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Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:03 pm

Business Name: Locke's Wholesale

Description of the Business: For now, the home base for Locke's business is her own home, a small farm house. The business requires traveling between clients - farmers, vendors, caterers, etc. - so she rarely conducts business here. However, she does have a handmade, wooden sign hanging on the gate of her fence displaying name of the business.

Location: Bad Aisling, Vienda, Anaxas

Services Offered:
  • buying from producers
  • selling to buyers
  • connecting producers and buyers as an intermediary
  • in-person inspection of product
  • mediating negotiations between clients
  • distribution and delivery of product
  • guaranteed quality product at fair pricing
  • Resistance smuggling and supplying intel

Services Cost: Poor to opulent, since Raelin's clients are both producers and buyers.

NPCs: One trusted, noble stead named Bruce.

Income Tier: Poor

Advancement Plan: Raelin is currently focused on securing a steady foundation of regular clients. Then she plans to expand her business - hire some employees, acquiring more carts/horses/etc., and secure some more high ranking customers like galdori clients from which she could gather intel. Eventually, Locke's Wholesale might be based out of a more professional looking office that is not Raelin's house.

word count: 266
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Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:09 pm

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