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Orianna's Plot Notes
I have some firm ideas for Anna. She will eventually lose her ability to use magic, which will put her job at the hospital and her job as a professor at risk. She will fight this, as she's a surgeon and, theoretically, does not need magic to do her job well. Also, her inability to use magic could end up being a strength because she could be forced to innovate things to compensate for things that she would normally use magic for. Unfortunately, I'm not sure this is a fight she can win.

She will most likely stay in Brunnhold, since she has her apothecary shop to fall back on. Also, since she will remain technically galdori – she's not losing her field or ley lines, as that's not possible, just her ability to converse with the mona – she could become a practicing surgeon out of her shop and it's likely she might do that.

Anna also runs a passive smuggling ring out of Brunnhold, getting the passives that are most in danger to safety. Her brother Demkaih, who's based in Mugroba, helps her with this. This could get complicated if she's no longer allowed on the university campus, but this isn't something she will abandon easily.

Anna has one half-brother (who is already being brought in) and a mother, Elisabetta.

Elisabetta is Anaxi and holds opinions about the lower races that many Anaxi galdori would find extreme. In short, she would probably happily commit genocide against them. Anna does not have a relationship with Elisabetta. Her mother is a socialite and her only concern is getting her hands on more money so she can live a "proper" life. She's well-off, but the fact that Demkaih cut her access to the Aubellard money means she can't live opulently. She still holds a grudge against Demkaih. Her general attitude towards Anna is disgust because Anna's entirely too kind to the lower races and she has a desire to manipulate Anna into marrying someone very rich so Elisabetta can get money from that marriage.

Anna is always open to making friends, but her workaholic tendencies make it difficult for her to socialize. She's friendly with her coworkers, outside of the ones who mistreat the patients of the lower races just because they can.

Anna is likely asexual, though she would probably be interested in a sex-free romantic relationship with a person of any gender. She's open-minded enough that she wouldn't care if her partner visited a prostitute regularly or had a mistress – she knows she works ridiculous hours and that everyone has needs. She has yet to have a serious relationship, though she's gone on a number of dates throughout the years as her mother tried to arrange a marriage for her.

Anna's biggest enemy is her mother, even though her mother is not in her life. She half-expects her mother to re-enter her life and start trying to manipulate her again.

Once Anna becomes a functional passive, I suspect she'll have a lot of enemies.

35 Vortas 2718: Orianna works yet another night shift.

25 Ophus 2718: Orianna visits the university campus.

39 Ophus 2718: Orianna meets with a prospective resident.

40 Ophus 2718: Orianna works way too late and pays the price.

Coming as needed.

word count: 675

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