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Cassius Vex Wyeth
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Race: Human
Character Sheet: Cassius Vex Wyeth
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Cassius Vex Wyeth


Race: Human
Birthday: Hamis, 17th, 2692
Age: Twenty Seven
FC: Jason Mamoa
Place of Origin: Vienda
Current Location: Old Rose
Occupation: Aeronautical Engineer/ Gunsmith/ Bad Brother
Player Name: Primordial

Physical Description


Muscular - Tattooed - Tall

Cassius Vex Wyath stands at six foot, seven inches tall with a muscular physique weighing 260 pounds. Cassius sports a large mane of chocolate coloured hair cascading down past his shoulders matched with a tight well groomed moustache and beard. With sharp angular facial features presenting as a fierce and stoic countenance enhanced further by the vibrant bright blue - near aqua eyes that stare through you. Wide of shoulder and walking with a confident gait Cassius' physical presence can be intimidating especially when tied with the large tattooed formations of black imagery that cover both arms. Cassius' muscle is clearly defined even through his clothes. Speaking of clothes as an engineer and businessman Cassius takes great pride in his appearance meaning his attire is always meticulous. Often seen wearing a three piece suit of grey or brown colouration, black oxford high shine shoes, black belt and a pressed white shirt. Rarely in a tie as it can be hazardous when dealing with the tools of his trade. When working however the oxfords are exchanged for worn black combat boots and his coat is exchanged for a leather apron with a small brass logo on the left breast and a central pocket.



"You're a man of few words but when you open your mouth sometimes I just want to smack it back shut but I know I'll never have a more loyal friend"
- Master Markus, Mentor.
Cassius isn't a people person per say. He's comfortable conducting business and making sure his clientele is looked after. A quiet individual Cassius prefers to remain in his own thoughts and focus on the work ahead of him. Driven to achieve the next step, to attain his creative masterpiece - the fastest and most agile plane to ever exist. Some would say Cassius is too focused on his goals and work, rarely finding time to 'relax' or socialise but when he does it's usually at a bar drinking heavy spirits and beer. Carrying with him a sharp wit and a blunt tongue, Cassius has caused more fights than he'd like to admit, a complete carelessness on how other people think or feel most of the time but if you can look past that and gain his friendship you'll never had a more loyal friend. Of the rare few people Cassius trusts and would consider a friend he would go to extreme measures to ensure they are cared for. In the confines of small gatherings that he finds comfortable or after one too many beverages Cassius can find himself a bit of a joker and deviant. Being an engineer, Cassius is intrigued by how things work and has over his time developed an intense passion for gunsmithing as well. This intense focus and desire to understand how things work has led him to some trouble often finding himself diagnosing and decompartmentalising people. To this effect he's been called an emotionless bastard more than a few times.



Born to a poor family in Vienda Cassius was the third of five children. His mother Jeanette Wyeth and his father Lucius Wyeth were both working class spending very little time at home. Father worked security and mother was a seamstress who often took the children to work. Cassius' older siblings were twins Aenette and Damascus while his two younger siblings were Matthew and Stephanie with Stephanie being the youngest of the five.
Some of Cassius' earliest memories are of working in that tailor helping the seamstresses fold, measure and cut fabric. He learned valuable techniques such as being able to communicate in more than Estuan including Sign, mathmatics and pattern making. Cassius helped out at that small shop from the time he could until he was about nine years old. Then he was sent to an underground school where he was able to learn how to read and write. He learned science taking an interest in physics, along with art and engineering. Cassius found he had a knack for drawing designs and interesting new inventions that rattled about in his head. It was during this time that Cassius' quiet personality anchored into place often prefering to be educated than play with the other children or his siblings. At home he would help with the chores around the house, cook and clean while his parents and older siblings worked to bring money into the house.

At fourteen Cassius' parents were approached by Markus Thortonburry, an aerospace engineer who had been told of Cassius' interests in physics, engineering and his prior experience with pattern making. After a large conversation between the parents, Cassius and Markus it concluded with Cassius leaving his family and the city he had called home to go to Old Rose Harbour and begin his life as an apprentice engineer.


Cassius apprenticeship was hard and very physical. Early morning starts and late nights into his cot and yet he never felt more alive. Taught how to weld metal, to bend it into the shapes desired or how to make something entirely new from something that already exists. It was three years into his apprenticeship before Cassius even touched a airship to repair their engines, props or wings. The wait was infuriating but looking back Cassius could see why it was held off so long. He had to master the barest of basics before touching something so intricate and beautiful. Cassius' relationship with Markus is strong even if the two clashed head repeatedly and often through Cassius' teenage years even to the point Markus nearly fired him on a couple of occassions. It was during his apprenticehip that Cassius' growth physically and mentally happened. From repeatedly lifting heavy tools and materials along with a clean diet helping his muscle growth and Markus increasingly making the problems Cassius needed to solve harder and more indepth it allowed Cassius to strengthen his mind. During the last year of Cassius' apprenticeship he begun to expand out and in secret begin to teach himself at age twenty weaponsmithing.

Current Time

After his apprenticeship Cassius took to opening his own business and begun trade under INVICTVS [Invictus] Engineering. Taking his strong work ethic he had learned from his life of living poorly and then as an apprentice under Markus, Cassius begun to work as hard as he could. Still not the social person rather taking small clientele sent to him and ensuring that the product and services he provided spoke for him. Working on anything engineering from farming equipment to small goods and boats, like his mentor Cassius begun to focus on aircraft. Building them to specification for clientele that could afford it or repairing them as desired. Cassius even begun taking off the book side jobs for the Bad Brothers including weaponsmithing. Something he took pride in, as a way to keep his business floating when times were slow.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Guns [Beginner]
Barehand [Beginner]


Estuan [Fluent]
Sign [Conversational]
Tek [Conversational]




Engineering [Proficient]
Business Owner [Proficient]

Career and Income


Engineer shop owner: INVICTVS ENGINEERING
Aircraft Engineer

Income: Wealth Level


Cassius has worked hard throughout his apprenticeship saving what he could and through opening his business Cassius has worked long hours over every job he could to ensure the finished product was above and beyond client expectations. Using his work as his business card, Cassius was able to take on more projects bigger and better than those before meaning he could charge more at a reasonable price. What he didn't have, he made rather than purchasing from somewhere or someone else. His money either went to his savings or his business, its upkeep and his presentation. Taking jobs on the side for the Bad Brothers as a weaponsmith including pistols and rifles.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

A small unit close to Old Rose Harbours airship port as Cassius owns a warehouse turned workshop on site.


Clothes - three piece suits
Engineer's tools
Machinery of the trade
materials for business
Basic goods to live.
Art supplies.


Short term goals

Building out INVICTVS more with better growth,
Better Weaponsmithing technique
Learn another language

Long term goals

Build the realms first airplane
Find an apprentice to continue the legacy
word count: 1485
Cassius Vex Wyeth
"Failure is not an option, it happens. What is an option is how you handle that failure."

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