The Third Siordanti Wanted

Sister dear, are you out there?

Looking for a role-play partner to thread with you? Wanting someone to play a sibling, parent, or sidekick? Organizing an event and want players to know about it ahead of time? Place your ads here.
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Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:04 pm

Sibling Wanted:
Nadia Siordanti
Now that there are two of the three Siordanti siblings out and about in the world of Vita, how wonderful would it be to have the third?

Currently, Nadia Siordanti would be the youngest of the three Siordanti children, but if you'd rather not be between 17-19 years of age, we are flexible enough to edit our backgrounds and place you in the middle instead. Nadia is a galdor (not open to her being a passive at this time), but her path of study and magical focus are purely up to the writer who takes this ad.

For your reference:
Nauleth is a Physical mage with a focus on physics and electromagnetism.
Norwyn has chosen Static Conversation as his focus, but he also has some skills in Physical and Quantitative magic.

It's highly suggested to check out both of our backstories before committing, as Nauleth has been estranged from his parents and siblings since his backlash incident in 5th form at Brunnhold. His brother and sister were told by his father, Incumbent Hadrian Siordanti, to stop associating with their eldest sibling after the near-fatal magical accident, though Hadrian's personal reasoning for that decision has not yet been disclosed through RP.

Currently, as of Winter 2718, Naul and Nor are in Gior, but establishing prior relationships is totally doable. Joining us there is not impossible, either.

I can promise magical and technological plots, focused on exploring the history of The Ten Kingdoms and the secrets behind the War of the Book. If that's not a selling point, then two intellectual redheads who are probably decent brothers when they aren't being socially awkward are all I have left to give.

word count: 305

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