist teachings that all life is connected and equal. However, she has a tendency to contradict these teachings where the galdori are concerned, and has difficulty feeling any empathy for galdori sympathizers. She desires punishment for the galdori and justice for those they oppress, though she has trained herself to bury and hide these feelings while on the job.

Though she is practiced at networking in the industry, Raelin lacks true friends. Relationships are difficult for her to create or maintain, both because of her career path and her dour demeanor. It is hard for her to admit, but the fact is she avoids getting attached to anyone for fear that she will waste her energy in the attempt or end up losing someone after developing a connection. She wants to see the good in all people, but her experience dissuades her.


As is typical of her race, Raelin’s origin story is one of humble beginnings. She was an only child born to a young couple who farmed blistleberries in Virthmore in Brayde County, Anaxas. Mr. and Mrs. Locke’s berries were very popular with vendors who sold to galdori aristocrats. Of course, the Locke’s land was owned by a landlord who punitively enforced galdori taxes and regulations, and who owned much of the other pieces of land in the town. Though their farm was fruitful and lucrative, the Lockes were able to keep very little of their earnings. Such was the case for their neighbors as well.

Though this did not keep the townspeople from being any less diligent in their labors, there was also a palpable bitterness about the locals of Virthmore. Their moto, “The Town That’s Worth More” really says it all. It was a phrase muttered under farmers’ breaths after the handing over their tax payments to collectors, or after being stripped of a successful harvest’s earnings by greedy landlords. But the silver lining of this state of affairs was that the Lockes and their neighbors were a tight-knit lot with a fierce sense of loyalty and faith in one another. Many dangerous secrets were kept from the landlords between Virthmore locals.

For example, the townsfolk took much pleasure in secretly educating their children and assisting their neighbors in this endeavor, and had been for generations. Parents would pass around books or share new knowledge with each other in secret. Mrs. Locke tutored Raelin in literacy, basic economics and agriculture, and even some sociology and politics. Mr. Locke trained Raelin to be self-sufficient by living off of the land, and using his crossbow and axe. Of course living in a farming town, she learned all the best ways to cultivate crops and the husbandry of many types of livestock. They also secretly practiced Vitanism, preaching a deep reverence for the land and the need for equality among the beings that call Vita home. The parents of the town purposely instilled in their children “the town that’s worth more” signature sense of bitterness, and the lesson that no one holding as much power as the galdori should ever be trusted.

At the beginning of her adolescence, a blight of bad luck caused resentment to sprout from this bitterness within Raelin. An aggressive disease afflicted the Locke crop for several seasons, each harvest becoming less fruitful every year. As their living crops dwindled, Mrs. Locke contracted Morosia Mania. The stress of the family’s dilemma was the most likely catalyst for her illness. Mr. Locke did not have enough money for any kind of treatment for Mrs. Locke, and was forced to lock his withering wife away until she expired. After her mother’s death, it became more common for Raelin to find her father at the bottom of a bottle than not. She was barely an adult when her father finally lost ownership of the farm, and drank himself to death shortly after.

And so resentment flowered into hate. After all, these misfortunes would never have happened had the Lockes been allowed to keep a fair portion of their earning. In fact, it could all have been avoided if their cruel galdori overlords could be uprooted. Here were the seeds of rebellion sewn within Raelin. But what could a simple farm girl do for the Resistance?

Firstly, though she loved her home town, she decided that if she were to assist the rebels she needed to be closer to the action, so she gathered her few belongings and moved into Bad Aisling. It was quite a culture shock for Raelin even this far outside of the main city of Vienda, but she managed to gain a foothold by using her knowledge in agriculture, and by being religiously frugal and thrifty to save some income and gain some property. She has worked her way up to working as a wholesaler of agricultural products – fruits, vegetables, and even some livestock products – from outside of the city to buyers and sellers inside the city. She is very close to her goal of securing regular galdori contacts, which will both expand her business and make her more useful to the freedom fighters.

When she started this endeavor, Raelin reasoned that she should maintain her façade of a non-threatening “simple farmgirl” to gain her enemies’ trust, and it has worked so far. She uses secret hiding places – like a false bottom in a horse-drawn cart – to transport contraband to members of the Resistance. She sometimes passes information as well, and is in a unique position to listen for sensitive information that would help the rebels. And though she is no soldier, her familiarity with her father’s weapons gives some autonomy. She has met some sexism from some of her human peers, but overall she is able to evade any suspicion. After all, what would a Plain-Jane daughter of poor famers know of about city life and politics…?

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


•Crossbow: proficient
•Axe: beginner


•Estuan: fluent
•Sign Language: fluent


•Wholesaler: proficient
•Informant/Smuggler: beginner

Career and Income


Raelin has experience in sales and negotiation, choosing quality product, and successful cultivation and husbandry strategies. So far, she is cultivating a reputation for fair prices and timely delivery.

Income: Wealth Level

Poor, as all of her fellow human peers are due to high taxes.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

A small farm house with one bedroom separated by a wall from the kitchen and living/dining area. The bedroom includes a small bed, a chest, and a small mirror hanging on a wall. The living and dining rooms include a stone hearth and a simple wooden table with four chairs. Under the house is a basement accessed through removable floorboards. The house sits on a small plot of land with an old barn just big enough for Bruce and a horse-drawn cart, and a small yard for Bruce. The plot is surrounded by a simple wooden horse fence with one gate wide enough to fit a cart through.


Raelin can be a bit of a hoarder. Her socio-economic status and frugality dictates that she keep clothing and accessories until they absolutely beyond repaired. She has been given a few items and has made some as well since she has always had access to materials like leather. What she buys, she buys at the lowest price possible, and only buys what she needs to do her job and look presentable to clients.

•Clothing - 2 white blouses, 1 pair of charcoal colored canvas pants, 1 brown skirt, 1 cold weather hooded cloak, 1 nightgown, a few undergarments
•1 sterling locket inherited from mother (inside – one side is a watch, the other holds a miniature portrait of mother, father, and young Raelin; outside – inner gears are visible through interwoven silver vines on the back, the front displays the raised image of a blistleberry flower)
•1 pair of riding gloves
•1 leather belt with detachable belt loop made for an axe
•1 headscarf in blistleberry red
•1 pair of riding boots – two-toned and worn leather, calf-high, secured with laces in front
•1 small riding satchel – leather, attaches to belt through two loops at the top, optional leg strap at the bottom
•1 old, tattered winter scarf
•1 Waterskin
•Kitchen wares – 1 set of utensils, 1 chipped mug, 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 old chef’s knife with wood handle and blade clearly sharpened many times, 1 very used whetstone
•Crossbow and quiver
•1 small axe
•1 horse-drawn cart (that may or may not be outfitted with a false floor and other secret compartments)
•Horse necessities - reins, bridle, saddle, saddle bags, etc.
•Horse (Bruce) - large and muscular with reddish brown fur, white facial marking, black mane and tail, and long white hair around hooves; beloved pet


•Short term: Raelin’s main objective is to expand her business. She hope to hire some employees soon, eventually acquire more carts/horses/etc., and secure some high ranking galdori clients.

•Long term: On the surface, Raelin hopes to alleviate the subjugation felt by those oppressed by the galdori and their sympathizers. Internally, she needs to find some justice and closure for her feelings around her parents’ deaths and the loss of her birth home.

word count: 2515


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