Looking for friends in horrible places!

Looking for a role-play partner to thread with you? Wanting someone to play a sibling, parent, or sidekick? Organizing an event and want players to know about it ahead of time? Place your ads here.
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Kessler Tinkersmith
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Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:23 am


Allies: Kessler has been with the Resistance under the moniker "Valor" for around a decade now, first in Dorhaven and currently in Vienda. For plotting interest, he's more likely to interact with current members as he is an Assassin, but for anyone looking to experience the darker, more brutal side of the Resistance, he can certainly deliver, either as a bystander, or even an unwitting victim.

Acquaintances: Kessler is a small business owner in Vienda, though his work is very narrow. He has numerous galdorian clients, though most would never admit patronizing the wick. Potential plots and threads could include meeting resistance members as civilians, and dealing with racism as a wick business man.

Enemies: All galdorians. He doesn't like them, although he's not necessarily hostile to all of them, and under certain circumstances could become acquaintances. He works as an assassin for the Resistance, and leaves a calling card at his kills so an investigation into his crimes by the Seventen is possible.
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Rhys Valentin
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Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:23 pm

Seventen volunteering here. As the Investigative Division's Special Enforcement Sergeant, Kessler's very specific assassination crimes for the Resistance would fall on his desk. As a wick in galdori clothing, half human and half galdor, we have a lot in common, unknown though that may be for Rhys.

I'm up for a long-term game of cat and mouse.

You know where to find me on Discord.
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