[Memory] Similar Interests (Evandria)

The Career and Internship Fair is up and running in The Gyre. Time to look for a career of interest.

Anaxas' oldest and most prestigious University of Sorcery, the de facto cultural capital of the kingdom and a city in its own right.
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Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:30 pm

The Gyre • Brunnhold
on the 36th of Yaris, 2712 • Afternoon
A shudder was all it took to shake off the day’s chill as he walked across the university grounds. Gaelin liked the taste and feeling of the cool, crisp air filling his lungs. Somehow it felt more refreshing and made him more alert. Yet, the way it clung to his shoulders and back were less enjoyable, causing his walk to be brisk as well. Hands were shoved deep into his pockets as Gaelin made his way towards The Gyre. Draped in his elbow was a heavier coat for his return to Ameter when he was done. It was only the early afternoon and already the temperature was borderline uncomfortable.

Classes had prevented him from coming earlier that day, and the day before too. There were still a few more days that the fair was going to be held for, but Gaelin wanted to attend as soon as possible. For he still had an issue that was causing greater contention with his siblings, and his older brother especially. Specifically, what career he was going to pursue once his time at Brunnhold had come to an end. While many galdori elect to live in ways that were less distinguished from the lesser folk, that was not what Gaelin wanted. Although, it wasn’t clear what it was that he did want.

“Maybe this year,” he muttered to himself as he approached the three storied glass spiraled structure. Stepping inside, he was embraced by the building’s warmth and shook off the last of the Dry Season’s cold. While he casually gazed up at the upper levels of the Dome, he took his hands out of his pockets and rubbed them together. While he had heard that Living Conversation was capable of generating the warmth he desired, it was an art that had unfortunately escaped him. As the friction gradually dispelled the stiffness from his digits, Gaelin took the route leading to the Cells of the structure.

The Career and Internship Fair occupied numerous rooms of varying sizes. The tall galdor entered the first room. Stalls had been propped up all throughout the place, with tables, posters, equipment, and representatives all packed inside to generate an idle droning of chatter between people. Walking past those that were not already engaged in conversation prompted sirens trying to lure him to their false promises of intrigue. This year, it appeared to have been organized by Conversation specialization. Last year, it had been by types of careers. Labor, scientific, artistic, etc.

Gaelin took pause at a stall with a large set up. Model replicas of buildings and cities had been formed on the tables. It was the building replicas that had caught his attention. Circling the tables to admire the craftsmanship, a representative approached him. For over thirty minutes, Gaelin was pitched on the importance of Static Conversation in architecture. It included examples of “well-known” architects and their projects, how Static was valuable in the field, and how it was possible to receive government contracts for work or establish oneself in the private sector.

Such forms of creativity were not Gaelin’s strong suit. Also, the prospect on spending his remaining forms in heavy devotion to studying architecture failed to be of interest. A pamphlet was given to him to keep before he left the stand to continue wandering the Fair. Sapphire eyes scanned for anything to really stand out to him.
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