The Incumbent's (Dueling) Daughter

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Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:21 pm

Her name is Cerise Maria Vauquelin; she's in the range of 18-20 and she's a student at Brunnhold. She's also Incumbent Vauquelin's daughter. She's an aspiring duelist with a temper, and she gets into a lot of trouble, leading to bad relations with her father. Her specialty is probably in Physical conversation. She's a very gifted young sorceress, but it's hard to hold her attention in a classroom setting. There's a lot of flexibility here, too; if you have a suggestion or want to change any of this, you're welcome to.

Recently, she was rumored to have had an affair with a wick living in the Stacks -- whether it's true or not is up to you -- and this caused some problems for her reputation (and her father's).

She was the daughter of Anatole's first wife, Maria.

Plotting: Is a regular dad not weird enough for you? Try GhostDad™ for extra issues! As aforementioned, she's linked to Tom Cooke/Anatole Vauquelin, and while he would love to pretend his host doesn't have a daughter, that's not good for PR. I can see them having a lot of bizarre, uncomfortable interactions. (And technically, he did kill her father.)

Suggested F/C: The suggestion above is a young ('70s) Jessica Harper? Somebody along the lines of Nadia Esra, too, but it's flexible. She can have red hair or darker hair (like her mother), or anywhere in between, but she's fairly delicate-featured. I'm also happy to paint for you.
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