O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Benton lost a brother long ago. It’s about time we found him.

Looking for a role-play partner to thread with you? Wanting someone to play a sibling, parent, or sidekick? Organizing an event and want players to know about it ahead of time? Place your ads here.
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Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:48 pm


Hello! Benton was originally written on a wanted ad of this same type, looking for a brother! Since his creation, Benton has lost his brother again (boo), so I am continuing the search. I had a back story I had written with the previous Deitrick Borteillo (feel free to choose your own name), but we had never hammered out the details completely so I am very willing to come up with a new childhood backstory that fits us.

The basic story is simply that Benton and his younger brother were intent on going out and making a name for themselves, but find themselves separated through some event and then believing that the other is dead. The two are Bastian-born humans who fortunately were taught to read. All the other details are open! You can contact me below, in PM, or in a DM on discord (I’m Quix) if you’re interested.
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